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I have 3 GREAT book events planned for December.


Bargains on ebooks and box sets to help you find great gifts and stay on a budget. I also give step by step instructions on how to send an ebook when you don't know the recipient's email registered with Amazon.


All of these ebooks are $4.99 or less. Great deals. I repeat the step by step instructions on how to send an ebook when you don't know the recipient's email registered with Amazon. 


Boxing Day is perfect for Bargains on Box Set Collections, and I have a bunch for you to load up those eReaders you received for Christmas.

Didn't get one? Just download an app of your choice. That option always appears right below the price on the book's Amazon page.

I also repeat the step by step instructions on how to send an ebook when you don't know the recipient's email registered with Amazon in case you won't to give some ebooks to ring in the New Year.

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Mark your calendars because you won't want to miss any of these holiday book deals!

Review: The Brands Who Came For Christmas by Maggie Shayne

I finally made time to read and decided to tackle books that have been on my Kindle for--I hate to say this--years.

I always take advantage of free and bargain books and load my Kindle with them every chance I get. Sure, I get clunkers sometimes. (No, I won't review those. I don't believe in heaping pain on an author. There are many others who delight in doing that.)

Unfortunately, I don't read as much as I like to so some books have languished in my To Be Read stack for way too long. The book I'm reviewing today is one of those books that I picked up for free. I checked, and it's still free.

I started The Brands Who Came For Christmas by Maggie Shayne yesterday at a doctor's appointment, and I could not put it down. Office work, email, and such made me turn the Kindle off, but I got back to the book last night and didn't stop until about 1am when I finished.

What did I do then? I immediately went to the Kindle shop and downloaded Book 2, Brand New Heartache. I forced myself to turn my Kindle off then, but I plan to start Book 2 tonight.

Blurb from Amazon

Caleb didn’t know that one night of bliss last spring with small town beauty Maya Brand had resulted in a pregnancy, until the blackmail attempt arrived on his desk in an unmarked envelope, complete with photos of Maya with a belly out to there.

When he learns the truth, Caleb rushes back to Big Falls, determined to make it right despite what the scandal will do to his high profile career–the family legacy he had never truly wanted.

All he wants is Maya, and their child.

But can a girl whose father abandoned and betrayed her, ever truly believe in the goodness of a man who left town the morning after their one night stand? How can he convince her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since then, much less, do so with the whole world watching? He has to prove himself to a woman he’s not even sure he’s worthy of. But he has no idea how.

The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands is a six-book, small town, contemporary romance series with shades of HOPE FLOATS and YOU’VE GOT MAIL. Spin off of the bestselling Texas Brand Series.

My Thoughts

I loved this book.

It was a true page-turner with compelling characters and a captivating premise. Each of the characters is distinctive and piques your interest so much that you can't wait to read their stories which will happen since it's a 6-book series. At the same time you look forward to reading the other books in the series, you're also hoping that Caleb and Maya, the main characters in this book, will make an appearance in subsequent books because they seemed so darn real and likable.

There was one really hot sexual scene in the book so if that offends your sensibilities, you might want to pass on this. Other than that, the rest of the book is sensual without being sexual. All in all, it's funny in places, emotional throughout, and shows character growth. In other words, it's like life.

Even though it has Christmas in the title and the climax of the book occurs at Christmas, I wouldn't necessarily have described this as a Christmas romance. In looking at the Amazon page for this book, the category is Western Romance. I wouldn't call it that either. So perhaps the author was being canny and chose a category that doesn't have as stiff a competition as Contemporary Romance. (For all you authors out there, maybe that's something we should research.)

Takeaway Truth

I highly recommend  The Brands Who Came For Christmas by Maggie Shayne if you're looking for an absolutely captivating romance.

Black Friday Book Bargains: Dozens of Authors & Books

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! However, the celebrating is not over yet.

This year, I've brought back Black Friday Book Bargains to SlingWords.

Avoid the crowds and shop here for book bargains for yourself and your friends and family who read.

I've got dozens of books listed, and they're either free or only 99cents!

In most cases, this special pricing is for the holidays only or is a limited time introductory pricing for new releases. Many of these books will re-price after Cyber Monday. That means you should grab these books today before the price changes.

The buy link embedded in each title takes you to Amazon Kindle, but I'm sure these ebooks are available at all the major ebook sellers.

Grab a mug of your favorite beverage and start browsing for bargains here. I'll kick this book bargain bonanza off with the listings for a free Holiday Sampler containing all the first chapters of the Love, Christmas box set my friends and I published. That will be followed by a listing for the box set itself.

