5 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

If you're new to blogging, thinking about starting a blog, or have had one for years, you may wonder if a blog serves any purpose when there's so many other ways to reach the public.

I've got news for you. The blog is alive and well in today's world. Blogs are stilll read by millions.

It may be easier to attract an audience with blogs that with short attention-span TikTok viewers, etc.

I'd like to give you 5 things you can do immediately that will increase your blog audience.

5 Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make

1. Failing to make a commitment.

If you decide to blog, then make a conscious commitment to following through. Don't post a few times then have gaps. Gaps make readers go away. If you decide to blog, then do it. Take action to make it happen.

2. Publishing few blog posts.

No. More is better. A consistent schedule of daily content is probably the most effective blogging schedule. Not everyone is ready to commit to blogging once a day. I did it for 14 years, rarely missing a day until 3 years ago when the personal demands on my time exceeded my ability to keep blogging every single day.

Establish a schedule you can handle where you blog so many times week after week. Once a week is the minimum you should blog. It's harder to build an audience with once a week blogging, but consistency of publication is important.

3. Not knowing what to "talk" about.

Create an editorial calendar so you'll always know what you'll blog about on any given day. An editorial calendar is simply a list of subjects about which you'll blog. Having a plan always beats no plan. Brainstorm a list of things you'd like to share with your blog readers. 

4. Missing your scheduled blog day.

If you miss your scheduled blog day or several days or even weeks, avoid thinking, "Why bother?" Also avoid starting each new blog post with an apology if you get in the habit of missing several scheduled posts.

5. Posting content that's difficult to read.

What makes something difficult to read? Misspelled words, lack of proper punctuation, incorrect facts, formatted in a way that makes it hard for the eye to follow, and othe elements.

I can remember visiting a blog where the personal pronoun I was not capitalized. It was jarring and irritating to read "i read a book, and i loved it" over and over. By the way, it also lacked quotation marks. So it appeared this way:

i said i love reading i thought this book was good.


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