Wow! 3 More Websites for Free Books

If I keep finding websites that list free books, I'll keep delivering them to you.

Readers, get ready to click the mouse so you can visit and bookmark 3 more websites where you can find free ebooks listed.

Authors, you get ready to click and bookmark these sites too. Yes, you want bargains too, but you also want websites where you can list your book if you have a free book promotion running.


Like so many of the websites that list free ebooks, the focus is Kindle more often than not. Do not be dismayed. If an ebook is free on Kindle, it's probably free on the other platforms too. If you find a book you want, visit your favorite ebook seller and check to see if it's free there too.

If it's not free at your fave book spot, which is highly unlikely, you can always download the Kindle app for a device of your choice and get it that way.

Remember, be sure the book you want is still showing as $0.00 (free) at the ebook seller because these website owners have no control over when a book cycles off the free promotion. It's free when they list it, but it's up to you to verify that it's still free when you buy it.

On your mouse. Get set. Go!

E Reader News Today

This site offers Tips, Tricks, and Bargains for your Kindle.

Readers, you'll find free and bargain Kindle books.

Authors, you want to visit ENT Free Book Submissions to list your book for free. Note: you must send in your submissions at least 3 days before your book will be going free, or it will not be posted.

The Kindle Daily Deal

Author Phil Torcivia brings you a list of Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals at this site.

Readers, you'll find deals, bargains, and free books listed. Use the menu tabs on the left sidebar to find what you want.

Authors, you'll want to contact Phil to find out how to list your book. Technically, the listing is free, but he asks that you buy one of his books in exchange.

Free Nook Books

Just like Amazon, Barnes & Noble has lists of free Nook books. So all you readers with Nooks, bookmark this page or just do a search for "free Nook books" when you shop the Barnes & Noble website.

Authors, you know the drill. You can make your book free here, but there's no spotlight or free advertising for it.

Takeaway Truth

Ebooks are bargain entertainment. Stock up on some today for the Labor Day weekend.

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