Easter Greetings

Today, in a virtual Easter basket, I offer you 2 treats -- 2 delicious bits of wisdom, one from a Catholic and the other from a Protestant.

Pope John Paul II said: "Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song."

Popular pastor Joel Osteen said: "People respond when you tell them there is a great future in front of you; you can leave your past behind."

Takeaway Truth

This is the season of rebirth. Regardless of your religious beliefs, embrace rebirth. Leave the bad from the past and take the good with you into the future.

Review: Trust No One by Diana Layne

This week's review of Trust No One by Diana Layne represents the genre which I've been reading lately. Officially, that genre is called Romantic Suspense. Unofficially, I call it Badass Women, and this book is a perfect example.

A year ago I read and reviewed Flirting With Death by Heidi Hall, another good example of the Badass Women genre. I've got several more of these books on my Kindle so I think the genre is growing in popularity.

Maybe because of the rise of ebooks -- and maybe because of the increasing number of women who are pissed off at their jobs, their bosses, their significant others, their kids, the economy, and maybe just the world in general.

Some vicarious butt-kicking from the heroine of the villains-- usually men who have "done 'em wrong" -- may just help women readers keep their sanity. (Of course, I'm a chick who liked The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis, a prime example of the Badass Women genre.)

Blurb It

Spy MJ Thornberg survives betrayal of the worst kind as well as a murder attempt and rediscovers her humanity in the form of a baby she adopts. Like many survivors before her, she's "gone to Texas" to discover a better life.

If a small Texas town full of caring, but nosy, citizens, a cute baby, and a job you love  won't cure what ails you, then I don't know what will. (Apparently, the author, fellow Texan Diana Layne, and I share that philosophy.)

Small town tranquility is shattered when Ben, another spy with just as much baggage as MJ, shows up to bring her in for one more job. Ben is the ideal man -- gorgeous, sexy, smart, understanding, kind, and honest. (If I wasn't married to a man like that, I'd think Ben was a myth, but men like that really do exist.)

If you like women who can take a beating like the defunct 24's Jack Bauer and Die Hard's John McClain; classic fast cars described in loving detail; guns where almost all the details are right; rising suspense, and a truckload of sexual tension, then this book is for you.

Takeaway Truth

Hang onto your Stetson and settle in for a fun read!

As is my custom when I review ebooks, I give the Kindle Buy Link because I read most books on my Kindle. However, I'm certain every book I review is available at most ebook sellers so look for them on the platforms that match your ebook reading device. (Want your own Kindle? Click here.)

Characterization Through Dialog

Did you know that there are over 2,000 words for drunk, meaning inebriated? Good Lord! Can't you just imagine Forest Gump telling someone that he's drunk – in the same way he held forth on the many varieties of shrimp dishes?

"I was drunk. Snockered. Pickled. Hammered. Messed up. Trashed. Looped. Ripped. Sloshed. Wasted. Plastered. Tight. Zonked. Tanked."

Yes, there are a lot of synonyms for inebriated. Which one of 2,500 words do you choose if you're writing about a character who is drunk or you're writing dialogue for a character who is inebriated? As a writer, you must pick the best word for your writing situation.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to word selection because there are literally thousands upon thousands of words, proper language and slang, for every object and action. Don't take the easy way out. Give some thought to it.

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5 Rules About Characterization Through Dialog

1. Search for the right word that expresses the layers of meaning attached to the word.

2. Make sure that your character who is either the speaker or the viewpoint character would use that specific word based on his or her economic and educational background, personality, attitudes, and vocalization patterns.

That's a long way of saying that if you have a viewpoint character thinking about the drunk he sees across the street, then he will process that information in a very specific way. If your viewpoint character, or your character who is speaking the dialog you write, possesses three advanced degrees and is a Harvard professor from a long line of professors, he probably wouldn't think: "That dude is totally wasted." Nor would he be likely to say: "Hey, bro, I'm so trashed I'm going to barf."
He'd be more likely to think and say, "That man across the street is severely intoxicated."

3. Unless ... A character speaks in opposition to his background as a deliberate act, and that is part of his characterization.

