Time Flows Far Too Swiftly

I find it almost impossible to believe that today is the last day of November. Eleven months have flown by, and we're beginning the last month of 2014 tomorrow.

This makes me feel a bit sad because I haven't enjoyed old 2014 as much as I'd liked. All in all it's been a difficult year, but I find time flows faster than ever as I get older.

Do you ever feel like holding up your hand like a traffic cop and shouting, "Just stop for a minute!" Chaucer said: "Time and tide wait for no man."

We are only allotted 24 hours a day. Some days that seems too little, but some days the 24 hours seem to drag at an agonizingly slow pace. Carl Sandburg wrote: "Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you."

Unfortunately, most of us find our coin of life being spent by others far too often.

Takeaway Truth

No matter how wealthy one may be, no one can purchase even a minute more time than the poorest of us possess. Spend every minute carefully.

5 Black Friday Marketing Lessons

Since today is Small Business Saturday, I thought I'd give a few marketing lessons we small businesses and entrepreneurs can learn from the big boys of Black Friday. If you're a book author, then this fits you of course.

With Christmas sales coming up, take these 5 Marketing Tips to heart now.

1. Start early.

Identify what you'll offer as a promotion item and when you'll offer it. Tweak the ad copy for each item. Reduce the price in advance at all locations.

2. Have a loss leader.

Something free or at a rock bottom price gets people in the door or clicking to your product page. Grocery stores call these loss leaders. What's your loss leader?

3. Bargains move.

Price your sale items attractively because you want volume sales to make up for reducing prices.

4. Design a promotion plan for your sale. 

How will you promote the product? For most of us who sell online, that means you'll set up a social media campaign. Will you use Thunderclap? Will you schedule Tweets and Facebook posts? Will you organize friends and fans to participate in this? Will you blog and guest blog about it? Will you have a Facebook or Twitter party? Figure it out now. If you don't know how to do things like a Facebook or Twitter party or Thunderclap, learn now.

5. Start early.

Just about everything takes longer than expected so begin work on your sales and promotions now.

Takeaway Truth

The goal is to hit the ground running once you have your plan created so don't delay. Only 26 shopping days to Christmas.

Black Friday Book Bargains

Welcome to Black Friday!

Today on SlingWords, you'll find some great bargains on books. Stock up now. (Note: The prices listed were what the authors submitted to me. Make sure that price is shown on the book's webpage before you click buy in case the seller hasn't lowered the price yet.)

When you get home from the mall, get something "nice" to drink, prop up your aching feet, open your ebook, and breathe a sigh of relief.

After all, a book is the the least expensive form of good entertainment, and there are several to choose from here.

Holiday Decorating, by the Authors of Main Street, is FREE at all ebook sellers. This is a Companion Book to Christmas on Main Street and features holiday crafts from all the Authors of Main Street. Get it at these ebook sellers:

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Lisa Chalmers brings you If Tomorrow Never Comes, only 99cents at these ebook sellers:

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Susan R. Hughes brings you Kiss the Bridesmaid, only 99 cents for this Amazon Exclusive.

Christmas on Main Street Romance Collection by the Authors of Main Street is only 99cents for this Box Set. (The cover image is wrong, but Amazon is finally offering the correct file!) Get the box set at these ebook sellers:

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Donna Cummings brings you Lord Wastrel, only 99cents until December. Get it at these ebook sellers:

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Cathy Perkins offers you Cypher, $3.99 (may be reduced by Friday to 99cents). Get it at these ebook sellers.

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The Inspy Kisses Authors bring you Mistletoe Kisses, an 8 Novella Anthology, only 99cents. Get it at these ebook sellers:

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Shirley Hailstock offers you Under the Sheets for only 99cents at these ebook sellers:

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Violet Blake offers Betting On It, on sale for 99cents at these ebook sellers:

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Elaine Raco Chase is offering Dare the Devil free on Saturday. Make a note to pick it up at the Amazon Kindle store on Nov. 29.

Annette Drake offers A Year with Geno, on sale for 99 cents at Amazon Kindle.

Brenda Jernigan offers Christmas in Camelot, only 99cents at these ebook sellers:

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Cynthia Wicklund offers In the Garden of Temptation, Book 1 of the Garden Series, free at these ebook sellers:

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I'm last -- but not least. *g* April Fool Bride, my Romance Novella, is only 99cents at all ebook sellers. Get it here:

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Takeaway Truth

Great books; great bargains! Why even go out today? Just load up on books and read. Happy Black Friday!

A Dozen Authors Give Thanks

In all things, give Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thursday3Some so let me give you 3 reasons to be thankful today.
  • It's a holiday you get to spend with family and friends and eat fabulous food.
  • The dozen wonderful books at very affordable prices profiled in this post.
  • A chance to get to know some popular authors and take a peak at them as they count their blessings today. 

A Dozen Authors Give Thanks

1. L. C. Hayden is the author of Vengeance in My Heart, $3.50 at Amazon Kindle for pre-order. This book releases Dec. 12, 2014 so order now.

"I'm thankful for my life. In February I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and I'm still here and well."

2. J.J. DiBenedetto is the author of Dream Sequence (Dream Series, books 1-3), reduced to $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.
Web link:

"Thankful for? I am thankful that our cat, Daisy, is starting to recover from her illness. She's been very sick, but she's getting the care she needs and we hope to have her home by Thanksgiving morning."

3. Juli D. Revezzo is the author of Sing a Mournful Melody (a Gothic short story), only 99cents at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"This year I am thankful for my family. I'm also thankful for my good friends, of course, and the ability to write and write well, for my fans who read my work, and of course, for good books."

4. Jacquie Rogers is the author of Sleight of Heart, reduced to 99cents through Nov. 29 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"Not to get all gooshy, but I have to say that meeting my it Guy was the luckiest moment of my life, and I’m so thankful that he saw past my (ahem) quirks and married me anyway. He’s amazing, and I wouldn’t have the freedom to create without him. Plus, he keeps my feet warm. Thank you, Mr. R!"

5. Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the author of Love is a Rose, 99cents at Amazon Kindle or $5.99 for Paperback from Amazon. At other book sellers too.

"There aren't enough words to describe how thankful I am to God for His son, Jesus Christ, and the many gifts and blessings He has bestowed on me including but not limited to my family, friends, and loved ones....especially those He's called home."

6. Gerry Bartlett is the author of Real Vampires Take a Bite Out of Christmas, only 99cents at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"I am thankful for the ability to tell stories that matter to people. There's no greater feeling than hearing that I have made someone laugh or bond with one of my characters."

We're Halfway Through! Now, Another 6 Authors

7. TJ Bennett is the author of Dark Angel: A Gothic Fairy Tale, only 99cents through Dec. 6 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"I'm grateful for coffee, chocolate, and laptops, because most books wouldn't get written without them (at least not mine)!"

8. P.J. MacLayne is the author of The Marquesa's Necklace, $3.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"For the friends and readers that tell me they really enjoy my books, I'm thankful. Each compliment gives me the motivation to keep writing."

9. Veronica Scott is the author Mission to Mahjundar, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"I’m most thankful for my family, all of whom are supportive, and encourage me to write my books, and for the Readers, who allow me to tell them stories (and ask for more)."

Ending With Some Long-time Friends

10. Cynthia Wicklund is the author of Thief of Souls, only 99cents at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

11. Elaine Raco Chase is the author of No Easy Way Out, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

Last But Not Least

I've taken the twelfth author position.

12. I'm Joan Reeves, the author of Nobody's Cinderella, only 99cents this holiday season at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers. Available in audio from Audible and iTunes.

"I'm thankful for my husband and my children. With every day that passes, I realize how blessed I am to have married this man. We're blessed with out children. I've seen so many parents heartbroken over their children who have gone astray so it's with real joy that we can celebrate our wonderful children."

Takeaway Truth

Too often the frustrations and struggles of life monopolize our attention. We forget to appreciate the many small blessings that occur daily. Consider starting a gratitude journal. You'll be amazed at how it will change you from a pessimist to an optimist.

I give thanks for all my friends, family, and the readers who make it possible to keep writing. Happy Thanksgiving!

A Dozen Authors Talk Thanksgiving Treats

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and that's a very special day in the U.S.A. It's good to have a day to reflect on all the good in our lives -- family, friends, health, and all the other blessings we count tomorrow.

Along with the giving thanks, we enjoy great food. Each family has their own special signature dishes enjoyed at this annual feast. In my home, it's my special cornbread dressing chock full of finely minced celery, onion, bell pepper, and pecans and also fresh cranberry/orange relish. We don't do pumpkin pie. Instead, I make lemon meringue pie and a cake I'll talk about later.

Today, I have a dozen authors, including me at the end, and we're talking about the culinary treats we each look forward to. We're also offering you  a literary treat for your consideration.

12 Authors/12 Thanksgiving Treats

1. Liz Flaherty is the author of Back to McGuffey's, $5.39 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie--I know, I have no imagination--but it tastes especially good this week of the year. Especially when you're sharing it with good company and a nice glass of wine."

2. Lily Bishop is the author of No Strings Attached, on sale for $1.99 through November at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"Every year, my mother makes an amazing pecan pie, and we only get it on Thanksgiving. So my mom's Homemade Georgia Pecan Pie is what I'm looking forward to."

3. Donna Fasano is the author of An Almost Perfect Christmas, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"Fresh cranberry sauce is my favorite food at Thanksgiving because, well, it doesn't come from a can."

4. Penny Estelle is the author of Jesse's Find, only 99cents at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

Thanksgiving treat? "This is a no-brainer for me -- Turkey -- always and forever and for as long as the leftovers last!"

 5. Linda Bennett Pennell is the author of Confederado do Norte, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food has got to be my grandmother’s homemade cornbread and biscuit dressing - yum!"

 6. Kimberley Troutte is one of the authors of SEALs of Winter, a box set for only 99 cents at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is chocolate chip cookies. I started making them when I was about eight years old and my uncle would mysteriously show up when they were in the oven, grinning like a kid. It was like he had a special cookie radar. A few years ago my uncle was killed in a tractor accident right before Thanksgiving. The smell of those fresh cookies coming out of the oven is bittersweet and reminds me of him."

7. Jan Scarbrough is the author of Kentucky Blue Bloods, $3.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is pecan pie, because I remember my aunt making it when we visited family in Kentucky."

8. Mickie Sherwood is the author of Cherished Moments, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my mama's specialty, eggplant casserole stuffed with shrimp and crabmeat."

9. JoAnne Myers is the author of Flagitious, $4.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce because I make it with strawberry jello, marshmallows, and walnuts. It is sweet, so I dont need the pies, and cakes."

10. Paty Jager is the author of Double Duplicity, only 99cents for pre-order at Amazon Kindle.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is the dressing. As a child I enjoyed watching my grandmother and mom make the dressing from scratch."

11. Caroline Clemmons is the author of Stone Mountain Christmas, $2.99 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite is the cornbread dressing, smothered in gravy, and covered with a generous ladle of cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving is the only time all year we have turkey and dressing so my mind associates these foods with an important family holiday."

12. Last is me. I'm Joan Reeves and am the author of Old Enough to Know Better, reduced to 99cents from now to Nov. 30 at Amazon Kindle and other ebook sellers.

"My favorite are dishes originally made by my mom and my mother-in-law. It's kind of comforting to bring out Nanny's Coconut Cake and Grandmother Frances's Jello Salad each year and to teach my kids how to make these treats.