This is Book Bites 7: Holiday Sampler so you can "test drive" each story before you buy.

Book Bites 7: Holiday Sampler is FREE.

If you want to go straight to the most popular Holiday Romance Collection this year, then look at the Love, Christmas Romance Collection which is listed next.

Love, Christmas by 20 NYT, USAToday, & national bestselling authors
Holiday stories that will put a song in your heart!

Still the best-selling holiday collection since it's release in October.

Love, Christmas is 99cents.

Please visit The Author's Billboard to learn more about these authors.

A Groom for Christmas by Cara Marsi
Treat yourself to a taste of romance.

Family pressure just might make her do something crazy!

A Groom for Christmas is 99 cents.

Please visit Cara Marsi's Website to learn more about her books.

Romancing Christmas, Volume 2 by 7 Award-Winning Bestselling Romance Authors

From sweet to spicy, friends to lovers, from cowboys to babies and puppies, this holiday anthology has something for everyone.

Romancing Christmas, Volume 2 is 99cents.

Please visit Leslie Lynch's Amazon Author Page to learn more about her books.

The Christmas Piano Tree by Jina Bacarr
Once Upon a Story…

A war vet with a secret returns home to help a buddy’s widow get through the holidays.

The Christmas Piano Tree is 99 cents.

Please visit Jina Bacarr at Once Upon a Story Blog to learn more about her books.

Christmas at the Inn on Main Street by Authors of Main Street

A collection of 5 all-new Holiday Romances.

Christmas at the Inn on Main Street is 99 cents.

Please visit Authors of Main Street Blog to learn more about these authors.

 Love in Times of War by Uvi Poznansky, Tamara Ferguson, Jacquie Biggar, and 9 more Bestselling Authors

At no other point is passion put to the test as in dire times of war.

Love In Times of War is 99 cents.

Visit Jacquie Biggar at her Amazon Author Page.

Jorden: Book 3, The Justice Brothers Series by Taylor Lee

WARNING: Romance so HOT it singes the pages. HOT, tough, explicit. Not for the faint at heart. Definitely bring a fan!

New Release! Limited time introductory pricing.

Jorden: Book 3; The Justice Brothers Series is 99cents.

Taylor Lee loves to connect with readers at her Newsletter.

Snow Dance by Alicia Street
Sweet or spicy--it's all about love.

A small town fisherman teaches a Broadway dancer to believe in love.

Snow Dance is FREE.

Please visit Alicia Street at her Amazon Author Page.

The Bride Wore Blue (Brides of Bath #1) by Cheryl Bolen

Nabob returns to England a rich man bent on wooing the impoverished, aristocratic beauty who saved his life six years previously—even if she doesn’t remember him.

The Bride Wore Blue is FREE.

Visit Cheryl Bolen at her website.

Beachcomber Wedding by Stephanie Queen

Is the notion of love and marriage more dangerous to PI partners Dane and Shana than the threat of a bomb at a wedding?

Beachcomber Wedding is 99cents.

Visit Stephanie Queen at her website.

A Groovy Christmas by Jan Scarbrough
Romances from the Heart

Revisit 1968 and 1969: A Groovy Christmas is a heartwarming Christmas tale like no other.

A Groovy Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Jan Scarbrough at her Amazon Author Page.

Sheer Pleasure by Patricia Rosemoor
Dangerous Love

One man fulfills her most sensual fantasies while another stalks her.

Sheer Pleasure is 99cents.

Visit Patricia Rosemoor at her website.

Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano

He has a teen-aged son he knows nothing about.

Reclaim My Heart is 99cents.

Visit Donna Fasano at her Amazon Author Page.

Invitation to Christmas by Bonnie Edwards

Bonnie Edwards, Earthy, Irreverent...Lovestruck

This Christmas, can Tom convince Jordyn their family can be blended in more ways than one?

Invitation to Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Bonnie Edwards at her website.

A Merry Little Christmas by Denise Devine

Merry Connor and Anthony Lewis search for treasure and find true love.

A Merry Little Christmas is 99cents.

Visit Denise Devine at her Amazon Author Page.

The Highwayman by Michele Hauf
Wickedly Enchanting Romance

He's chasing his demons...

The Highwayman is FREE.

Visit Michele Hauf at her website.

House of Cards by Juli D. Revezzo
Gothic Horror short story.

Can he thwart a fate worse than the guillotine?

House of Cards is 99cents.