If a character's dialog doesn't reflect his background, personality, etc. then he's deliberately changing it for a specific reason. For instance, he's trying to fit in with a young, urban crowd – maybe to impress a girl or to sound less stodgy and more mainstream than he's perceived by others. There are many scenarios that would warrant someone speaking in opposition to their true nature, but the internal dialog must be true to the character you've established.

4. A character's internal dialog must always be true to his nature.
He may be spouting dialog you'd have to have an Urban Dictionary to define, but his thoughts will always match his demographics. If he's a Harvard prof, he's not going to be thinking in terms of the words in an Urban Dictionary.

5. Unless ... A character may speak dialog that sounds educated and intelligent, but his internalization may represent his true background, i.e., a self-made man who, although clearly educated, still thinks in terms of the poor sharecropper's son that he once was.

Takeaway Truth

Listen to people talk. Try to imagine their backgrounds based on their word choice. When you write, make the language -- expressed and internal -- match the characterization you have created.

Meet Sharon Buchbinder

Today, my guest is Sharon Buchbinder, author of Some Other Child, the Paranormal Romance Guild Best Mystery/Thriller for 2012.

After working in health care delivery for years, Sharon Buchbinder became an association executive, a health care researcher, and an academic in higher education. She had it all--a terrific, supportive husband, an amazing son and a wonderful job. But that itch to write (some call it an obsession) kept beckoning her to "come on back" to writing fiction.

When not attempting to make students, colleagues, and babies laugh, she can be found herding cats, waiting on a large gray dog, fishing, dining with good friends, or writing.

Sharon Buchbinder Tackles The Dirty Dozen

1. Do you read ebooks? If so, what device do you use?
I read ebooks on my Samsung Tablet, my iPhone and my PC. I had one of the original SONY e-readers. I was an early adopter of the technology.

2. Do you listen to audio books? If so, what device do you use?
I prefer to listen to audio books on my CD player in my car. They make drives shorter. Now that I have a shorter commute to work, it takes me longer to “read” a book in the car.

3. When did you enter the indie publishing arena, and how has it affected your career?
I wanted an anthology of all my short stories in one book. My publisher, for business reasons, did not publish anthologies for one author. I was able to obtain my rights back and put all the books together in Killer Kisses. It was gratifying to have a print book of all my former ebooks and novellas in one place. It has enabled me to work with book stores that don’t support or want ebooks and to gain new readers who prefer print.

4. What's the best thing about being an indie author?
Being chief cook and bottle washer of your project. A book baby is very personal. I rewrote Some Other Child, ten times and still could not find a traditional home for it. I decided to publish it myself and was very gratified to earn an award from the Paranormal Romance Guild for Best Mystery/Thriller, 2012.

5. What's the worst thing about being an indie author?
Being chief cook and bottle washer of your project! Marketing and PR are full time jobs and can consume all of your writing time if you’re not careful.

6. What would you like to tell readers if you could appear in front of all of them?
Thank you! Thank you for reading my books, for engaging with the story, for entering the dream. I hope I keep my promises to you.

7. Of all the books you've written and published, what is your favorite book? Why?
Some Other Child, because it was the first novel I wrote, way back in 2004-2005 and then persisted in rewriting it. It was a labor of love.

8. If you were a casting director and that book was being produced as a movie, who would you cast in the major roles?
For Sarah, I would cast Reese Witherspoon; for Dan, I would cast Josh Duhamel—with a dash of gray in darker hair! I'd love to have Betty White play Aunt Ida!

9. Are you having audio books produced from your titles? If so, what do you think is the most difficult aspect of the audio book experience? If not, why not?
No, I am not.

10. What do you think will be the next hot trend in fiction?
Interactive stories, a cross between reading and gaming experiences where readers can enter the story world and change the plotlines and story outcomes.

11. What are you currently working on?
I’m working on marketing my soon to be released paranormal romantic suspense, Obsession, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press.

12. Where can readers find you online?
Website: http://www.sharonbuchbinder.com
Blog: http://sharonbuchbinder.com/blog/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001IODIE2
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4417344.Sharon_Buchbinder
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharon.buchbinder.romanceauthor
Twitter: @sbuchbinder or https://twitter.com/sbuchbinder

Takeaway Truth

Thanks, Sharon. Good luck with Some Other Child and the upcoming Obsession.