Mom always made the most delicious Coconut Cake. I remember one year she actually bought a coconut and shredded the fresh coconut for the cake. The cake was almost 8 inches tall with 4 layers and frosting. Now my sister-in-law and I each make it during the holidays. My mother-in-law always made her special Jello Salad -- a cherry jello with chopped apple, banana, peaches, fruit cocktail, and pecans in it. Delicious."

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you the joy of your own special treat tomorrow at the Thanksgiving feast. Be sure and grab a book for that after-feast relaxation. Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be fun for everyone. If it's not, then you're working too hard, and your family isn't working hard enough.

Fortunately, I have some timely tips to help you throw a big holiday, Norman Rockwell-type dinner.

Planning is the key to pulling this off. So get your notepad and pen, and I'll tell you how to throw a fabulous feast with very little effort.

Planning is the Key

1. Make a list of those who can be suckered invited to cook the big items like the turkey, dressing, gravy, pies, and cakes etc.

2. Make another list of those who can be coerced asked to bring smaller items like salad for 20, enough dinner rolls to send the strictest low-carber into salivating spasms, relish trays which no one will eat but which look nice on the table, and all those other accompaniments that people think must be on the Thanksgiving table.

3. After shirking delegating as many tasks as possible, if you get stuck cooking anything, then that means food must be bought at the supermarket during the most frantic time of the year. Grit your teeth and pump up your resolve. Turn a deaf ear to your hubby's pleas, and send him to the store. Make sure you've properly prepared the shopping list though with color photographs of each item and a description including quantity and size of can or whatever.

4. On the big day, cheerfully greet everyone. After a few minutes, fan your face and mutter something about not feeling well because you were up all night arranging the seating order at the dining table. Look flustered. This works best if you're over 50. Everyone will automatically assume you're having a hot flash, but they'll pretend they don't think that and buy your excuse of overwork. What's even better is they won't bother you when you go to the bedroom and close the door. (Be sure to keep the volume on the TV down while you lounge on the bed watch TV, waiting for dinner to be finished.)

5. When you estimate that most of the work is done, emerge, making copious apologies for getting on in years and not able to do all you once did. Again, it helps to have a sad look on your face rather than the gleeful expression you had while watching a marathon of Vampire Diary, House of Cards, or Orphan Black--whatever your favorite guilty pleasure might be. Lay it on thick and you may be able to get out of cleaning up after the meal.

Takeaway Truth

Let me know if these tips work. If you're really successful, you can get away with this at Christmas too!

"Judge A Book By Its Cover" Contest Now Open

I have only 2 words to say about the Houston Bay Area RWA contest Judge A Book By Its Cover, or JABBIC as it's commonly known.

It's baaacccckkkk!

JABBIC was the first to celebrate book cover art, and it's now open so get your entries in early.

Why Enter JABBIC 2014

The submitted book cover art will be judged by booksellers around the world. The winning cover in each category will be featured in a full-page color ad on the inside front cover of the April 2015 Romance Writers Report, the official Romance Writers of America publication.

Again this year, Reader's Choice Winners from each category will be featured on the Houston Bay Area RWA web site. Hundreds of thousands of votes were cast for the JABBIC 2013 covers during the Reader's Choice voting!

This contest is open to self-published authors as well as traditionally-published authors. (This is a chance to celebrate the cover artists who work with indie authors.)

  • Entry Deadline: Entries must be received by January 15, 2015
  • Entry Fee: $15
  • Eligibility: Published in 2014
  • What to Enter: The cover of your book or novella published by a traditional house, self-published, ePublisher, or POD during 2014
  • Entry Format: Electronic files (JPG or GIF) only
  • Categories: Contemporary Series, Single Title/Mainstream, Historical, Romantic Suspense, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal, Sexiest Cover, Young Adult and Inspirational
  • Judges: Booksellers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia
  • Top Prize: Winners in each category will be featured in a full-page color ad on the inside front cover of the April 2015 Romance Writers Report
More Information

For more information, an entry form, and rules, please visit the JABBIC contest website or contact Contest Coordinator Leslie Marshman at: judgeabook at hbarwa dotcom.

Takeaway Truth

It's easy to enter, and you'll get a lot of exposure for your book and the artist you used. Enter today!

Thursday3Some: The Unwanted Christmas Guest by Penny Estelle

T'is the week before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, the Thursday3Some Spotlight is shining--on an author, not a mouse! Today, the spotlight shines on Penny Estelle and her holiday romance The Unwanted Christmas Guest.

About Penny Estelle

Penny was a school secretary for 21 years and retired in 2009. She and her hubby moved to their  retirement home in Kingman, Arizona, and now live on 54 acres in a very rural area.

Penny explained, "Actually we live “off the grid”. We live on solar and wind. A real adjustment for a city girl. I must say – I love it. Nothing like walking out your front door and hear coyotes howling in the distance and seeing a sky bursting with stars. It is breathtaking!"

Penny's writing career started with stories for the tween kiddos. She's "advanced" to a few romances, family drama, two historical western romances, and even a non-fiction shorty about living life off the grid!

Find Penny Estelle Online

Website: http://www.pennystales.com
Blog: www.pennyestelle.blogspot.com
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Penny-Estelle/e/B006S62XBY
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pennystales
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pennystales

About The Unwanted Christmas Guest

Elizabeth McMurphy is an up and coming high powered attorney and is after vengeance, involving one of the richest and most powerful families in Colorado. Steve York is an obnoxious reporter that thinks the ice queen has gone too far and does all he can to get under her skin.

When one of the worst blizzards in history hits Colorado during the Christmas holiday and leaves a hurt Steve York, stranded with Elizabeth in a mountain cabin, her hatred for him starts to thaw. But this attorney has a secret that she will guard, even at the risk of losing her only chance at love.

1. When did you write The Unwanted Christmas Guest?

In July of 2013, my publisher put out a call for holiday stories. I had never tried one, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was released December 2, 2013

2. What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

I wish I had a snappy answer for that. In most stories that I write, I have a beginning and then the story just goes from there. I wanted this one to be a sweet romance, but I wanted some mystery in it also. The heroine of The Unwanted Christmas Guest has a huge secret. She will keep that secret even at the cost of her own happiness!

