Saturday Share: Sweet Potato-Cranberry Muffins

Today I'm sharing one of my daughter's recipes that she created.

I made these Sweet Potato-Cranberry Muffins this morning, and they were delicious. If you're into healthy "clean eating" then you'll love these.

My daughter uses nutrition as one of the tools in managing her chronic pain. For the most part, she eats Paleo so this recipe meets Paleo requirements.

If you're not concerned with strictly following Paleo diet restrictions, you can adapt this recipe to match your pantry's ingredients.

For instance, I didn't have coconut flour, so I used an equal amount of organic wheat flour.

I also didn't have any bananas so I added an extra egg and 1/8 cup of sunflower oil.

The muffins came out just fine--delicious in fact--which means the recipe is very adaptable to what you have on hand.

Best of all, it's simple to prepare. Use a potato peeler on the sweet potato and carrots, and us a food processor to shred them.  

The batter is thick and chunky since it has cranberries, pecans, sweet potato chunks, and shredded carrots.

I used an ice cream scoop so each muffin would be roughly the same size.

 I baked them in Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups placed in a muffin tin. They don't require greasing, and your muffin pan remains clean.

Also, there's no messy paper to pull off which usually takes some of the muffin with it. You just wash the baking cups, and they're ready to go for the next time you bake muffins.

I had a warm one this morning for breakfast, and it was delicious.

Where To Get The Recipe

Just click here for Sweet Potato-Cranberry Muffins Recipe.

You'll find that recipe and many others--all healthy, nutritious, and delicious muffins on her website.

Takeaway Truth

There's just something special about a warm home-baked muffin for a weekend breakfast. Try one in the morning.

Office Under Construction

Okay, it's actually not THAT bad, but my office is closed until the carpet guys finished.

I'm typing this Monday evening after clearing out the closet and file cabinets in my office.

We had to empty all the closets and remove everything from table tops, etc.

The closet in my office had more than any other closet in the entire house--and I'm not kidding. Old boxes of page proofs, office supplies, books by the ton, boxes of floppy disks and CDs that need to be changed to another medium.

All in all, a lot of stuff that needs to be thrown out which I plan to do when I start putting the office back together. I hope that will be Tuesday night. I'm praying they finish up by Tuesday evening!

I'm typing this and then shutting down my computer. I'll see you all Wednesday morning. I hope.

Takeaway Truth

Getting carpet is like moving except without the boxes.

Summer Nights Giveaway Still Open

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Takeaway Truth

Follow all the authors on their BookBub Author Pages and complete the other options too for the max number of entries. Good luck! I hope you win some of the fabulous prizes.


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August Audio Book Spotlight

Visit Joan's Audible Author Page
Audio books? Love 'em? I do. You can write it as one word as in audiobooks, or as two words, i.e. audio books. Either is used in today's world.

No longer are audiobooks a box of 8-12 Cds. With digital, you download and can stream to any device of your choice.

I listen to audiobooks all the time--when working out, when driving through Houston's often horrible traffic, or taking a trip.

If you're an author, you really should be publishing your books as audio books because that's the fastest growing segment of the book market.

A few years ago, I interviewed a librarian who purchases for a large library system. He provided stats for ebook and audiobook purchases by libraries. It was staggering at that time. Now it's even more significant.

Authors and Audio Rights

Sometimes, I interview authors and one of the questions I ask is: Do you listen to audio books, and do you have any of your books in audio?

I'm always surprised that nearly all of the authors do not listen to audio books nor do they have their books in audio. If you're an author, you're missing a golden opportunity.

As an Audible author, let me just say that ACX/Audible has always been very helpful and supportive in my audiobook endeavors.

This year, Audible set up author pages for those of us who produce through ACX. Here's my Audible Author Page.

Readers and Audiobooks

Audiobook popularity keeps growing because readers don't have enough time to read! Who does in today's busy world. A book no longer means a printed copy. With an audiobook, you can get your work-out in and "read" a book you've been dying to dive into.

You can commute to work and enjoy a novel. Take a trip and listen to the latest hot romance or mind-boggling science fiction.

I give away a free copy of one of my audiobooks every month at RomanceBooks4Us as a way for readers to get acquainted with how easy the process of downloading an audio book is. Just visit the website and you'll find out how to enter the RomanceBooks4Us monthly contest.

Voice Actors/Narrators

Some audio books are merely read by the narrator. Others are like listening to a movie with the narrator doing different voices for different characters. I like the ones that are "acted" because the book really comes alive.

I've been fortunate with the actors who've narrated my audio books. I've had the opportunity to work with actors who are amazing.

Most of them aren't just voice actors. They're on Broadway, off-Broadway, television, video games, and movies.

This month I'd like to introduce you to the multi-talented Felicia Greenfield the narrator of Just One Look.

She may be better known for her roles in House of Cards, Homeland, or her other TV and movie roles. I was very lucky to land her as a narrator. She brought my romantic comedy to life! She is amazing.

Audio Today

I've finished updating the covers of my existing audio books. Now I'm going to start listing my other books for audio production.I'm excited to finally cross this off my To Do list.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Books
I plan to list my newer books on ACX this year. It takes a bit of time to get a listing up.