Visit Juli D. Revezzo at her website.

Passion's Sacred Dance by Juli D. Revezzo

A mythic storm is coming. Can a Druid warrior stop it?

Passion's Sacred Dance is 99cents.

Visit Juli D. Revezzo at her website.

The Rancher and the Shepherdess by Caroline Clemmons
Historical and Contemporary Genre Fiction

Garrett McDonald agrees to marry a stranded mail-order bride, but she’s not what he expected.

The Rancher and the Shepherdess is 99cents.

Visit Caroline Clemmons at her Amazon Author Page.

LuvU4Ever by Joan Reeves
Bringing sexy back--one book at a time.

This Christmas, Noelle must decide if 9 little words can destroy a forever love. Recent Review: "This is one of the most erotic and romantic stories I've ever read. The background story sets everything up..."

LuvU4Ever is FREE.

Visit Joan at her Amazon Author Page.

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Why spend a tiring day pounding the pavement when you can spend a day at home, resting after the big feast, and shopping the easy way online? Tell your friends because this post will remain up.

Giving Thanks

I hope you have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends. This day of giving thanks is always special to me.

I'm thankful for a wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren--for friends far and near. I'm thankful for the readers who buy my books and enjoy them.

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you all peace, happiness, and good health in order to enjoy all your blessings.

Take 5 With Karen Kelley

Today I have a long-time author friend on SlingWords. Please welcome Karen Kelley, whose latest release is Roped, Book 1 in the Scavenger Hunt Series.

Giveaway Alert: Karen is giving away 2 free downloads of Roped. Winners will be drawn from the comments so be sure and leave a comment with your email addy written out. Karen will notify you if you are 1 of the 2 winners.

About Karen Kelley

Karen is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who quit her job as a nurse, sold her house, moved into a 5th wheel (RV), and took off down the road because she and her husband always wanted to see America. Karen's motto is: Life would not be nearly as interesting if we didn't take a few chances now and then.

Find Karen Online

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Pintrest * Gems in the Attic Group Blog.

Sign up for Karen's free newsletter if you'd like to keep up with what she's writing or even where she and Karl are traveling to next. (They really are King and Queen of the Open Road.)

Take 5 With Karen Kelley

Karen: Thanks, Joan, for having me on SlingWords. I love the list of questions that you give authors to choose from. My fave out of all of them was: What is your worst review? So I'll start with that one.

I actually count what follows as my worst review, but after I got over the shock, I couldn't help but chuckle. It was only one sentence: "This author should be thrown under a train!"

Joan: What did you do, if anything, after reading that review?

Karen: I thought about having my husband post a notice that might read something like this: Author Karen Kelley was hit by a train late Tuesday night. (Yes, I have a warped sense of humor.)

Seriously, if I get a negative review I look at it and see if there is any constructive criticism I can actually use. I take fans very seriously, but I have to admit, I love reading reviews where readers enjoy my books.

Joan: Have you ever cast someone you dislike as a villain?

Karen: *LOL* Yes, the person who wanted me thrown under a train. Actually, I didn't. That person didn't have enough going for them. A villain should have more than one layer of personality. I see the bad guys when I'm writing, but I've never intentionally cast anyone I don't like in that role.

Joan: Do you listen to music when you write?

Karen: Yes, I listen to music when I write but mostly to drown out surrounding noises and eventually, I drown out the music. My favorite music is instrumentals or voices that blend in well with the music---like Enya.

Joan: What are your career goals for next year?

My goals for my career next year are to finish up my Scavenger Hunt series. Roped is the first book in this series, and there are five more. I'm planning to release one a month. Confessions will be out later this month. They're very sexy, but still have a touch of humor. I have the rights back to three more books that I want to release again. I also have ideas for new books that I'm very excited about.

About Roped

Josephine doesn’t particularly want to go on a scavenger hunt for a cowboy, but when her friends deliver their ultimatum: seduce a cowboy or spend the next two weeks on a remote island—a career killer for this over-achieving young businesswoman, she caves. She quickly discovers Levi isn’t just any cowboy. He takes her places she never expected to go, and that scares her.

Add Roped to Your Library

You'll find Roped by Karen Kelley at: Amazon * Nook * Kobo * iBooks.

Remember, Karen is giving away 2 ebooks of Roped so leave a comment with your email addy written out--not as a hot link--to be entered.

Takeaway Truth

Thanks, Karen, for visiting with us! Good luck with your RVing and your new series Scavenger Hunt!

