Take 5 With Karen Kelley

Today I have a long-time author friend on SlingWords. Please welcome Karen Kelley, whose latest release is Roped, Book 1 in the Scavenger Hunt Series.

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About Karen Kelley

Karen is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who quit her job as a nurse, sold her house, moved into a 5th wheel (RV), and took off down the road because she and her husband always wanted to see America. Karen's motto is: Life would not be nearly as interesting if we didn't take a few chances now and then.

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Take 5 With Karen Kelley

Karen: Thanks, Joan, for having me on SlingWords. I love the list of questions that you give authors to choose from. My fave out of all of them was: What is your worst review? So I'll start with that one.

I actually count what follows as my worst review, but after I got over the shock, I couldn't help but chuckle. It was only one sentence: "This author should be thrown under a train!"

Joan: What did you do, if anything, after reading that review?

Karen: I thought about having my husband post a notice that might read something like this: Author Karen Kelley was hit by a train late Tuesday night. (Yes, I have a warped sense of humor.)

Seriously, if I get a negative review I look at it and see if there is any constructive criticism I can actually use. I take fans very seriously, but I have to admit, I love reading reviews where readers enjoy my books.

Joan: Have you ever cast someone you dislike as a villain?

Karen: *LOL* Yes, the person who wanted me thrown under a train. Actually, I didn't. That person didn't have enough going for them. A villain should have more than one layer of personality. I see the bad guys when I'm writing, but I've never intentionally cast anyone I don't like in that role.

Joan: Do you listen to music when you write?

Karen: Yes, I listen to music when I write but mostly to drown out surrounding noises and eventually, I drown out the music. My favorite music is instrumentals or voices that blend in well with the music---like Enya.

Joan: What are your career goals for next year?

My goals for my career next year are to finish up my Scavenger Hunt series. Roped is the first book in this series, and there are five more. I'm planning to release one a month. Confessions will be out later this month. They're very sexy, but still have a touch of humor. I have the rights back to three more books that I want to release again. I also have ideas for new books that I'm very excited about.

About Roped

Josephine doesn’t particularly want to go on a scavenger hunt for a cowboy, but when her friends deliver their ultimatum: seduce a cowboy or spend the next two weeks on a remote island—a career killer for this over-achieving young businesswoman, she caves. She quickly discovers Levi isn’t just any cowboy. He takes her places she never expected to go, and that scares her.

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Takeaway Truth

Thanks, Karen, for visiting with us! Good luck with your RVing and your new series Scavenger Hunt!


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