Set Up An Office

Today's blog post is for those of you who told me you are wondering how to get started. If you are already working as a writer, just read this as a checklist to make sure you're giving yourself every advantage.

As a self-employed business owner, you should have the basic tool of success – An Office.

(This article previously appeared in Writing Hacks, my subscription newsletter for writers. Subscribe today if you want to read articles like this as soon as they are published.)

1. Office Space

No, I don't mean a copy of the movie starring Ron Livingston. I mean a dedicated space in which you will do research, design promotion and marketing materials, promote and market online, handle email and snail mail correspondence, communicate, pay bills, file important documents, think, and, most importantly, write.

What are the chances of an artist succeeding without a space in which to paint, draw, sculpt or whatever? How good could a singer or a musician become without a space in which to practice an vocals or a musical instrument? Could an architect ever design a building without a drafting desk and supplies?

Obvious Questions

You all know the obvious answer to the above questions. Then what about someone who says he wants to be a writer, but he never marks out a space where he can sit and think and write? A space that is inviolable, child-free and/or spouse-free -- except by invitation, of course. If a person wants to be a writer, but never declares a room in the house or a corner of a room as "the office," what are the odds that he or she will become a writer?


A writer must have an office because that makes it official. There is a mental, physical, and emotional reality about putting action (setting up an inviolable space as an office) to the stated goal of becoming a writer. There is power in taking action to achieve a goal.

An office doesn't have to be a dedicated room if one's not available. It can be a piece of a room. After all, it doesn't take much space to put a small desk in a dining room or the guest bedroom or even in the den or living room. A laptop doesn't take up much desk space either. My first office many years ago was half of my large laundry room. A friend used a closet with double bifold doors as her first office. There's bound to be space somewhere. Use your imagination.

Yours, All Yours

The important thing is to have an area that's yours. The kids aren't allowed to play there. The spouse isn't allowed to take over your space. Those few square feet are yours. That's where you'll plot your book, write a first draft, research, design cover art or marketing materials, answer email, etc. Be like a soldier fighting a battle. First step is to establish a beachhead in the household. That's also the first step toward achieving a dream or becoming more business-like and successful.

If you're lucky enough to have your space in a room with a door you can lock, then lock that door and don't open it until your office hours are done. If you can set aside an hour or two every day to occupy your office, then you can write a book. After all, write 4 pages a day. and in 90 days, you have a book-length manuscript.

You don't need a giant office in which to be creative. You just need some space that's all your own where your papers won't be disturbed and where you're allowed to spend time there all by yourself.

2. Office Equipment/Supplies

Fill your office with these necessities, and use the size appropriate to your space.

A Computer -- This can be anything from a netbook to a desktop as long as it has a word processing program and Internet capability.

Reference Books -- I still believe in keeping a good Dictionary and Thesaurus at hand. If you don't have the space, then use the Internet resources, but remember, with a printed dictionary or thesaurus, you can find the many layered meanings of words faster than using the online references. There are thousands of words. When you get to the editing part of writing, always make sure you've chosen exactly the right word.

Writing Supplies -- If you have a printer, then you will need paper, ink or toner. Don't eschew pen, paper, pencils, and notebooks. They still have their place in today's writing world. Brainstorming plot ideas is far easier with paper and pen to list stream of consciousness ideas or clustering exercises or even to record the amazing ideas and/or profound insights that pop into your head while you're working on something else.

Storage -- In a desk drawer, box, file cabinet, or somewhere, make a space for storing invoices, receipts, and other papers you want to save.

Quiet Please -- If necessary until you train your family, make a sign or a tent card that says "Writer At Work" and place where others will see it and respect it.

Takeaway Truth

Luxuriate in your writing time. Train yourself so that when you enter your office, you're ready to write. Sit down. Take a deep breath, and forget the rest of the world. Let the words flow.

Write For Prizes

If you're a writer who likes to compete, check out the Poets & Writers Contest Page.

They maintain a Grants & Awards Database with details and deadlines for hundreds of writing contests.

