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I'm really late today in getting my blog post written. Darling husband came home from the Big Apple last night. Spending time with him is more important than blogging and just about anything else I can think of.

Amazon India

The big news for authors who publish with Amazon is that India now has a Kindle store! Welcome, readers from India.If you're interested in romance novels, I hope you'll give mine a look. I have ebooks and audio books available.

Back To School Special For Authors

Amara Pierce, Director of Author Promotions at Book Candy Studios, emailed me to tell me about the back to school special they're running for authors. As Amara says, "Why should kids get all the breaks?"

For a limited time, authors can receive 20% off any order. If you're unfamiliar with their work, visit Book Candy Studios and take a peek at their affordable packages, designed as an "add-on" to enhance any book promotional program.

Plus, Book Candy offers free promotion for authors in the form of "Open Book Friday" at their Facebook fanpage. Check out their video.

Audio Book Special Promotion Starts Today

Thousands of titles have been discounted to $5.95 at from now through Sept. 2. For those with subscription packages, that price is discounted further. One of my titles, Just One Look, is offered at this special promotion price. Fill your iPod or MP3 player today. I know I have since some of my favorite authors have audio books in this special promotion.

Takeaway Truth

I like to spend Friday evening reading. I'm headed for the couch with my fully charged Kindle. Tomorrow I'll review what I read tonight. See you on Saturday!

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