3 More Websites For Free Ebooks

Again, on Thursday3Some, I offer 3 more websites where free ebooks are listed.

Readers, get ready to click those mouses, or is it mice? I'm going to list 3 more websites where you can find free ebooks listed.

Authors, you get ready to bookmark these sites too, not just because you're also readers looking for bargains, but because these sites are great places to list your book if you have a book that's free.

On your mouse. Get set. Go!

Indie Books

Although Indie Books no longer offers free listings, they do offer the opportunity to post a book for free on one of these 3 Facebook pages on certain days.

Readers, visit the pages and take note of the many links for free books.

Authors, visit the pages and take note of the protocol to post your free book.
The Cheap

Readers, The Cheap offers free and low-cost books. Deals change quickly so check in often.

Authors, as the website says: "The-Cheap is all about getting great books into the hands of readers! What began as one of the best places on Facebook for Nook deals has grown into 20,000+ member community of readers looking to fill their Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, iPads, and the ereaders that came before them. We’d love to help you bring attention to YOUR book! We have FREE promotional opportunities and our paid options start at $15." Go to How It Works, scroll down, and click Free or Paid.

Free Book Dude

Readers, free Kindle and Nook books every hour of every day.

Authors, fill out the Free Book Dude Submission Form.

Takeaway Truth

Pick up a good ebook today at any of these sites!

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