EZ Lesson: Who Invented the Internet?

I like to think cyberspace looks like this!
I found some notes I'd made years ago about how the Internet came into existence.

I've always had a curious mind and never hesitate to research things that interest me.

Of course, that accounts for bulging paper files in my office lateral files and umpteen folders of information saved on my computer.

So I know who "invented" the internet. In case you play trivia and come across that question, here's an easy to understand history with simplified explanations of why these inventions were significant. Now you know and can win that trivia trophy. (I love trivia games on cruise ships. I have 2 trophies in my bookcase.)

1961, Leonard Kleinrock

He published a paper about the idea of packet switching, an essential component of the internet. Packet switching routes packets of data from one place to another based on address info in the packet (like a mailed letter with the address on the envelope).
Google et al couldn't exist without packet switching.

That replaced circuit switching, the science behind traditional telephone exchanges, in which an actual electrical circuit had to be established from the source to the destination.

The advantage was that a physical connection carries packets for many different purposes all at the same time.

For services like the World Wide Web (NOT the same thing as the internet) packet switching is essential and makes it possible for millions of users to share a single physical connection to the internet.

1962, J.C.R. Licklider

He first described a worldwide network of computers, but he didn't call it the internet. His name for it was the Galactic Network. (Sounds more impressive, doesn't it?)

1965, Larry G. Roberts

He created the first functioning long-distance computer network.

1966, Larry G. Roberts

The same guy designed ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) which became the seed from which the internet, as we know it, grew.

1972-1973, Bob Kahn and Vint Cert

These two invented TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) a means of moving data on the internet. Many consider these two as the ones who invented the internet, but they publicly stated that no one person or group invented the internet.

1980's, Radia Perlman

She invented the spanning tree algorithm which allows efficient bridging between separate networks. Without this, the internet or any large network would be impossible.

Takeaway Truth

Like any significant invention that changes civilization, there are positives and negatives about the effect on civilization. History will be the final judge.

ALS & Children's Book: Guest Blogger Bonnie Edwards

I'm pleased to welcome my friend, bestselling author Bonnie Edwards, to SlingWords.

Bonnie has written a heartfelt post about a new children's book, I Love My Gramps, by Deana Larsson, one of her young cousins.

This book was written to help adults explain dreadful debilitating diseases, like ALS, to young children.

All profits from the sale of I Love My Gramps go to the ALS Society of British Columbia.

Now, Here's Bonnie Edwards...

My lovely cousin married a wonderful man many years ago. I first met Neil when I was only 18 and visiting the newlyweds. They’d moved all the way from Ontario Canada to a large, beautiful island on the West Coast. We had a fun-filled family time and I’ll never forget his happy grin and warm welcome.

Years Passed

Eventually, I too moved to the same island off the coast. We brought our children and at our “Welcome to the Island” dinner, Neil quipped that I didn’t need to take photos, ( I was snapping them like a crazed tourist) because “you live here now.” I wasn’t just visiting like the previous time. Neil was slyly funny and you had to pay attention to get his humour.

Disease Progression

Fast forward to our daughter’s wedding. All the cousins attended, along with their mother, (my favorite Auntie). Neil’s PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis) had been slowly changing his speech; he was less steady when he walked, but his humour still shone and we had a wonderful family time.

Shortly after, Neil learned that his condition had changed to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

More Common Than You Know

It’s a devastating diagnosis and for the record, his is the second death from ALS of a person I know. I believe it’s far more common than we think. Maybe it isn’t one of the Big Three: Cancer, Heart or Diabetes…but it’s common enough that I’m willing to bet most people know someone or a relative of someone with ALS.

Neil’s daughter, one of the many I call “My Young Cousins” wrote this book to help her children and others understand what was happening to their Gramps. The picture that made me tear up was the one that shows Neil’s guitar on its stand, cobwebs clinging like reminders of what had once been.

Maybe you have someone with children who need help to understand this dreadful thief, this disease that steals loved ones away. I hope that this book will help.

Lovely Memories

And Neil, thanks for the memories, the love, the laughter, and the music.

I Love My Gramps by Deana Larsson, Author, and Shannon Budau, Illustrator

Deana Larrson is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, and teacher to a room full of active kindergarten students.

She has always enjoyed reading and writing, and wanted to find a way to help her children – and others – who are living with the challenges of ALS, find a way to make sense of what’s going on.

"The creation of this book has been a long journey, but good things are worth waiting for, right Dad?"

