5 Things Americans Don't Know About America

Let's have some fun today. Here we go, trivia buffs. Don't peek at the answers.


1. Does any state offer a unicorn hunting license?

2. Is unclaimed airline baggage sold to the public?

3. George and Martha Washington were the first president and first lady to live in the White House.

4. The deadliest job in America is being a firefighter.

5. Only 5 originals of the Declaration of Independence have survived.


1. True, and the state is Michigan, specifically the Lake Superior State University. In 1971, W. T. Rabe, a publicist, created the Unicorn Hunters thus creating the supposed hunting licenses for the same.

2. True. The Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, draws about 800,000 shoppers each year. Each day workers unpack around 7,000 items. Those that have value are set aside to be sold or donated, and the rest is thrown away.

3. False. John Adams and his wife Abigail were the first presidential couple to occupy the White House.

4. False. Statistics say being President of the United States of America is more deadly than any other occupation. Of the 45 men who have held the title, 4 were assassinated in office—Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, and McKinley—4 died in office of natural causes—Harrison, Taylor, Harding, and Franklin Roosevelt—which makes the death rate 18%, almost 1 out of 5 who died on the job. 

5. False. Hundreds of copies were made after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The Committee of Five—Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston—oversaw the reproduction. Of those, 26 survive with most in museums and libraries, and 3 are said to be in private collections.

Rick Harrison of the TV reality show, Pawn Stars, paid 1.45 million in 2021 for a copy of the Declaration of Independence.


In 2022, the Signer copy of Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, was found in Scotland and sold at auction for a historic price of $4.42M.

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