The other part is (dum da dum dum) I have 7 grandkids, and I have used all of them in one story or another. In The Unwanted Christmas Guest, there is a three-year-old little girl who has Downs Syndrome. Her name is Katy. I also have a three-year-old little Downs granddaughter, Caity. Now, I’ve used them all, and my job is done!

3. Why do readers buy The Unwanted Christmas Guest?

It’s a story that keeps you guessing. It’s a love story that starts out as a hate relationship, but things quickly change when the main characters are trapped in a cabin during one of Colorado’s biggest snow storms.

Buy The Unwanted Christmas Guest

Amazon Kindle Edition

Nook Edition

iTunes Edition

Smashwords Edition

Muse It Up Publishing

But Wait! There's More

Penny is giving away 1 PDF Copy of The Unwanted Christmas Guest! To be eligible to win the book, leave a comment with your email address written out--not as a hot link or the evil web spammers may harvest your email address.

Takeaway Truth

Now is the time to take advantage of the great holiday bargains in books. Start your collection today.

Meet Witty Author Elaine Raco Chase

Elaine Raco Chase, a longtime friend, dropped by SlingWords today and agreed to answer a few questions.

About Elaine Raco Chase

Elaine is an Amazon bestselling author who writes contemporary romantic comedies – some more explicit than others. Her heroines are NOT: thin, petite, clueless or submissive. They are strong women who aren't looking for a man - until the right one comes along! And those men! Tough-guy, alpha males who don't know what hit them! But do know they want MORE!

Elaine also writes explicit mystery/thrillers and non-fiction. Her book, How to Write the Amateur Detective Novel, was nominated for the Agatha Christie Award, and it's in the FBI Forensic Library at Quantico.

Find Elaine Online

Website: http://elaineracochase.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElaineRaco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elaine.r.chase
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/elaineracochase
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/elaine-raco-chase/32/38/353

Now, settle back while Elaine Raco Chase tackles the Dirty Dozen.

1. In which genre do you write and why that particular genre?

I started writing contemporary romantic comedies back in the 'heyday' of romance 1978...yes on papyrus paper! Why romantic comedies? Because I'm a firm believer in mixing love and laughter. Even my mystery/thrillers have a comedy thread...although it's more like M.A.S.H. sardonic style. I don't do slapstick but a sophisticated style of verbal one-liners.

2. What's your most recent book and what's it about?

Caught in a Trap is my new release. Kit Forrester has saved forever to take the vacation of her dreams – a cruise. One day out at sea, she gets not only the worst case of seasickness the ship's doctor has ever seen but also the horrible stomach virus that has hit the country. She couldn't tell her friends THAT..so she invented the perfect cruise vacation and created the man of her dreams, Rafe Morgan, all from material in her tiny stateroom.

There was just one big problem, retired Navy Seal and Texas billionaire Rafe Morgan did exist, and he was positive he was being set up by this New York redhead with a background that was ripe with suspicion.

3. As an author, what can readers expect when they read one of your books?

I think the reviews say it all – characters who are so real, you feel you can call them. I don't write heroes who think Jell-O-shots are a food group. I don't write heroines who can't take care of themselves physically or financially. I like writing complete books...not 'cliff-hangers.' I mix fact with fiction. As in the case of Caught in a Trap – a book that's dedicated to my father – it's very funny but brings to the forefront: child abuse, child hunger, PTSD, plight of the returning vets, and politics. While those themes seem to be more 'dramatic' than romantic comedy oriented, as an author I can get across more information to readers than if it was non-fiction.

I highlighted the Wounded Warrior Project, WWP, in Caught in a Trap as I did in Rules of the Game. WWP actually promoted Rules of the Game on their Facebook page, and it was part of a blog tour that gifted the WWP with nearly $2000 in donations. I've had readers/reviewers post that they donated after reading the book. And even though there was this focus, Rules of the Game was voted #1 erotic romance by the readers of Turning Pages.

4. How did you "become" an author? For instance, was there a moment when you said: "I think I'll write a book."

I come from a radio/TV background as well as public relations. So I guess you can say writing any style is in my bones. I use to write and voice radio shows on WGY-WGFM radio in upstate NY (NBC affiliate) and then did in-house voice-overs for network shows and PSA's. I started writing longer stories – romances, mysteries and some very bad science fiction – and attended a writer's conference where an agent actually heard me talking about what I was writing, asked if I had any material with me (I had 100 pages of a romance novel), took that back to NYC and – I know this sounds like a fantasy – but actually sold that book in two days to Dell Publishing. When I got my first check and new it wasn't a dream...that's when I said: 'you are a writer.'

5. Best thing about being an author.

Learning that your stories are being read by others and liked.

6. Worst thing about being an author.

Hearing/seeing a review that says your story is terrible. It's like someone telling you that your child is ugly!

7. Do you have editions of your books available other than eBook editions?

Yes, I have audiobook editions available at Audible and iTunes. I'm also planning on producing print editions of my popular romance novels too. All but 2 of my original romance novels have been updated...so you can buy very old paperbacks of No Easy Way Out and One Way or Another (original title: Tender Yearnings) from used bookstores. Those two are 'retro-reads' and I really wanted them to stay in their original 1980's form. No Easy Way Out highlights the 'birth' of Epcot Center in Orlando – my husband worked on the audio animatronics for Disney (as does the heroine in the book) and with One Way or Another (Tender Yearnings) – the heroine goes one-on-one with computers, the rise of credit cards and technology. Also that book set a record for Dell Publishing's Ecstasy Line – it went into a record 3 printings in a few weeks and was their first book to hit #1 on the Walden's Bestseller List.

