Don't Give a Damn Monday

Welcome to a new feature on SlingWords. I call it Don't Give a Damn Monday. Here's why.

1. Monday is a sucky day for most people so let's tell it like it is.

2. Venting is healthy so let's vent.

3. Part of the fun of having a blog is having fun with it.

Now to kick off Don't Give a Damn Monday, here's my list of things I just don't give a damn about and think you shouldn't give a damn either.

1. What people say or think about me.

Especially people who don't even know me.

2. Bad reviews.

Recently, I had a friend who was crying, literally, over a bad review. A review is just one person's opinion. Grow a thicker skin if you're going to be in this business.

3. How many books Suzy Bestseller is selling.

Same friend bemoaning her sales compared to someone who started at the same time as she. If you start comparing sales to another author, you're automatically putting ourselves in a no-win situation.

4. How many followers I have or don't have in any given media.

Seriously. What does that really mean in the grand scheme of things?

5. What Amazon does or doesn't do that affects authors.

Whatever they're going to do, there's no way I--or you--can stop them. Why waste emotional energy bemoaning, berating, and bitching? All I can do is keep paddling my little canoe and hope for the best.

6. The upcoming election.

I know I should care, but when every candidate running--for both parties--seems to be total and complete scumbags, I have a hard time feeling enthusiasm for the elections tomorrow.  

Takeaway Truth

That's my list on this Monday. What's yours?

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