While you're visiting Poets & Writers, sign up for one or more of their e-newsletters. They're most popular features are: Speakeasy Message Forum, an online community of creative writers hosted on pw.org; Daily News, all the publishing reports, academic announcements, and literary dispatches; My P&W, where you can bookmark upcoming literary events, create reminders for contest deadlines, save online articles from Poets & Writers Magazine, and manage your subscriptions to their e-newsletters.

Takeaway Truth

Be professional, and broaden the depth of your knowledge about the writing and publishing business.

Fun With Graphics

Let have some tech fun creating graphics today. There are a lot of online sites that let you create fun graphics for promotion purposes or just for fun with family and friends.

Today, I'm showing you The Newspaper Clipping project from Fodey. If you click the Fodey link, you'll go to a page where you can create a fun graphic like this newspaper graphic I did on the lower left.

On the Fodey page, in the top right, you'll see links to create these other projects:

a newspaper * ninja text * a clapper board * wizard text * a cigarette packet * talking squirrels, flowers, tomatoes, cats, or owls.

Once you create your graphic image, at the bottom of the image, you'll see: Download Your Image. Just click that and save your file where you want it on your PC.

Takeaway Truth

Loads of fun plus you get an image you can use on your blog, website, or print promotion materials.

Income Tax Reality

Ah, the income tax. Albert Einstein once said: "The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax."

If a genius like Einstein believed that, then what chance do we who possess ordinary brains have? I swear, I just can't understand why they can't levy a flat percentage tax on every American.

That would raise more taxes, balance the budget, etc. and do away with all the problems of the wealthy paying little, relatively speaking, and poor slobs like me feeling as if I'm carrying the brunt of the tax burden. I mean 1% of
$100.00 of earned income or 1% of $10 million in earned income seems fair to everyone. Everyone pays.

As you can guess, I just finished filling out my income tax forms.At least I got it done before April 15. Now, I have a beef with President Obama who said: "I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."

I'm disappointed. That isn't true. I've talked to a lot of people who make less than $250K -- a lot less -- and without exception their taxes went up.

I normally don't make any statement here that can be construed as political, but I'm tired of elected officials saying something just to get elected and then not staying true to their words. Reminds me of George H.W. Bush saying in his first term, "Read my lips. No new taxes."

He didn't follow through so he didn't get a second term. Our current president got his second term, but he's not following through either. I guess since this is his last term, he feels as if voters have no recourse. It's not as if we can vote him off the island like on the TV reality show Survivor.

Takeaway Truth

Let me leave you with these words of wisdom from the brilliant mind of Dave Barry: "It's income tax time again, Americans: time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen up that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta."

Review: The Critic by Dyanne Davis

Let me begin this review by saying: Get this book! The Critic by Dyanne Davis is one of the most delightful romance novels I've read in a long time.

Although neither the title nor the cover makes a reader think the book is a romance novel, trust me, it is, and it's a romance with depth of characterization and lush sensuality. The Critic began life as something the author wrote just to take to her Romance Writers of America chapter meetings for her friends to read. Of course, they urged her to submit it for publication.

The trade paper edition was published by Parker Publishing, but now there is a new ebook edition: The Romance Writer Vs. The Critic. Unfortunately, this cover still doesn't well-represent this wonderful romance.


Paperback Price: $10.95
Publisher: Parker Publishing, LLC (May 1, 2008)
ISBN-10: 1600430325
ISBN-13: 978-1600430329

Kindle Price: $2.99

Blurb It

Toreas Rose, an aspiring romance author, takes on Jared Stone, a romance-bashing literary critic and talk show host. (Don't you love it already?) Until Stone opened his big mouth on TV and trashed her beloved romance genre, the writers of romance, and the readers of romance, she was crushing on the gorgeous, hunky critic.

The old saying "out of the frying pan and into the fire" perfectly describes what happens when Toreas goes on Jared's talk show to defend romance and ends up creating a situation that is a publicity hound's dream come true.

Amidst their mutual attraction and growing desire, the publicity nightmare is the least of their problems as each confronts the demons of their respective pasts.
My Take

Jared is a hero in every possible sense even though he yields to his own insecurities -- after all, he's only human, and Toreas is maddening at times. In the beginning, Toreas seems capable, strong, and secure. As the story progresses, the reader -- and Toreas -- realizes that she's been carting around a lot of baggage.