8. Do you listen to audio books? If so, what device do you use?

I love...love audiobooks! I listen to them on my kindle as well as Mp3 player. All eleven of my eBooks are available in audio (Caught in a Trap will be the next one out)...and two of them have made Audible.com's Stellar Reviewed list....One Way or Another was their Stellar reviewed romance for October 2012 – narrated by Janina Edwards. And Special Delivery was their Stellar reviewed romance #4 out of top 10 and the only Indy audiobook for the entire year – 2012. Special Delivery has been on Audible's Erotica bestseller's list for over 2 years now and features award-winning, dual narrators: Destiny Landon and Lee James as well as original music and some fun sound effects.

9. What device do you use to read eBooks?

I have an older 'keyboard' style Kindle and love it! It plays the audiobooks as well.

10. If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring author, what would it be?

Write what you love to read...trust me, your love will show in your characters and words. Don't imitate what's 'hot' because that changes every minute.

11. If you could tell readers one thing, what would it be?

I proudly put my name on everything I write.

12. What is your big dream (or goal) as a writer?

To write each book better than the last!

Buy Caught in a Trap

All Romance eBooks

Kindle Edition

iTunes Apple Bookstore

KoboBooks Edition

Nook Edition

Takeaway Truth

Time is ticking away to the weekend. Better grab a great book now.

Send Smashwords Book to Kindle

Smashwords offers a lot of free ebooks, and authors often give away Smashwords Coupons for free books. Some of you Kindle users may not know how to get a Smashwords book onto your Kindle.

(Every six months, I like to run this post to help new ebook readers learn how to get a book on Smashwords and send it to the Kindle device to read it.)

Smashwords offers eBooks in multiple formats. One of these is usually the .mobi file format used for Kindle. It's very easy to download the .mobi files and transfer them to your Kindle. Here are step by step instructions for you.

How To Transfer a Smashwords Book to Your Kindle

1. Set up an account with Smashwords so you can purchase an eBook or download a free book with a Smashwords coupon. Then when you buy an eBook from Smashwords, the book is automatically placed in your Smashwords library. You can download the eBook in any offered format immediately or at a later date.

2. Even though you have Manage Your Kindle set up for buying and managing your Kindle books from Amazon, you will need to download the Kindle for PC app to your computer. When you do this, the download installation will set up a My Kindle Content folder, listed under My Documents on your computer. Then, when you download an ebook from Smashwords in a .mobi file, the file will automatically be saved in your My Kindle Content folder.

3. Download your selected book from Smashwords. The book will be placed in your Smashwords Library, and Smashwords will save the book as 2 files on your computer. The first file will be the My Kindle Content .mobi file, and the second file is a .mbp file. Once those 2 Smashwords files are saved on your computer, the Kindle for PC app you already installed on your computer will be able to open the eBook. You can read it immediately on your computer.

Most of us with Kindles though want to read on the Kindle. So let's continue.

Transfer Book from Kindle for PC to Your Kindle Reader

There are 2 ways to do this.

1. Connect the USB end of your Kindle cable to your PC. Open the Kindle drive, copy the Kindle Content .mobi file into the Documents folder on your Kindle drive. (It’s just like transferring a file to an external hard drive or a thumb drive, etc.)

2. If your Kindle device has a WiFi connection, you can use the free email address set up with your Amazon Kindle account and email your .mobi file to your Kindle via that email address. If in doubt as to what that email address is, login to your account / Manage Your Kindle. In Left sidebar, you'll see Your Kindle Account and below that, a number of choices, one of which is Personal Document Settings. Click that. A window opens, and you'll see at the top Send To Kindle Email Settings.

3. Click Learn More to read the instructions given by Amazon on how to set up the free Send-to-Kindle Email Settings under “Personal Document Settings” in your Amazon account. It's easy to understand.

4. Once you have your Kindle email address set up, just open your email app, create a message sending the email to your Kindle Email that you plan to use, attach the Kindle Content .mobi file, and click Send.

5. When you email a .mobi file to your Kindle account, you'll find the eBook listed in your Kindle Library under All Items. Just use the Actions button to select where you want to deliver the eBook. (This is for those of us who have multiple Kindle reading options, i.e., smartphone, Kindle, Kindle Fire, etc.)

6. Turn on your Kindle reader device so that it will receive the eBook just as if you'd bought it from the Kindle Shop. The book will download just like any other eBook purchase.

Actually, it takes less time to buy the book from Smashwords, download it to your PC, send it to Your Kindle Account, and download onto your device than it takes to read this.

Takeaway Truth

Now you can shop on Smashwords more often, knowing you can easily transfer the books you obtain to your Kindle.

Thursday3Some: Capri's Fate by Daryl Devore

Today, the Thursday3Some Spotlight is shining on Capri's Fate by Daryl Devore. Please welcome her to SlingWords.

About Daryl Devore

Daryl Devore lives in an in old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, a large salt water aquarium full of fish and some house ghosts. She's touched a moon rock, a mammoth and a meteorite. She's been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter and used the ladies room in a royal palace. Life's an adventure, and Daryl's having fun living it.

Find Daryl Online

Blog: http://myeroticnotions.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daryl.devore

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daryl-Devore/280168402052520

Twitter: http://twitter.com/daryldevore

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/107866370365154406917

About Capri's Fate

Corporate business woman, Capricious Gray, is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. Once a shocking, mysterious disembodied voice helps her with her purchases, it follows her home. Passion ensues, leaving Capri torn between lust for her fantasy lover and the desperate need for reality in her life.

When did you write Capri's Fate?

Two years ago. Took about six months to write then through critique partners and beta readers then off to my editor. That took the majority of time.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

There was no spark. I decided it was time to write another book. I sat down at my laptop, put my fingers on the keyboard and typed the first thing that popped into my head. That turned out to be the opening line and then I went: "Hmmmm. Now what?" I don't plot out my books, so when I wrote that opening line I really had no idea where the book was going to go.

Why do readers buy Capri's Fate?

