The Skinny on Audio Books

I took a long working weekend in an attempt to bring 4 projects to a close. I made myself stay offline for most of that time. Wow! That gets harder to do with every wired week that passes.

In the meantime, a lot has been happening in the audio book world. Discussions about audio books have been ongoing on several authors' lists to which I subscribe.

Since my second audio book Still The One just became available on Audible. It should be up on iTunes and appear on the book's Amazon page shortly. This audio book was performed by Robin Kohn Glazer, an accomplished actress (chances are you've seen her on TV and movies) who did a fabulous job with my book.

Since I've been immersed in the audio book production process all summer, I thought I'd pass along some insights I've garnered as well as tell you about some special audio book promotions starting this weekend on Audible.


1. Audio books are best produced by professionals.

Just because you're an author who created the book, doesn't mean you have the skills to narrate the book -- no matter how well you read. If you want an example to prove this point, look at the audio book of Promise Me by Harlan Coben. Mr. Coben decided to narrate the audio book himself. I don't wish to insult one of my favorite authors, so I'll only say that Mr. Coben needs to stick with creating his fabulous novels and leave audio book narration to the pros.

2. Even when you, the author, leave it to the pros, you-know-what happens.

My first audio book, Just One Look, has been MIA since I notified ACX that the Closing Credits audio file appeared in place of the Introduction file. That was corrected by the book's audio producer immediately, but the book had to go back through the Verification process. I was notified last night that the audio book of Just One Look would again be on sale tomorrow, Aug. 22. (I've linked it to the Audible page where it was initially sold. Tomorrow, I'll find out if that is still a good link.)

Through no fault of my own, I lost momentum and time. Because I listened to the audio book and knew it was wonderful, I was frustrated every day that it wasn't available for sale. The "voice actor" who did the book, Felicia Greenfield, brought it to life. I even laughed aloud as if I'd never heard the banter between the characters before.

3. When bad things happen, do what you can to resolve the problems and find something good in the situation -- that silver lining to the storm cloud -- then move on.

There will always be unexpected challenges with something new. Don't take it too hard. I spent way too much time being frustrated which only made me feel bad and put the kabosh on my creativity before I shrugged, said, "Oh, FISH." and moved on. Suck it up as soon as possible and walk it off.

Audio Book Special Promotions

Audible is running 2 special promotions to introduce those who haven't yet discovered the joys of audio books to the pleasures of narrated books. I've been a long time fan of audio books, and you will love them too once you try one.

With Audible, you can download a book in just about any format so you can play it on your iPod or  MP3 player, your computer, or even burn a CD and play it in your car if you're still listening to CDs.

Commute to the office or wherever and listen to a great book -- like mine perhaps that will make you laugh and feel good? Listen while you drive or ride the bus or the subway. Listen while you mow the yard or clean the house or do your miles on the treadmill or stand in line at the grocery checkout.

Promotion #1

Save 20% on Audible Gift Certificates from now to Sept. 2, 2012, at 11:59pm ET.

Promotion #2

Special $5.95 Audio Books  promotion starts August 25 and runs through Sunday, September 2. During that time, you can choose from 1,000 audio books and buy for only $5.95 each.

If my audio books are part of this, I'll give special links here on SlingWords at 8 am Central, on Aug. 25. Use those special links, and you can buy my audio books for only $5.95.

Every Day Special

Subscribe to an Audible plan.This runs all the time. Subscribe to their special $7.49 plan, and you can get one of my audio books for only $7.49, the least expensive plan on Audible. Pay only $7.49 a month for 3 months. The details are on the linked page. You have no obligation and can cancel at any time.

Takeaway Truth

Audio books are fabulous. They can take away the tedium of commuting, traveling, mundane chores and tasks, and entertain you all at the same time.


  1. I'm excited for you, Joan. I hope all that hard works pays off big time.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. So far it's been fun! A lot of hard work, yes, but also fun, and, hopefully, rewarding if this trend continues.