Women especially will recognize all those "voices" in her head. Toreas learns that if she's going to be the woman she wants to be, then she must make peace with herself.There's a lot of character growth in this book. Each time you think Jared and Toreas are going to wind up in bed, those old insecurities push them apart.

As a romance reader and writer, the book is completely entertaining because it exposes all the stereotypes relating to this genre, gently pokes fun at publishing expectations, and shows why women readers have made this the most popular genre in the world. 

Takeaway Truth

Grab this book for your weekend read. You'll love it!

Check Website With Dr. Link Check

I had an email from a reader who told me that my links didn't work on my website. Since I didn't have time to check everything then, I saved the email for later.

Fortunately, I remembered about a free app I had Bookmarked more than a year ago called Dr. Link Check.

This is so easy to use. Just go to Dr. Link Check and type in the website URL. It will check everything, generating a report in the right sidebar. If anything shows up under Broken Links, just click, and a page will open listing the broken links.

There are many reasons why you may have broken links on your website. Websites for individuals or groups are sometimes terminated or the domain name changes or the webhost changes. If you have book buy links, these may change. For instance, I learned from Amy Atwell of Author EMS that if you make any changes to a book published by Kobo, the book link will change.

As it turned out, I had 26 broken links. Most of them were author websites that had moved or closed, but all my Kobo links were broken too.

When you get your list of broken links, take a Screenshot and print it so you can easily check your website and take care of the problems.

Takeaway Truth

If you have a website, keep it up to date by periodically checking the links.

Readers, Quality Control, Book Sighting

I'd like to give a shout-out to my loyal readers -- especially those who grab a new book when it's out, read quickly, and send me any typos they find.

Experience has shown me that even paid proofreaders don't seem to get it 100% right.

So, thank you, dear readers. You enable me to fix problems asap! Scents and Sensuality went live last week, and I've already uploaded a correct file.

Unfortunately, I think Amazon is the only ebook seller that notifies purchasers that they can download a new file. So I must give Amazon a round of applause for that. I keep hoping that all ebook sellers would adopt that practice.

Amazingly, the Scents and Sensuality is already accepted in Smashwords Premium Catalog, but iTunes may take a while since I've been told they have a backlog. Here's a list of the other booksellers
where it's now available:

All Romance eBooks

Amazon U.S.

B&N U.S.



Takeaway Truth

Thank you for your support!

Scents and Sensuality is Alive!

Scents and Sensuality, my latest sassy, sexy romance, is alive and living in cyber space.

Watch The Blurb

The link takes you to YouTube, or click Book Movies on the tab above.

Read The Blurb

Perfumer Amanda Whitfield knows all about The Science of Sex Appeal. Too bad she doesn't know much about men. Actually, she's desperate for a man. She’ll do anything to get a date for her snooty cousin’s wedding. When a matchmaking momma proposes her son for her wedding date, Amanda agrees. After all, what choice does she have? Men aren’t exactly falling at her feet and beseeching her for the pleasure of her company.

Computer genius Harrison Kincaid knows all about The Science of Computers. He enjoys his "flavor of the month" style of dating. He's desperate to put an end to his mom’s matchmaking. He decides to teach her a lesson as well as get out of the date she’s “guilted” him into accepting.

Two desperate people, each determined to achieve their goals. Desperation makes for interesting bedfellows.

What Reviewers Say About Joan's Books

Amazon Reviewers Say: "Joan Reeves knows how to tell a sexy, totally tit-for-tat, love story." ~ "Joan's writing is a page turner, the steam builds then explodes" ~ "I really like this author. All of her books are quite fun to read." ~ "ANOTHER WINNER! I love Ms. Reeves' heroines." ~ "Every book I read by Joan Reeves is better than the last. Drenched in emotion and sexuality" ~ "There are so many things I love about the way Reeves writes" ~ "I'll definitely buy more of Joan's books" ~ "Her books are humorous, romantic and sensual."

Available Here

The book will be available at all major ebook sellers by next week. For now, it's available here:





Takeaway Truth

To anyone who buys my book, thank you so much.