1) It's a different kind of erotic romance. It's light and cheerful. Pairing up uptight, corporate Capri wither fun loving best friend Kathy, provided several humorous moments.

2) Reviews, non-solicited and non-paid reviews.

"Truly very creative lovemaking. I had to stop to fan myself and sigh a lot of times. My toes really curled."

"I applaud the author. It's worth your time and money."

"It was a story that left you angry, sad, plus hot and bothered. I loved this book!!!"

That's why readers buy it!

Buy Capri's Fate by Daryl Devore

Buy from All Romance eBooks

Buy from Amazon Kindle

Buy from Smashwords

Takeaway Truth

A little vacation can always be found between the covers of a book. Buy a book today for a getaway from the mundane.

Free! HOLIDAY DECORATING Celebrates Christmas on Main Street

Holiday Decorating, by the Authors of Main Street, is our gift to you, dear Readers. This Companion Book to Christmas on Main Street is now live on all platforms.

Holiday Decorating, free to all readers, is our book of favorite holiday crafts, with step by step instructions. We hope you enjoy our traditional crafts and will share them with your family and friends.

Make It Free

We want this book to be free. It's already offered free at Nook, iTunes, and Kobo. Amazon is still charging 99cents for the book.

If you want it free on Amazon, just go to Holiday Decorating book page and scroll down until you see:

Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price? Click that and fill out the form with any of the links where the book is offered free: Nook, iTunes, or Kobo.

Links for Holiday Decorating

Defaults To Your Country's Amazon Kindle Shop

Barnes & Noble Nook

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Buy Links for Christmas on Main Street, Box Set,  Only 99 Cents

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Takeaway Truth

Get your free copy of Holiday Decorating and grab the Box Set of Christmas on Main Street, the Christmas Romance Collection of 12 novels for only 99cents. Happy Reading!

Holiday Decorating: Christmas Crafts from Main Street

Holiday Decorating is the book my Authors of Main Street did to celebrate the release tomorrow of CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET. We are waiting for the craft book to be live at all the ebook sellers so we can price it free. Right now, it's listed at 99cents on Amazon which is still a bargain, but wait if you wish, and it will be free.

Takeaway Truth

Get your holiday spirit on. This video will help.

How to Create a Clean Nook Link

Psst. More Top Secret information. I've been posting this year about creating clean links, the shortest, most concise link possible, to use in Tweets, print promotion materials, and to give to readers.

I blogged about how to do this for Amazon here, and that post received over 700 views. Read that post if you're unsure of what I mean by clean link or how to do it.

How To Create a Clean Link for Barnes & Noble

The process is the same as for Amazon: identify the irrelevant elements and remove them, distilling the link to the shortest, most concise URL.

(This article previously appeared in Writing Hacks, my free subscription newsletter for writers. Subscribe today if you want to read articles like this as soon as they are published.)

Why Create Clean Link

When someone asks you for the buy link to your book, it is a mistake to give them a long rambling link because it may break when cut and pasted. The shorter the link; the better.


This is the link for my most recent novella April Fool Bride.


I obtained this link by doing a search on Nook, then clicking on the cover. You can do this for your book.

Look at the part of the URL that begins with a question mark -- ? -- because everything after than question mark is irrelevant to finding my book. That "stuff" is just referral codes to tell B&N how you found a book.

This is the resulting shortest URL for finding my book on Nook.


Generally speaking, the same holds true for your books. You can always test this to make sure you don't screw up the URL.

1. Find your book URL.

2. The first long number that appears is the B&N identifier. If that's followed by a ?, then copy the URL, leaving out the question mark and everything after it.

3. Paste that shorter link into your browser and hit return. Your book page should still open.

4. If it doesn't open, then something of the original URL was critical so review the URL. Sometimes a print version of a book has 2 long identifiers.

You can take that short link and use it on TINY URL, bitly, or a similar link shortener to generate something as short as possible. Short links are easier for Tweeting. Really short links are easy for readers to remember and find it from printed promotional material.

3 Tips For Handy URL Access

1. Set up a easy to access text document (Notepad) or Flashnote file (which is always plain text) with your book title and every buy link for it. List the official URL for the book and the short Amazon link too. That way you can easily cut and paste links wherever you need them.

By the way, do you know why it's preferable to paste from a text file rather than a Word file when filling out web forms? Because sometimes default formats inherent in Word can cause the pasted text to turn out screwy or contain odd random characters.

2. If you want to try to shorten a link even more, you can use any of the popular link shortening services like Goo.gl, TinyURL, Bitly, or my favorite, Authl.it which I wrote about in this month's issue of Writing Hacks. (That will be reprinted here in August.) All the link shortening services work basically the same, but each has some pros and cons.

3. If you're going to give your buy link with your Amazon Associate Referral Code added, it's nice to shorten the really long resulting link by using one of the above shortening websites.

Takeaway Truth

Short links are infinitely easier to work with. Try it.

Thursday3Some: Lori’s Redemption by Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Good morning! Today, I have award-winning author Pamela S. Thibodeaux as my guest. Pam is Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and she's multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction. Her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”

Find Pam S. Thibodeaux Online

Website: http://www.pamelathibodeaux.com
Blog: http://pamswildroseblog.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pamelasthibodeaux
Twitter: http://twitter.com/psthib @psthib

About Lori’s Redemption

Lori's Redemption is a Short Story spin-off of Tempered Fire, Book 3 of the Tempered Series.

Lori Strickland (introduced in Tempered Fire) has always been known as her father's "wild child" with no desire to change until she meets ex-bull-rider-turned-preacher Rafe Judson. Her attempts to change her wanton ways come to naught until she realizes redemption only comes with true repentance.

When did you write Lori’s Redemption?