You must create an audition script, write marketing copy for your book and yourself, audition narrators who are interested, and a bunch of other details.

When the recording is finished, I listen to every chapter, comparing it to the actual manuscript to make sure there are no "voice typos" or mispronounced words like the name of a Texas town.

Fabulous Free Trial Offer
Audible Offer

I've found the Audible monthly membership to be the least expensive way to buy audio books. Their free trial offer can't be beat.

If you're not currently a member of Audible, click here for an Audible Membership Free Trial.

Click for more information about Audible Membership Benefits.

I hope you'll try one of my audio books that's already been produced. Just visit my Audible Author Page to see a list and click to listen to a Sample before you buy. Enjoy!

Takeaway Truth

If you love to read, make audio books part of your life so you can "read" while traveling, working out, or doing household or yard chores.

Writing Corner: Characters Larger Than Life

Memorable People
When I set out to write my first novel, I studied every book on writing I could find. I remember most of them said that a protagonist in a book should be larger than life.

Larger than life? I understood the concept. I mean, think about characters like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind or Kunta Kinte in Roots or Celie in The Color Purple or Jack Reacher in the Lee Child novels.

Those characters are all larger than life. I could readily see how creating a larger than life character in drama would be much easier than creating one in romantic comedy which I wanted to write.

Larger Than Life = Memorable

After much thought, I decided that larger than life simply meant memorable--even unforgettable. After that mental breakthrough, I asked myself, "What makes a person memorable or unforgettable?"

I thought about some of the real people I had met in life like ninety-two-year-old Roy Barton who told me of leaving New York and heading west. He drove a limo, or a stagecoach as he called it, from Los Angeles to San Francisco for film stars as one of his jobs. Then he went to New Mexico territory with a friend and began writing up oil leases and built an empire on oil royalty leases.

I thought of my own maternal grandparents who grew up together, fell in love, but could not marry because my grandfather supported his widowed mother and his spinster sister, and my grandmother supported her widowed mother. The leap year before they married, my grandmother wrote a poem to my grandfather and proposed to him. This was in the day when family obligations meant everything. They didn't marry until their mid-forties, and they had only 1 child--my mom.

100 Years of Unforgettable

Ah, my grandfather was truly unforgettable. He was born in the latter part of the 19th century, and he lived to be 100. I was the eager audience for his stories of seeing Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show with Annie Oakley and of his career of working on one of the many regional railroads that crisscrossed the country back then. He talked of getting his first car, a Ford Model T--no licenses required back then--and so many other adventures.

I thought of my dad who was a simple farm boy from Mississippi who joined the Army after Pearl Harbor and ended up in the D-Day invasion.

Who are the memorable people in your life? What makes them stand out in your memory? Identify those characteristics, and you have an idea of how to create a memorable character.

Takeaway Truth

In developing your characters think about the attributes of real people and movie people. Then focus that kind of attention on your romance leading man.


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Great Quote: Why Choose Optimism

Don't worry. Be happy.
I love this quote, and I've added it to my huge collection of quotations.

I think it is the perfect one to share with you for the week ahead.

Canadian Jack Layton is remembered for his wise words.

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world."

Takeaway Truth

Be a warrior. Clad yourself in the armor of optimism and go forth to conquer fear, anger, and pessimism this week.

Report Extortion Emails

Danger in today's world is more than a creepy stranger.
Recently, several friends have received threatening extortion emails.

This apparently is a result of the many recent hacks where personal information has been stolen.

Some of these emails say to pay $7,000.00 to them or they will subscribe you to porn sites and then expose that on the internet.

Others say they have webcam footage of you of an embarrassing nature and will post it publicly. The threats vary. The important point is these are threats and should be reported.

This is not an isolated event. This is happening to a lot of people.

For More Information

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Fraud Aid

From Hoax-Slayer: Bogus Blackmail Scam Email Demands Payment in Bitcoin

From Newsweek: Scammers Are Pretending to Have Webcam Footage of Victims

What To Do If This Happens To You

1. Do not delete the email. If you have the kind of malware/anti-virus software that allows you to quarantine an email, do that instead.

2. If you have clicked on it, do not click anything else in the email. Close it but do not delete.

The government and internet agencies you will forward the email to need it to be as you received it so they can view the headers in it.

3. Immediately change your email password.

4. Report the threatening email to your local police agency. In some states, they refer you to the State Attorney General's office. All states are aware of these.

5. Report the threatening email to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding it to:

Don't Get Sad; Take Action
6. Report the threatening email to the Internet Crime Complaint Center: and

Their form is long, but it's important to do this.

7. When you finish doing these things, immediately change the rest of your passwords and make them complex. Write them down in an address book if you're afraid you won't remember. Come up with a password system that you can alter for each place you use a password.

Here's a great article about how to create a personalized password system.

By the way, in the UK, report these events to:

Takeaway Truth

Being targeted is scary, but, according to a friend who talked to her State Attorney General’s office, you have a lot of company. This thing is rampant. Be sure and file complaints at all of the places I listed and change your passwords regularly.