Introducing Amazing Narrators

Today, I want to introduce some amazing women to you. Felicia Greenfield, Robin Kohn Glazer, and Christine Padovan, the narrators for my first 3 audio books.

I'm singing the Hallelujah chorus because my first audio book, Just One Look, is once again available for sale.

Felicia Greenfield

Just One Look is narrated by Felicia Greenfield, an actress with an extensive resume in theater, television, and film, this book is like a great romantic comedy movie! Felicia is amazing! She told me recently that she's doing cartoon work now. I just hope her schedule loosens up so she can do another of my books because she truly makes the characters come alive.

Robin Kohn Glazer

My second audio book is available too. Still The One is narrated by Robin Kohn Glazer who has an amazing resume. When she was young, she was the voice of Lucy in several TV specials -- that's Lucy Van Pelt, created by Charles Schulz in Peanuts! I still watch the Peanuts specials, and Robin was in some of my favorites -- my kids' favorites too. (My kids now think I ROCK!)

In addition to her other body of work, Robin was Lucy in:

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Snoopy Come Home

You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown

There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown.

I was honored that she narrated Still The One.

Christine Padovan

Last, but not least by any means, is Romeo and Judy Anne, narrated by the talented Christine Padovan. Choosing Christine as the narrator for Romeo and Judy Anne was a clear example of serendipity since the hero Roman Carlisle has some dialogue in Italian, and, it turns out, Christine's family is from the northern part of Italy, and she speaks Italian!

With a resume similar to the other narrators I've chosen, Christine has worked in TV, film, theater, and has done much voice over and narration work. In fact, she has narrated several audio books that are available on Audible.

Thanks, ladies! You made me proud!

Takeaway Truth

No matter how good the story, if the narration isn't excellent, the audio book is lifeless. Great narrators breathe life into stories. These three are great.

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