Scents and Sensuality "Movie Style"

I'm anxiously waiting for my latest Sassy, Sexy Romance Novel, Scents and Sensuality, to go "live." I hope you'll look for it on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes -- in fact, just about anywhere ebooks are sold.

In the meantime, let me tell you about this book in a little movie. I've gone completely nuts over making video book trailers. They're great fun to do and even more fun to watch. I've done 3 so far. You can see them all on YouTube. Click the name below or cut and paste the link in. I hope you'll take a peek and click LIKE. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.



The latest one is SCENTS AND SENSUALITY which I am embedding here. Just click to play.

This book took me longer to write than any book ever due to so many interruptions: planning and putting on a wedding, producing 7 audiobooks, remodeling a house, coping with several sinus infections, and just generally feeling exhausted all the time. At long last, it's published.

Takeaway Truth

Now I can relax for at least a day or two -- although I've already started the final edit on Cinderella Blue which I'll publish later this month.

Tom Townsend Scores Graphic Novel & Movie Deal

My swashbuckling friend Tom Townsend emailed me with some big news.

Tom is the author of two of my favorite books, Panzer Spirit and Reichbahn Six-Nine. Both books are available only through Tom's website now. They're out of print everywhere else in the world, and I haven't managed to talk Tom into going digital. (I think he's just too busy with his movie equipment company and other, bigger, projects.)

Tom's celebrating his latest big deal. He just signed contracts to develop and script a graphic novel series and animated movie. His advance made me salivate for such a deal. (I keep envisioning a movie deal! Producers, have your people call my people -- that would be me. We'll do lunch!)

I wrote about Tom before when his military show, Military Motor Pool, was picked up by Hulu TV. You've probably seen some of his military vehicles in the movies. Look for them in the upcoming feature Olympus Has Fallen.

Tom's Project

The project is a collaboration with artist, book designer and former Disney animator Rebecca Price who makes her home in Texas. The working title is Moringa, and the main character is an environmental super hero. The producer wishes to remain unanimous at this time. (Probably because said producer doesn't want to be inundated with proposals.

Takeaway Truth

I'm so happy for you, Tom!

Meet Video Producer Gary Chase

Is there a Book Trailer in your future? I've been teaching myself how to produce these videos. I've done 2 so far. Click to view my efforts: The Lingerie Covers and Old Enough To Know Better.

Good News/Bad News

Book trailer videos are a lot of fun to create, but they are very time consuming. If you're a busy author, or you're  design or tech challenged, then you'll want to meet my guest today.

Video Producer Gary Chase.

Gary Chase is one impressive man. He spent 30 years as a broadcast engineer, both in production and systems design engineering with another 5 years in systems sales and consulting.

Throw in 2 years in consumer electronics as program manager and lead engineer that developed the technology that allowed closed captions to be placed inside commercial television sets. (Yes, he's one of the guys responsible for Closed Caption.)

When he was with NASA, he helped plan the video requirements for 15 manned space shuttle flights. This also included the last flight of Challenger.

Wow! This guy knows video and gadgets and more tech stuff than I can even wrap my mind around.

The Dark Side

I'll just give a hint or two that he also spent 20 years in the intelligence community -- that's what he himself calls The Dark Side.  Yep, that was video related too. He could probably tell me what he did, but then he might have to shoot me.

Gary sounds like material for a thriller novel, doesn't he? I'd love to tell you more about his fascinating past, but I'm really supposed to be telling you that he's a Video Gun for hire. Gary is officially hanging out his shingle as a Freelance Video Producer, creating book trailers for authors.

Since his wife Elaine Raco Chase is an author, I know how he got sweet-talked into trying his hand at creating book videos. It's like the oft-quoted wisdom from Moliere: "First you do it for love, then you do it for a few friends, then you do it for money." Or words to that effect. Of course, we know what Moliere was talking about -- wink, wink -- and it wasn't producing videos, but you see where I'm going with this.

Sample His Work

If you'd like to see Gary's work, here are some links to recent videos:

Trana Simmon’s Ghost Hunting

Eleanor’s Bakers Dozen by Eleanor Cawood Jones

Heat Wave for Elaine Raco Chase

Personally, my favorite of his book trailers is this one: Elaine Raco Chase in New York

Contact Gary Chase by email: TheChaseGroup at msn dot com

Since he's just starting in the book trailer business, he's open to new clients. Best of all, his rates are low right now.

