Welcome to Joan Reeves Production. *G* I figure all the time I spend on videos should be honored by giving the activity a name.

I love making videos, and this year I plan to make many more, including some with writing and blogging tips.

Here are a few of the book trailers I've done, in release order from newest to oldest. You'll find more at my YouTube Channel.

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Dead Heat, a Romantic Thriller that is Book 2 of Outlaw Ridge, Texas.

Snowflakes & Christmas Kisses, a Holiday Romance Collection of 8 books, featuring Mimi Barbour, Mona Risk, Dani Haviland, Traci Hall, Suzanne Jenkins, Nancy Radke, and Joan Reeves.

Last Christmas, a Holiday Romance about Love at First Sight, Heartbreak, Revenge, Second Chances, Redemption, and a dog named Friday who saves the day!

A Christmas She'll Remember Romance Collection, 7 full-length holiday romance novels by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author.

Kiss Me, Thrill Me: As Only You Can, A Contemporary Romance Collection of 7 bestselling novels.

Love, Christmas Romance Collection by 20 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors.

Célébrer l'amour avec des romans de Joan Reeves (Celebrate Love with Books by Joan Reeves)

Heat Lightning, Book 1 of Outlaw Ridge, Texas, A Romantic Suspense Novella

Cinderella Blue, Book 2 of San Antone Two-Step, A Romantic Comedy

LuvU4Ever, a Moment in Time Short Story Romance

Hit the Beach: Sand, Surf, & 4 Romantic Comedies by Joan Reeves

April Fool Bride, Book 1 of All Brides Are Beautiful, A Romance Novella

Scents and Sensuality, a Romantic Comedy

Fight Club? No! Write Club, homage to the movie & to Writers

How to Recognize an Author: A humorous look at a typical writer's life.

The Lingerie Covers: 4 Romantic Comedies by Joan Reeves

Old Enough To Know Better, Book 1, The Good, The Bad, and The Girly
Turn up the heat with this sizzling romance by Joan Reeves

Summer Fire: Love When It's Hot (This Box Set was for a limited time. It is no longer available.)

Love Blooms on Main Street, a Collection of 10 Romance Novels (This Box Set was for a limited time. It is no longer available.