Cool! 3 More Websites for Free Books

Yep! I have 3 more websites where free ebooks are listed.

Readers, get ready to click the mouse so you can visit and bookmark 3 more websites where you can find free ebooks listed.

Authors, you get ready to click and bookmark these sites too. Yes, you want bargains too, but you also want websites where you can list your book if you have a free book promotion running.

On your mouse. Get set. Go!

Digital Book Today

Readers, click the menu tab at the top that says: Best Free Books. You might also want to check out the Author Interviews.

Authors, you'll want to click the menu tab that says: Feature Your Book. They have paid and free promotions. You'll also want to take a look at the News for Authors link.

Free Booksy

Their motto is: "We love free books, and we help you find them."

Readers, you'll love this site. Visit the menu tabs at the top for Free eBooks and Book Giveaways. They even offer listings of Free Audio Books.

Authors, after you check out the free books, you'll want to visit the menu tab For Authors. Unless you want to pay some rather hefty advertising bucks, you'll be most interested in the Market Your Book on Facebook, an app they offer for free.

Free Kindle Books and Tips

This wonderful site is the brainchild of my buddy Michael Gallagher. His information is organized well, and he posts multiple times a day. Best of all he offers tips on how to get the most from your Kindle device. Just about everything I know about my Kindle, I learned from reading Michael's blog.

Readers, you'll want to bookmark this site or even subscribe to the Kindle edition -- that's what I do so I don't miss any updates.

Authors, all you have to do is fill out the form found at the For Authors link on the website. You must have an average rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars to be considered. If your book is selected, Michael will contact you in advance by email.


Like so many of the websites that list free ebooks, the focus is Kindle more often than not. Do not be dismayed. If an ebook is free on Kindle, it's probably free on the other platforms too. If you find a book you want, visit your favorite ebook seller and check to see if it's free there too.

If it's not free at your fave book spot, which is highly unlikely, you can always download the Kindle app for a device of your choice and get it that way.

Oh, and another reminder: be sure the book you want is still showing as $0.00 (free) at the ebook seller because these website owners have no control over when a book cycles off the free promotion. It's free when they list it, but it's up to you to verify that it's still free when you buy it. 

Takeaway Truth

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but reading a good book a day keeps the shrink away by expanding your horizon, invigorating your brain, and entertaining you. Not bad for such a small price.


  1. Hi Joan,

    I read your blog on my Kindle and so often, after reading, I think how interesting or poignant or true or funny or whatever and I want to comment, but by the time I make it back to my computer it's fallen right out of my brain so this time I came right in here to give you a BIG thank you for listing these freebie sites! I am always on the look out for new places to list my books when they're free and how cool it is to have them handed to me on the virtual platter so to speak! You are just the best and most generous sharer of all things indie! And I appreciate it so much!

  2. Barbara, thanks so much! I love it when someone takes time to say thanks. You are very welcome.