Here's the scoop on his scope of work:

1. Book Trailer running 30 seconds to 60 seconds with all materials furnished: flat fee of $25.00

2. Hourly rate: $10.00

This is how the above works.

All materials furnished means: book cover graphic, author photograph if desired, short snappy taglines, and where to purchase the books.

If he has to go in and capture review comments, edit them down to fit the restraints of the program, that takes time.

After the first one hour of production, the time clock kicks in at the rate of $10.00 an hour.

He told me that the longest it's taken him to generate a book trailer is about five hours.

He uses standard software that has royalty free music available and design templates. He also uses a specialty software where everything can be customized. If you're interested in that, then ask for a custom quote.

Contact Gary Chase by email: TheChaseGroup at msn dot com.

Takeaway Truth

Get in touch with Gary, and you too can see a "movie style" presentation of your book, website, blog, or business.

Watch My Video -- Please?


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the video for OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.

That's right, above you will see embedded the very first video I have ever created -- a book trailer for this romantic comedy. I have to tell you that this was great fun -- and as addictive as chocolate!

Please take a look. It's on YouTube -- http://youtu.be/0POqmMFKuuo -- if you want to go there and give me a LIKE.  


Today's post serves as an introduction to tomorrow's post about Freelance Video Producer Gary Chase. Gary makes it look easy, and, trust me, after having done my own, I know it is not easy.

Takeaway Truth

My grandfather always told me: "Learn something new every day!" Today, I did exactly that.

Free Book For Read An Ebook Week

I'm celebrating Read An Ebook Week, which is March 3-9, by giving away copies of my books.

To Get Your Free Book

1. Email me: Joan at JoanReeves dot com

2. in Subject Box, put REAL LIVE PERSON -- FREE BOOK

3. Tell me which book you want, I'll send you a Smashwords Coupon good for a free copy of that book. A Smashwords coupon allows you to download in epub format as well as mobi format for Kindle readers.

4. You can see my book list here: http://tinyurl.com/Joan-s-Books

5. Offer expires March 7, at 10:00pm CST.

In Case You'd Like To Know: Reader Statistics

This is the latest data from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

People Need To Discover Reading

• 25% of Americans 16 years and older did not read a single book in the past 12 months
• 27% read 11 or more books in the past 12 months
• 21% read 1-3 books
• 27% read 4-10 books

Print Books Still Trump Ebooks

• 23% read at least one ebook in the past 12 months
• 67% read at least one print book

Young Readers Trump Older Readers

• 25% of age 16+ Americans own tablets (That's an increase of 10% over a year ago.)
• 19% of age 16+ Americans owned an ebook reader at the end of 2012 -- at the end of 2011, only 10% owned one
• the older a person was, the less likely they read books -- 90% of age 16 read books -- 67% of age 65+ read

Education and Higher Discretionary Income Helps

This one is probably a no-brainer. With more education, generally a person has a shot at a higher-paying job. The more income means the more money to spend on books and other hobbies.

• most readers come from the demographics of those with college or graduate degrees
• more readers come from households earning more than $75,000
• more readers are in the age group of 30 to 49

Women Read More

This has always been the case. Plus, women often buy books for the men in their lives.

• 81% of women read at least one book in the past 12 months
• 70% of men reported reading at least one book in the same time period

Takeaway Truth

Have you read a book this month? Reading entertains, educates, and is more affordable than other forms of entertainment that does the same.

Bad Health Lottery Winner!

Oh, joy! I win the Bad Health Lottery! I'm now on my 2nd sinus infection in 3 months! Wow! No wonder I'm giving a Cranky Report today.

Finally got some antibiotics though -- which I hate to take, but they're necessary. So if you've been trying to get in touch with me, hang loose. I'll get back to you this week.

Unfortunately, this makes me even farther behind than I already was since I never caught up from the last bout of illness. I think I need to work on my health this month. All work and no taking care of one's health, makes Joan a sick girl.

Takeaway Truth

Wishing you all a week of good health. Spring is coming.