The first draft of Lori’s Redemption was written in 2010. The story was finalized and published through my indy imprint, Temperance Publishing in 2012 after it was declined by a traditional publisher due to being a spin-off of the Tempered series.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

When The Wild Rose Press announced their Wayback, Texas series, I initially thought the story would do well as part of it. However, the timing in my life was all wrong and the story itself wouldn’t fit for several reasons. Anyway, I had this idea of a bull-rider-turned-preacher and a notorious bad girl; hence Rafe Judson & Lori Strickland, a minor character in Tempered Fire but a major source of agony for Amber and Stanley, the young couple featured in the book.

Why do readers buy Lori’s Redemption?

Everybody has a past. Everyone needs redemption. Lori Strickland is the personification of so many folks in this turbulent world. I hope to show that no matter where you are in life or what you’ve done God is still on your side and has a great plan for you!

Buy Links

Kindle Edition of Lori's Redemption

Nook Edition of Lori's Redemption

Smashwords Edition of Lori's Redemption

Takeaway Truth

A little vacation can always be found between the covers of a book. Plan your weekend "getaway" by buying a book today.

Free Christmas Short Story: The Kissing Ball by E. Ayers

Pour a cup of coffee or brew yourself a cup of tea. I have a treat for you today. E. Ayers, bestselling romance author, offers her Christmas short story, The Kissing Ball, right here for your entertainment today.

From E. Ayers

I’m thrilled to give your readers a taste of the holidays with The Kissing Ball. But first, I want to tell everyone about the upcoming Christmas on Main Street, a collection of 12 romance novels (includes Joan's Nobody’s Cinderella and A Snowy Christmas in Wyoming by E. Ayers). This Box Set will publish next week on Nov. 11 for only 99cents.

But Wait--There's More

Excited? We’ve got one more book that will publish this weekend, and it's free! Look for a Companion Book to Christmas on Main Street: Decorating on Main Street -- filled with fun crafts and decorating ideas from the Christmas on Main Street authors.

I’ve already read several of these ideas, and they are all easy and fun! My Christmas craft in the free book? Christmas Kissing Balls.

I love these Kissing Balls so much that I wrote a holiday romance short story, The Kissing Ball. (It's published on my blog, but today I'm letting Joan publish it here to get you in the holiday mood.

The Kissing Ball
by E. Ayers

Michelle walked into the kitchen and looked over her sister Dianna's shoulder at the array of nuts, pinecones, and art supplies scattered across what was once their grandmother's kitchen table. "What are you making?"

"A Kissing Ball. They're supposed to be good luck." Using a glue gun, Dianna squeezed a clear glob onto an exposed bit of foam ball, then pressed a small filbert nut into that tight space between several small pinecones. "That was the last nut." She held the ball up and checked it carefully. "Want to help me make bows with the ribbon?"

"Me? I'm lucky that I learned to tie my shoes. You're the crafty one." Michelle shook her head and pulled out a chair. She sat across from her little sister at the old oak table watching Dianna make and pin several tiny red-ribbon bows onto the ball.

Memories of Christmases past flooded Michelle's mind. In those old holiday photos with less than two years between them, they looked almost like twins with straight dark-brown hair that had been pulled into pigtails, and green eyes, but they were as different as two sisters could be. The first thing Michelle had done when she went to college was cut her hair. Now she wore it in a long bob. Her sister preferred a short pixie cut. But they still looked very much alike.

Michelle propped her elbow on the table and put her chin into her palm. "Where did you get the idea for this? And what are you going to do with it?"

Dianna laughed. "I saw one in a store. It cost a fortune." She created a hanging loop then added a series of small bows around the base of the loop. Holding it over her head, she looked at the very bottom. "There." She stuck her finger against it. Without moving her finger, she returned the ball to the table. "Hand me that piece of artificial mistletoe."

Michelle found the little cellophane-sealed package partially hidden under the bag of mixed nuts. She opened the package and passed the silk sprig to her sister. "Where are you going to put it?"

"The mistletoe or the ball?" Dianna added a drop of hot glue to the spot that her finger had occupied.

"The ball."

"I figured I'd hang it in the foyer." With one hand, she stuck a pin into the piece of greenery, then pushed the pin through the glue dot and into the ball.

"Aren't you supposed to use real mistletoe?"

Dianna shrugged her shoulders. "The real stuff has poisonous berries."

Michelle began to pick up the tidbits off the table that needed to be trashed. "What's Aaron doing this Christmas?"

"I don't know, and I don't care."

She raised her eyebrows as she looked at Dianna. "You two have a falling out?"

"No. I'm just disappointed." Dianna collected her supplies of glue sticks, floral pins, and satin ribbon, and shoved them into a large zip bag.


"He took me to Stewart's Restaurant for dinner last night."

"Stewart's? You went to Stewart's? What was it like?"

Dianna's eyes lit up. "Totally awesome. Candles on the tables, more silverware than anyone could possibly use in a week, and the food was out of this world." She chomped on her lower lip for a moment and then grinned. "The mayor and his wife were at a table beside us."

"Omigosh! The mayor?"

Dianna nodded. "Aaron told me three weeks ago that he'd made reservations for the evening and I was to wear something very special. It was the anniversary of our first date." She unplugged the glue gun. "I'm sitting there the whole time thinking this is it, he's going to ask me to marry him."


"That's just it. Nothing." Dianna squinted her eyes and pressed her lips together. "Butterflies had taken over my stomach. I mean…you know…fancy restaurant. I'm all dressed up and Aaron is looking fantastic in his good black suit." She rolled her eyes. "I was so nervous. I kept waiting for him to ask me. It was all I could do to keep my hands from shaking."

"So instead of enjoying the evening, you panicked?"

Dianna nodded. "Will you sweep the floor while I wipe the table?"

"Stick me with the lousy job. I'll wipe and you sweep."

Dianna stuck her tongue out. "Bully!"

"It's your mess." Michelle grabbed the bottle of spray cleaner and a few paper towels. "So what's wrong? He took you out for a fabulous dinner. You're going to break up with him because you wanted him to ask you to marry him? Are you crazy?"