Shannon Budau is an artist by hobby. She met Deana at their church three years ago. Shannon teaches piano professionally and both of Deana’s girls are students of hers.

So grateful for his opportunity, Shannon wishes the very best for Deana and her family. She knows this book will do a wonderful job of teaching kids about ALS.

Profits from this book are going to The ALS Society of BC.

Buy I Love My Gramps from Amazon U.S. * Amazon Canada * Amazon UK

Takeaway Truth

Thank you to all who buy this book. For more information about ALS, click one of these links: ALS-Canada or ALS-U.S.A.

Timeless Content Means Always Relevant

One of the first things I learned about blogging was that content should be timeless.

At first, I didn't understand why that was important. A few years later, I knew exactly why it was important.

I started writing and publishing SlingWords in 2005. To date, I've written well over 3,000 posts. A few times every month, I get a comment from posts written years ago.

That's why you want your content to be timeless. So it will always be relevant and read "fresh" to someone who comes across it years later.

Tough Trick

That may sound impossible to you. Admittedly, it's a hard thing to manage with every single post, but it's possible to create timeless content that will always be relevant with more posts than you might think.

1. Don't use words and phrases that "date" the post.

Words like today, tomorrow, yesterday and phrases like next month, last year, etc.

Okay, that's fairly easy to do. However, some posts are written in response to things happening in your life or in the world about which you feel compelled to blog.

For instance, next month my new holiday collection Love, Christmas 2 will publish. I've blogged about that using "date" expressions and words. That's understandable so don't twist yourself into a pretzel trying to avoid using a "date expression."

2. Remember the phrase: add value.

When you write a post, think about how it will read a year from now. If I wrote a post about something happening in the news, I might say, "yesterday in Houston there was a bank robbery that resulted in a shoot out." How can you make that post timeless so that someone coming across it a year from now would be interested in reading it?

You add value to the current event reporting. You do this perhaps by giving your personal opinion on (1) the increasing number of bank robberies in hard economic times (2) the quality of the law enforcement response and why it was good or bad (3) perhaps put the incident into context with similar incidents like the famous shootout in Los Angeles several years ago when the police were outgunned by robbers wearing body armor and determined not to go down. In other words, do a deep analysis of the situation and possibly cross reference it to another event that resulted in changes in police arming, response, etc.

3. Remove obvious "date" signals.

Get rid of calendars in the sidebars. If the date of your post appears right beneath the post title, move the date so that it appears below the post.

4. Blog about things you're passionate about.

Most things we're intensely interest in and passionate about are timeless. I'm an author so what I say about writing, publishing, books, movies, and music is as relevant now as it will be a year from now.

If your blog is about fashion and style, you've got a tougher job, but then your readers probably age in and age out of your target audience as fast as styles change so you're not as concerned with archived posts.

Takeaway Truth

Check comments on old posts. If your old posts aren't getting read, maybe there's room for improvement going forward in making your content timeless.


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7 Romantic Movies to See on Netflix

Ah, romance! Let's get your week started off right.

Here is my list of 7 romantic movies you should watch. Add some romance and love to your life and watch one every day.

1. Something New starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker

Absolutely romantic, sensual story about love growing in spite of superficial differences. A perfect example of "You complete me."

2. Out of Sight starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez

Deliciously quirky with a federal marshal (played by Jennifer Lopez) falling for a prisoner being transported (George Clooney). I mean who wouldn't fall for Clooney?

3. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society starring Lily James and Michiel Huisman.

A London writer bonds with the residents of Guernsey and learns about the book club they formed during the German occupation of WWII.

4. Set It Up starring Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, and Taye Diggs

Two overworked assistants team up to make their bosses fall in love with each other. Funny and romantic.

5. No Reservations starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart

An uptight chef (Zeta-Jones) loses her sister in a car wreck and becomes the guardian of her niece. Sexy funny chef (Eckhart) is exactly what she needs in her life--but she doesn't think so. Lovely romance.

6. Inlawfully Yours starring Chelsea Crisp, Joe Williamson, Marilu Henner

A recently divorced New Yorker moves to a small town and falls in love with the pastor. Delightful, romantic, and heartwarming with perfect performances by Crisp and Williamson.

7. Leap Year starring Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, and Adam Scott.

Anna (Amy Adams) decides to propose to her boyfriend on Feb. 29, but an Irish innkeeper makes her have second thoughts. Great performances, charming romance, and beautiful Ireland. What more can you ask for?

Takeaway Truth

Have a wonderful week.


