Review: Templar Seduction by Mary Reed McCall

The Templar's Seduction by Mary Reed McCall is the first historical romance I've read in a long time -- other than books by friends who write historical.

Back in the heyday of historical romance, I read about 3 of these babies each week, and the books were a lot bigger then than now. I cut my teeth on Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rogers, Catherine Coulter, and Jude Deveraux.

After a few years of that, I guess I was burned out. I'll be honest. I bought this book based on the title. I'm a sucker for anything about the Knights Templar, and I don't care if it's nonfiction, historical romance, or contemporary thriller.

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About The Templar Seduction

Captured by a powerful English lord and sentenced to hang for murder, errant Templar Knight Sir Alexander de Ashby thinks he has little to lose until he finds he holds a friend's fate in his hands. When offered a chance to save his friend because he looks like the twin of the Scottish Earl of Marston who died while in English custody, he chooses to impersonate the man and infiltrate the Scottish stronghold, giving secret information to the English who plan to capture the castle.

Alex doesn't count on Lady Elizabeth, as smart as she is beautiful, who was the real earl's wife.She knows immediately that he is an impostor, but Alex woos her and passion convinces her she is wrong.

Alex and Elizabeth discover a love that is real, but the truth threatens everything that he wants that he never dreamed he could have. In a time, when Honor meant everything to a man yet women were considered without Honor, Alex clings to that newly-discovered ideal while Elizabeth is prepared to cast it in the very faces of those who will determine their fate.

Honor and redemption or dishonor and death?

My Take

I really enjoyed this book! It had everything a sweeping historical romance should have: the Knights Templar as mythic heroes; a larger than life hero who is physically appealing, mentally sharp, impassioned of the heroine, and who has a great sense of humor; and a heroine who is intelligent, loving, vulnerable, and able to see beyond the obvious.

Takeaway Truth

A good story is like a little vacation between the covers of a book.


  1. You've convinced me. Finding a good book is kind of like finding Mr. have to kiss a hundred frogs.

  2. Too true. Frog kissing exists in just about every area. I do hope you like the book.

    It actually whetted my appetite to read more historical novels.