Romancing the Weekend: New Beginnings Part 3

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And here are today's selections for New Beginnings Romance!



Sale Alert: This book will be on a 99¢ Kindle Countdown sale from January 13-20.  Also available in KU.

This book is also a Second Chance Romance.

A woman who wanted more. A man who wanted her. Can they rediscover their love in the seaside town where it all began?

Colum O’ Brien, a professional ballet dancer, is still hurt from a break-up four decades earlier. All this time, his heart has gravitated toward the woman who left him behind.

Sure, he’s moved on with his life, but he’s never forgotten his childhood sweetheart, Keira Murphy.That is, until he meets her again. Because his father is marrying her mother.

Keira was a famous runway model who moved away from her seaside Irish town with dreams of becoming a superstar. She left everything behind, including Colum.

With her skills as a seamstress, she’s now determined to return and open her own shop. Only she never expected to see Colum again—or to be instantly connected to him, just like when they were next-door neighbors and childhood sweethearts.

But when the pressures of demanding work schedules and living miles apart prevail, will it make their second chance at love impossible? Or will their individual journeys lead them right back to where it all began?


Price Alert: This book is priced at only 99¢ during its pre-release. The book publishes Feb. 1, 2023, and will be in Kindle Unlimited.

He came out of nowhere … encouraging her to ask the right questions.

Hannah believes her life in solitude is all she wants and all she needs. She’s settled in the small town of Fermosa Bay where she’s taken over a medical practice after leaving her husband. 

When the enigmatic Bigalow steps into her life, turning it upside-down, she can’t hide the growing irritation inside. Yet, slowly and steadily, he reminds her what life is all about and what she’s missing out on. Especially when she crosses paths with her neighbour, Gideon.

As she begins to ask the right questions, Hannah’s fondness for Bigalow gently grows, and so do her feelings for Gideon. But is she ready to hear the answers to her questions?


Three books (only $3.99) in this western romance series that feature these tropes: New Beginnings, Second Chances, and Later in Life Romance. 

3 Generations, 3 Second Chances

Would marrying Howard be the trap Grace fears?

Sometimes the only way to build a future is to face the past. When the dream of happily-ever-after is shattered, sometimes another door opens.



This book is a Kindle Unlimited selection.

Film director Baxter Reid is used to giving directions, not taking them!

Especially from April Thomas, who has been hired by Baxter's agent to enhance the director's less than illustrious social standing to help place him in the running for an Oscar-worthy film project he’s after.

Baxter is everything April dislikes. Cocky, arrogant, disdainful of women. Or has the media deliberately portrayed him that way? Either way, she has her work cut out to give him a social media makeover.

Reluctantly, Baxter goes along with April’s regime to improve his image, but when a smear campaign comes to light and they work together to trace its origin, surprises catch them both off guard.


This steamy, explicit Romantic Comedy, also available as an audio book, fits these tropes: Revenge, Bad Girl,  tropefits these additional tropes: .

No more Miss Nice Girl—Marlayna's turning over a new leaf!

Noah Drake walked out of her life without a word - just divorce papers.

Marlayna O'Brian wanted answers and he was the only man who could provide them.

But he was engaged to another woman—and she was invited to the party!

She gave him fair warning: "Seduction is the plan for today. Keep on your toes, Mr. Drake. You never know when or where I'm going to strike!"

Marlayna found it so very easy to be deliciously bad! Especially when an American castle provided so many erotic nooks and crannies.


This book is a Kindle Unlimited selection and fits these additional tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Beach Romance, Multicultural, and Second Chances.

Samantha Ruiz is proud of her 4 ethnicities: African, Cherokee, Hispanic, and White. Filling that out on standardized forms was fun. Not! She'd led a charmed life until 2 life-changing events. First, she got engaged. Second, she resigned her commission as an Army officer to become a Warrant Officer, a military cop, and attracted the unwanted attention of an officer at her new post. 

Both events ended badly. With her Army career ended and wounded by the bitter breakup with her fiancé, Sam moves to Last Chance Beach for a new beginning. She makes a new life for herself as a cop and is content. Or is she just complacent?

One night when she’s running on the beach and obsessing about the restlessness she feels, another runner, Grayson Crawford, collides with her, growls, “Sorry,” and continues running. She takes an instant dislike to the rude, insensitive man and is appalled to learn he’s on the island to stay. What’s worse, the man seems to turn up everywhere she goes.

To her horror, she finds herself attracted to the blue-eyed, blond-haired surfer who seems content to drift through life. Sam has never dated unsuitable men, and Grayson is exactly that! So why does he take her breath away? And why can't she stop thinking about him?

Despite her good intentions, she falls for him only to discover he's not who she thinks he is, and he has an agenda of his own. Has she made another crucial mistake in judgment? Will she have to start over again in another place?


The weekend is here, and it's supposed to be rainy—perfect reading weather. Grab some of the delightful books from this post or previous ones and snuggle under a cozy blanket. Happy reading!

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  1. Thank you, Joan, for sharing my new release with your readers ♥

    1. You're welcome. I wish you thousands of sales. Good luck.

  2. Thank you, Joan, for sharing my sweet "Irish" romance. Much appreciated!

    1. You're welcome, Josie. Your "ethnic-centric" romances are lovely!

  3. Joan, thank you for including my box set - 3 books in one! 3 generations!

    1. You're welcome, Jan. Love your western romances, and this box set is a bargain.

  4. What an exciting lineup of books, perfect for a January bing-read. Thank you, Joan for including Baxter, my bad-boy bachelor. Little does he realize his bachelor days are soon to be a thing of the past.