Stargate SG-1 bows out *sob*

If you know me, and many of you do, you know I'll be crying in my chianti tonight when one of my favorite television shows, ever, has its series finale.

For ten years, my family and I have followed the exploits of SG-1 as they've saved the world one episode at a time. What a ride it's been. It's been a pleasure and a privilege. Thanks, SG-1.

Beware sarging

Okay, as I've admitted before. Apparently, I live under a rock. I'd not heard of sarging before. If you haven't, then go to Wikipedia for some badly needed education. Especially do this if you are a woman because women should be aware of this.

Sarging, in case you are as ignorant as I, is using Neuro Linguistic Programming and other psychological techniques to seduce women.

Apparently, some men are so lacking in personality and redeeming characteristics and have so little desire for a real relationship that they resort to psychological manipulation to gain fleeting moments of a pseudo relationship.

Yeah, it's apparent how I feel about this. Women, what do you think about it?

Sling Words disgusted for the day.

Ciao bella = hello

Hello! I'm back from Italy finally, but, wow! Am I snowed under! It's amazing how much "stuff" accumulates while you're gone. In this case, I've been gone longer than I ever have before.

Italy was absolutely fantastic. I can't say enough good things about the country, but I'll attempt at a later date.

For today, I'm trying to catch up on bills and pending writing contracts. I know I've been horribly remiss in blogging. Didn't even make the attempt while out of the country although several in our traveling group hit every Internet cafe along the route.

Sling Words out for now.