Scents and Sensuality is Alive!

Scents and Sensuality, my latest sassy, sexy romance, is alive and living in cyber space.

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Perfumer Amanda Whitfield knows all about The Science of Sex Appeal. Too bad she doesn't know much about men. Actually, she's desperate for a man. She’ll do anything to get a date for her snooty cousin’s wedding. When a matchmaking momma proposes her son for her wedding date, Amanda agrees. After all, what choice does she have? Men aren’t exactly falling at her feet and beseeching her for the pleasure of her company.

Computer genius Harrison Kincaid knows all about The Science of Computers. He enjoys his "flavor of the month" style of dating. He's desperate to put an end to his mom’s matchmaking. He decides to teach her a lesson as well as get out of the date she’s “guilted” him into accepting.

Two desperate people, each determined to achieve their goals. Desperation makes for interesting bedfellows.

What Reviewers Say About Joan's Books

Amazon Reviewers Say: "Joan Reeves knows how to tell a sexy, totally tit-for-tat, love story." ~ "Joan's writing is a page turner, the steam builds then explodes" ~ "I really like this author. All of her books are quite fun to read." ~ "ANOTHER WINNER! I love Ms. Reeves' heroines." ~ "Every book I read by Joan Reeves is better than the last. Drenched in emotion and sexuality" ~ "There are so many things I love about the way Reeves writes" ~ "I'll definitely buy more of Joan's books" ~ "Her books are humorous, romantic and sensual."

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To anyone who buys my book, thank you so much.

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