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Saturday Share: Websites With Great Content

I want to share the LUV and direct you to some of the websites to which I subscribe.

Some of these are author/writing focused, but most are of interest to other entrepreneurs, or they're informative and interesting to anyone who uses the internet. 

These websites/blogs are always full of good content—web resources, links, articles, all kinds of goodies.

Be sure and subscribe when you find a website you like. Great content is available on the internet—the trick is discovering it. I hope this post helps you find a few treasures.

Make Use Of

Each email newsletter from MakeUseOf offers their usual variety of articles about Social Media, Android, Linux, Tech Reviews, Internet, Entertainment, Windows, Productivity, DIY, and Giveaways.

I won't give all of the articles and links—just the ones I clicked on.

How to Finally Detoxify your Facebook News Feed.

Quickly Improve Your Handwriting. Think handwriting is passe? Think again!

Review: Reolink Argus Pro 100% Wireless Security Cam That Never Needs Charging (Giveaway!) and 4 Ways to Factory Reset Your Windows Computer.

This Day In History

A great resource when you can't think of anything about which to blog.

Nicholas C. Rossis Blog

This blog is focused primarily on helping authors with their book marketing efforts and at sharing what he has learned. For readers, he offers free stories.

Bakerview Consulting

Need help with the business and/or technical aspects of running an online business. The content on this website is aimed at authors and entrepreneurs with a different product. Check out this blog from Barb Drozdowich's Bakerview Consulting. Then visit Barb's website Resources Page for even more information.

Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Aimed at authors, this blog covers book publishing and news media, "revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions." Great information from a two-decades veteran of book publishing publicity and marketing.

Covers Sell Books

If you're marketing books online, CoversSellBooks is one of the best and easiest to use websites for graphics. I can see how Covers Sell Books could easily be used for products other than books.

I made this graphic at the right using Covers Sell Books. Authors if you haven't signed up for one of their plans, you're really missing the boat.

Takeaway Truth

When you find a website that has great content, share the LUV and tell others about it. If you know of a great website for authors or a general interest resource, describe it in 1 sentence in comments and leave the link.


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6 Dumb Things People Do in Horror Movies

I watched a couple of horror movies on Netflix recently which inspired today's list.

6 Dumb Things People Do In Horror Movies

1. Go into creepy basements, attics, or wherever the evil--paranormal or psycho--resides.

2. Never make sure a flashlight has new batteries before going into the basement, attic, etc.

3. Never tell police, your BFF, or your Mom and Dad that you think someone is stalking you.

4. Never share information even though the other people in the story might be saved if only you'd spoken.

5. Go into a haunted house, abandoned hospital, or asylum because the boyfriend wants to make out there.

6. Women make irrational decisions thus becoming TSTL (Too Stupid To Live).

Takeaway Truth

Oh, I should have made this a list of 7 things. I forgot this one. People so frozen in fear they can't run, fight, or react; they can only scream, run, flail about, and fall down.

About Finishing Things

Hurray! I finished the latest draft of my book. Now I'm leaving it alone to "distance" myself from it.

In a few days, I'll read it and see if more edits are needed. Once it's finalized, I'll get it proofed and formatted. After that I can email it off and check that task off my To Do list.

When I start a book, I'm convinced it's an impossible task--even though I've done it many times before.

Finishing something that seems impossible is the best feeling in the world. Writing just never gets easy so I am euphoric when I type THE END.

Here's a short, sweet post to celebrate. (Actually, it's short and sweet because I'm too tired to do anything else.)

Quotations About Finishing

"If you're having trouble finishing a book, it might be that you're trying to fix it as you go. Just finish the story, no matter how terrible you think that first draft is. Then let it cool off. In other words, don't look at it for a while. Then you can rewrite it." ~ Kimberly Willis Holt

Absolutely true!!

“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.” ~ Neil Gaiman

Very wise.

"Writing is a craft and, like all craft, proceeds by stages: conception, material selection, rough shaping, detailed shaping, sanding and finishing." ~ Richard Rhodes

I love the sanding and finishing best of all.

“Writers often torture themselves trying to get the words right. Sometimes you must lower your expectations and just finish it.” ~ Don Roff

You'll never get the words write until you finish--then you edit to get the words right.

I think, with most writers, their neurosis is finishing things. I have a different neurosis. I'm terribly anxious when it's not finished. Then I become really difficult to live with. ~ Theresa Rebeck

That's me. I can't think of anything until the book is finished.

Takeaway Truth

That's it--short and sweet.