Dianna began singing Crazy as she swept the kitchen floor.

Michelle shook her head. She could remember her grandmother listening to Patsy Cline sing that song. Dianna stood in one spot singing with one hand over her heart and the other stretched out to her side.

"You are crazy." Michelle took the electric broom from her sister. "Go get the ladder. I want to watch you hang this thing."

With the kitchen returned to perfect order, Michelle wandered into the foyer. Asking her little sister to buy the townhouse with her had been a super idea. Combined incomes allowed them to afford something much nicer than they could have separately, and this one sat in the heart of the downtown historic district of River City. She was within walking distance of University Hospital, where she worked as a nurse. And Dianna could catch the bus to her job, saving her a frustrating commute and parking fees.

Furthermore, Dianna loved decorating. When they moved in, they pooled furniture, and Michelle let her little sis have free rein to do as she pleased. A few cans of spray paint, some decorative accessories, and an armful of fancy pillows was all it took for Dianna to create an upscale look to the newly renovated place.

Then for Christmas, she had turned their townhouse into a sophisticated wonderland. When Dianna had brought home three trash bags filled with snippets from the woods behind their parents' home, Michelle had laughed. But she quit laughing when Dianna made a magnificent wreath for the front door. After that, she formed the garland that decorated the chandelier, the railing on the staircase, and the mantles in the living and dining rooms, along with several pretty live arrangements.

Dianna retrieved the ladder from the utility closet near the back door and set it under the chandelier in the foyer. With care, she climbed near the top, and extracted some florist wire from her pocket. "Hand me the ball."

Michelle watched her sister hang the ball from the center of the chandelier. "It looks great there. You've done such a terrific job on this whole place."


The doorbell rang. Michelle looked through the peephole, and as she opened the door, she said, "You have a visitor."

Aaron stood there with a gift bag dangling from his arm while holding a lit candle. His other hand was cupped around the flame. Michelle smiled at her sister's boyfriend. "Come in."

"Merry Christmas." Aaron stepped over the threshold, returned the smile to Michelle, then looked at Dianna who was still on the ladder. "Merry Christmas to you, too. What are you doing up there?"

Dianna laughed. "Thanks. I'm decorating."

"Let me take your coat." Michelle closed the door and helped him shrug out of his wool dress coat, as he juggled the lit candle between his hands.

"What do you think?" Dianna pointed to her latest creation hanging above her head. "Let me get this ladder out of the way."

"Is that mistletoe?" Aaron asked.

Michelle nodded as she watched her sister carry the ladder down the long hall. "And half a bag of mixed nuts."

"She'll have every squirrel in the neighborhood at your front door asking to come in. Next thing you know, she'll be making wind chimes out of strings of peanuts."

"I heard that!" Dianna called from the hallway.

Michelle laughed at the banter, but she couldn't take her gaze from the candle that Aaron held. She knew she should leave Dianna and Aaron alone, but she couldn't help herself. She wanted to see her little sister's reaction to what was on the candle.

Dianna returned to the foyer, grinned, and casually stood under the kissing ball.

Aaron laughed. "Oh, no. Me first. Tonight starts the first day of Hanukkah. I thought we could celebrate together." He passed the lit candle to Dianna. "This might be a lot to ask, but is there a possibility of us blending holidays for the next fifty years?"

Dianna gasped and almost dropped the candle, as she attempted to blow it out. There on the tapered candle sat the prettiest diamond ring.

Aaron reached into the bag and handed Michelle a menorah. "I think it's going to look great nestled with the Christmas decorations."

"I think you're right." Michelle took the candleholder and reached into the bag for the candles that went with it.

Dianna slipped the ring onto her finger. "I thought you were going to do this last night."

"That was my original plan when I made the reservations, but then I decided this was better."

Dianna held her hand in front of her. "It's beautiful. How did you know my size?"

"Remember that twist tie from the barbeque at Gerald and Katie's house?"

Dianna scrunched up her face. "Twist tie? Omigosh, that was last June! You've been planning this since then?"

He nodded. "I knew back then that you were the only one for me. I was waiting for you to come to the same conclusion." He smiled brightly. "I haven't heard you say yes."

"I don't think you actually asked me."

Michelle grinned as she watched Aaron collect Dianna into his arms.

"Dianna Baker, will you marry me?"

"Yes, I will marry you. Yes. Yes. Yes!"

As Aaron kissed Dianna under the mistletoe, Michelle slipped away. She placed the beautiful brass menorah on the living room mantle and placed the candles in the menorah. She stepped back and admired the arrangement. Nestled with the Christmas garland, the menorah looked lovely.

Happy Hanukkah, Aaron…and Dianna.

As she headed to the kitchen to fix dinner, she laughed to herself. Double the fun. Double the food. Double my waistline!

Maybe she'd get lucky and find someone special this holiday season. Her mind traveled to the cute new resident doctor who had asked her to join him for the Christmas festivities and concert in Riverwalk Park. Oh, yeah! Merry Christmas to me, too. This is going to be a great holiday season.

I wonder if I can find a recipe for potato pancakes?


About E. Ayers

E. Ayers is an Amazon best-selling author in Western Romance. When she least expected it, she found her Prince Charming and married him 5 weeks later. She uses that heart-warming passion as a basis for all her books, because she believes everyone needs someone to love.

Find E. Ayers Online

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ayersbooks
Website: http://www.ayersbooks.com
Group Blog: http://authorsofmainstreet.wordpress.com
Personal Blog: http://ayersbooks.wordpress.com
Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.com/e/B005AYJ0XE
Authors of Main Street Newsletter: http://ow.ly/xel3e

Takeaway Truth

I'm getting my holiday cheer on and wishing you the happiest of holidays. Remember to look for HOLIDAY DECORATING by the Authors of Christmas on Main Street this weekend!

Then November 11, get your copy of Christmas on Main Street Box Set!