5 Reasons Computers Are Like Cars

I've been contending with tech problems—computers, software, printers, and WiFi.

In fact, I blogged about it yesterday on SmartGirlsReadRomance.

I'm still ticked off at technology in general which means I'm still griping about it. 

Computers and associated subjects remind me of cars, i.e., they never start when you really need them to.

5 Reasons Computers Are Like Cars

1. They cost a lot of money.

2. They need regular maintenance and upgrades.

3. Repairs are expensive.

4. You always wonder if the money you spend in repairs is money well spent, or should you have put that toward a new one. 

5. The new model each year makes you wish you'd waited to make a purchase.

Here's a bonus reason cars and computers are alike. They're both too heavy to heave through a window when you get totally frustrated because they won't work!

Takeaway Truth

If you've ever cursed and cried because of computers and technology, just wait. Artificial Intelligence is here to make it even better. {sarcasm intended}

Seriously, you should read I Forced a Bot to Write This Book: A.I. Meets B.S. by Keaton Patti

It won't help you with computers and technology, but you will laugh and feel a lot better.

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