Book Birthday + Giveaway for Old Enough to Know Better

This week is the Book Birthday for Old Enough to Know Better, my older woman/younger man romantic comedy.

Review by EBookLuver: Stormy has a troubled past, three grown daughters (who get their own stories) and a lot of personal baggage to overcome. She has managed to get her life settled but finds it's more 'beige' than anything else.

Beige is safe. Beige, Stormy finds, is also boring. But after her history, boring isn't so bad. Or is it?

Sean arrives - sexy, hunky - occupying her mind night and day. Stronger and stronger and she has no choice but to let him in. WOW! Does he come in...and nothing is ever the same. Sexy, funny, emotional and as always an ending the reader wants.

Celebrations and Giveaway

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Old Enough to Know Better, I'm giving away prizes to readers. Up for grabs are 3 prizes:
  • 1 $10.00 Amazon Gift Card
  • a Writing Journal
  • an audio edition of Old Enough to Know Better
  • an ebook copy of  Old Enough to Know Better.

To be eligible to win, do any or all of these
  • leave a comment on this post along with your email address written out, not as a hot link.
  • sign up for my mailing list/free NL WordPlay and on the form say enter me in Old Enough to Know Better Birthday Giveaway
  • leave a review on any of my books and send me the link to the review at JoanReeves at outlook dot com.
  • Journal and Gift Card winner must be in continental U.S. Otherwise, comparable prize will be sent.
  • Giveaway closes Nov. 28
  • Winner will be notified no later than November 30--after my Thanksgiving guests go home, and I have some free time!!
About Old Enough to Know Better

Stormy needs a new start even though she doesn't admit that to herself. She's hiding from life--haunted by the mistakes she’s made. But she can't forget the kiss she shared with Sean.

Sean wants to be her new beginning, but he knows he’s facing a serious challenge because Stormy is determined to have nothing to do with him. But Sean has a plan to win her heart. His plan? Whatever it takes!

Funny, Sassy Quotes

When I wrote Old Enough to Know Better, I prefaced each chapter with a quotation. by a woman. I looked for something not only germane to the events of the chapter but also something funny or wry that would make the reader smile as well as think.

Here are a couple of examples. In Chapter 1, Stormy thinks about how charming and irresistible Sean is. This quotation from Dorothy Parker appears under the words Chapter 1: “There is entirely too much charm around, and something must be done to stop it.”

Cynical Stormy Clarkson who, despite herself, is attracted to the charming vineyard owner Sean Butler wants squelch his appeal and charm and decides a good offense is the best defense so she tries her best to be offensive!

Chapter 2, when Stormy's desire overrides her need to stay away from Sean, begins with a quotation from Jane Smiley: “In my experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reasons or principles contain it or stand against it.”

Real life screws up my Writing Life
Not only does that show the sexual tension that’s growing by leaps and bounds between Stormy and Sean, but also it is the underlying premise of just about any good romance novel ever written.

Old Enough to Know Better is the first book in The Good, The Bad, and The Girly series. I had planned to have the 3 other books in the series published long before now, but real life has a way of interfering with our plans, doesn't it?

Book 2 in the series, Good Girl Conspiracy, is half written, and I hope to have it published in a couple of months. With any luck, I'll have all 3 books published in 2017 because Stormy and her 3 daughters are characters I like. They're each troubled in her own way because of Stormy's messy marriages. Fortunately, Stormy found a man who loves her despite her flaws so she is able to make peace with her past. That's what we must all do in order to make room in our lives for love.

Older Woman/Younger Man Relationships

Old Enough to Know Better is an older woman-younger man story so let me leave you with one of my favorite quotations about this kind of relationship.

This was said, not by a woman, but by a man who must have known quite a lot about women. Read the full essay here:  In Praise of Older Women by Andy Rooney.

“Once you get past a wrinkle or two, an older woman is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Her libido’s stronger, her fear of pregnancy gone. Her experience of lovemaking is honed and reciprocal, and she’s lived long enough to know how to please a man in ways her daughter could never dream of. (Young men, you have something to look forward to.)” ~ Andy Rooney

Book Birthday Giveaway

For details, refer back to Celebrations and Giveaways at the beginning of this post.

What do you think about older women-younger men relationships? Do you like reading books with characters like that?

Leave a comment with your email address to be entered in the Giveaway. For extra entries, do what's listed in Celebrations and Giveaways.

Add Old Enough to Know Better to Your Library

You'll find it at: Amazon Kindle * iBooks * Kobo * Nook * Smashwords.

