7 Truths Amidst Uncertainty

Have you noticed how the doom and gloom population is growing?

Oh, my, yes. There are countless numbers of "experts" on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media telling you to duck and cover because the sky is falling.

Staying optimistic and believing that things will work out for the better—some how, some way—takes every ounce of belief, faith, hope, and perseverance one possesses.


1. Things change.

If you're reading this, you survived the pandemic. Yes, we were told by many loud voices that half the world's population would succumb. That didn't happen. Whichever way you stand on the vax issue, those who were vaccinated probably survived, and those who weren't vaccinated seemed to survive too.

Even during The Plague in Europe, half of the population still survived, and the same is true of the ill-named Spanish Flu.

Humanity has a way of overcoming and sustaining life. Be optimistic. It helps trememdously.  Remember that. 

2. Some things stay the same.

As I said above, there are different viewpoints on the vax issue. Despite what evidence each side offers, those who believe in the power of the vax will not change their opinions. 

Those who think the vax was a conspiracy to change human DNA or a hoax to enrich pharmaceutical companies and the fat cats of the world will not change their opinions. 

Don't waste your breath trying to convert people to what YOU believe.

3. Evil people still walk the earth.

Gosh. Here are just a few who control the fates of millions. Putin and his plan to restore the bad old days of the Soviet Union. Xi Jinping of China who just ordered the mass "quiet disappearance" of those who publicly protested the CoVid shut down after people were burned alive in an apartment building because the doors were welded shut. 

How about those in power in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cameroon, Venezuela, Cuba, and Turkey—just to name a few. And this doesn't even count those who would rather enrich their own wealth at the expense of millions.

Those in countries with a democractic process, rejoice! You don't appreciate what's it like to live in a country where there is no personal libery. In the U.S., our Constitution and Bill of Rights should be cherished and protected. Read those documents so you know why there's a difference in those supporting the Constituion and those trying to tear it asunder. 

4. Accept the idea that what you put in your body will determine your overall health and longevity.

If you want to save money, be healthy. Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses and that expense is growing. When you stuff your face with junk food, processed food, and, usually, fast food/restaurant food, you're ingesting max calories along with flavor enhancers and other chemicals designed to make you want more, more, more.

Make a resolution to learn what real food is like and start cooking that at home because then you control the ingredients.

Diet is within your control. Yes, it may be difficult to change ingrained habits, but the rewards are many so try and keep trying.

Diet and physical activity may determine whether you get a disease like diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and morbid obesity. All of those can kill you and/or bankrupt you. Some can have a domino effect that may eventually doom you.

Did you know that pre-diabetes is now linked to dementia? So it's not just a matter of looking good. It's a matter of keeping your brain healthy.

5. Best intentions mean nothing unless you take immediate action.

If there's anything wrong with you, take action now. Not exercising enough? Block off a 10 minute chunk of time and walk during that time. After a couple of weeks, increase to 15 minutes, and leverage that activity and time until you're walking at least an hour a day.

Got a nagging ache or pain? If you've had it for more than 3 weeks, see a doctor. Procrastinators often end up with multiple health problems.

6. Inflation is real, and it's going to cost you more to live from this point on.

Right now, look at what your income is and what your outgo is. The smartest people live below their income. If that's not you, do something about it now because prices are not going to fall. Taxes aren't going down—not when billions have been spent that our government doesn't have.

By the way, who do you think funds the government? We, the tax payers.

The government is spending more on outgo than they're getting in income. Don't be like the government because that's the way to bankruptcy.

If you need motivation, watch Dave Ramsey YouTube videos or read any of the Dave Ramsey books you'll find on Amazon or on his own website. 

7. Discover the fun in inexpensive entertainment.

For quiet entertainment, read a book. Get the whole family involved in reading, and you'll create a family of intelligent people who can focus and think. A good book can sweep you away from the problems of the world for at least a few hours. Reading is like a little vacation between the covers of a book.

Reading is also one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of free ebooks of every genre offered by authors who hope you'll discover their wonderful books. Start a book club and have the members subscribe to authors' newsletters.

For fun evenings, re-discover card games and board games—there's a huge world of board games to discover. Invite friends over for board game night or a dinner party at home rather than dropping major bucks at a restaurant and/or bar. That doesn't mean you can never go out. Choose the special occasion you'll go out.


These truths will always be true. Make a truth for yourself that you'll be optimistic, have faith, and do what you can, where you are, to make life good for yourself and your family. 

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