February Sale: The Trouble With Love

Hello, February! Wow, the first month of 2023 flew by.

Come on, Father Time. Slow things down a bit.

The last few days have been super cold and wet, and that makes me want warm beach weather.

Let's take off for a Texas resort. That's where Special Agent Hogan and small town Deputy Susannah Quinn are going on an undercover assignment.

Join them as they discover THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE! On sale for only 99¢, or read as a Kindle Unlimited selection.


"A brilliant read with a brilliant storyline and characters. I look forward to reading more from this author!" —NetGalley

By-the-book Deputy Susannah Quinn has all she can do to resist rule-breaking FBI Special Agent D. E. Hogan. To catch a thief, they pose as husband and wife and go undercover. Unfortunately, Susannah and Hogan have already been undercover—in a hotel room in Houston.

Susannah wishes her lapse in judgment would take a flying leap and land on Jupiter. Hogan, wishes he could get the contrary deputy into his bed. The complications caused by family—his and hers—pretty much guarantee that's never going to happen.

Throw in an over-the-hill Romeo and his lady love, a middle-aged mom determined to have her own love affair, and the charm of a small Texas town, and you get a story with heart, soul, and passion—lots of passion.

Can Susannah and Hogan, two mismatched lovers doing everything in their power to avoid falling in love, catch a thief and recover stolen jewels? The clock is ticking. They have only seven days—and nights—to complete their assignment and resist the sweet siren call of desire.


Every woman makes mistakes. 

Susannah Quinn glared at the door to the sheriff's private office. But  most women didn't have to put up with a constant reminder of their not so brilliant actions.

And most women didn't have their mistake showing up at their office, flaunting tanned muscles and polluting the environment with clouds of testosterone and male arrogance.

Temporary insanity was the only explanation for her mistake. If temporary insanity was a legal defense in criminal court, shouldn't she be able to escape punishment for her lapse in judgment? 

Instead, she had her mistake aka D. E. Hogan show up, right on her doorstep. That was cruel and unusual punishment. Though that kind of thing was banned by the U. S. Constitution, apparently, in the grand cosmic scheme of things, it was still being dished out because she'd got a truckload of it in the last few weeks.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Hogan had turned out to be the new consultant for the Murphy's Cove Police Department down on the coast. To make matters worse, the jerk just had to drop by the sheriff's office every blasted day.

"Just Hogan," he'd said when her uncle the sheriff had introduced him. Susannah had shaken his hand as if she'd never laid eyes on him before. Until Hogan, she'd had only one secret in her life. It had caused her humiliation and anger. Now, she had something else to hide.

Ironically, Hogan was the only person on earth who knew anything about her first painful secret. One thing about being hurt, humiliated, and angry. Those negative emotions sure helped squash the warm tinglies that assaulted certain parts of her anatomy every time Hogan walked through the door. If only those painful emotions could crush her body's instinctive reaction to him.

But there was just something about Hogan. If she'd been a woman given to flights of fancy, she'd have called it love at first sight. But she didn't believe in love. Much less love at first sight. She knew enough about human sexuality to know love at first sight was nothing but pheromones. Calling it smell at first sight would be more accurate. It was just a basic primitive sexual response. It was chemistry, not love.

Whatever you called it, Susannah would do anything to keep Hogan from learning how susceptible she was to him. She might not be able to run away now that he was in her county, but she could stand and fight. Or take cover behind cynicism and sarcasm. Whatever worked.


If you'd like to escape to a warm beach—but can't—do the next best thing and lose yourself in a passionate romance loaded with humor. THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE only 99¢. 

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