About Joan

Joan Reeves is a New York Times and USAToday bestselling author of Sassy, Sexy Contemporary Romance. Her books are available at all major ebook sellers with audio editions available at  Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Takeaway Truth

All of my books have the same underlying theme: It's never too late to live happily ever after. I live my happily ever after with my hero, my husband, in the Lone Star State.

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Thursday3Some: 3 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Many people complain about their electricity bill. I have some tips to help you reduce that drain on your wallet.

Easy Tips I Promise

There are some easy things you can do, and you don't have to buy new more energy-efficient (expensive) appliances or drastically change your lifestyle.

You just have to make some small changes in your habits. These changes may be what your parents yelled at you about when you were a kid. I know mine were always saying, "Turn off the lights. You're wasting electricity." Or, "Turn off the TV. You're not even watching it."

Like most people I found myself parroting these instructions to my kids when they were growing up. It turns out that my parents were right. Those small changes can save you money.

My grandfather used to say: "You take care of the pennies, and the dimes will take care of themselves." In today's world, that probably translates to you take care of the dimes and the dollars take care of themselves!

3 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

No, ripping the electric cables apart isn't one of the ways. Try these simple things.

1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room if you're going to be gone longer than 5 minutes.

2. Turn off computers and game consoles when you finish with them.

A few years ago, we were told not to do this because it took too long for the device to boot up and be ready to use and/or because it actually shortened the life of a computer hard drive. Also, we were told the sudden power spike would negate the relatively small energy savings.

This is no longer true. All of these electronic devices on standby actually use a significant amount of energy. In fact, a recent article I read about electricity usage said that gamers in America pay a total of $1 billion in gaming-related utility bills. Even if you're not using the game console, it's using electricity unless it's turned off.

3. Turn off the TV if you're not watching it.

I don't mean hit the power button because with modern TV's that doesn't turn it completely off. Get a power strip with an on/off switch. When you hit the power button on the TV, then turn off the switch on the power strip.

Takeaway Truth

Small savings are cumulative and add up, but the tactics above produce larger savings than you might realize. Try them!

Holiday Luv Bundle: 4 Christmas Romances by Alicia Street

USAToday bestselling author Alicia Street has bundled 4 of her bestselling holiday romances into Holiday Luv Bundle: Four Christmas Romances, and this collection is available now!

About Alicia Street

Alicia is not only a USAToday bestselling author but also a winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award.

A book by Alicia Street is best described as: "Sweet or spicy, it’s all about love."

Find Alicia Online

Amazon Author Page * Facebook * Twitter

About Holiday Luv: Four Christmas Romances

USA Today best-selling author Alicia Street has bundled together four heartwarming tales from her sweet romance series set in the farming and fishing communities of the North Fork, where familiar characters make appearances in each novella.

Here’s what some readers have said about the Holiday Luv books:

“Warmed my heart and had me believing in the magic of Christmas again!”

“…has what it takes to find a place on my yearly holiday reading list.”

“One of the best Christmas books I’ve read in a long time if not forever.”

The Christmas Honeymoon

Quiet librarian Serena always loved Christmas, until she was jilted before her December wedding. A year later, while trying to rekindle her tarnished holiday spirit, she meets Damien, handsome daredevil—and a total Scrooge, who gives her a challenge that leads to one very romantic Christmas.

Be Mine for Christmas

Single mom Ellie, lonely and struggling to find a job, takes her little boy to a Christmas tree farm to see Santa and runs head on into a blue-eyed Viking with a winsome smile. Reece opened his Christmas tree farm after the accident that nearly took his life, but it left him with the vision of a woman who would heal his heart.

The Christmas Wedding Cake

Natalie and Shane were inseparable sweethearts until a pair of mysterious emails tore them apart. Years later they meet again on a reality TV cooking show—and it’s more than the oven that gets cooking.

His Christmas Promise

A stray dog finds refuge with an ex-Army helicopter pilot and helps restore his grandmother’s will to live. It seems like a Christmas miracle until the bachelor war vet discovers the mutt belongs to a little girl who wants him back—and a single mom who makes him rethink his freewheeling ways and maybe even believe in love.

Add Holiday Luv Bundle by Alicia Street to Your Library

Four wonderful Christmas romances in one box set bundle. You'll find this collection at:

Available at: Amazon US * Amazon UK * Nook * Apple iBooks * Kobo.

Takeaway Truth

If you're looking for something to put you in the holiday mood, look no further than Alicia Street's Holiday Luv Bundle of Four Christmas Romances.