My Only New Year's Resolution

That's right. I have only 1 New Year's Resolution aka Goal aka Challenge.

Every day I just want to be happy to be here.

What do I mean by that?

Don't get caught up in achievement to reach a goal longheld dear.

Your life is passing with every day you worry and fret. Consciously remember to be happy today. Not tomorrow. Today.

Not when you write  bestselling book / get famous / win the lottery / get a promotion / go viral / lose the baby weight / land the job you always wanted / get married / retire / or whatever you think will make you happy at some distant point in time.

Life is short, and it's over before you know it. I lost my sister-in-law just before Christmas. She wasn't very old. She was struck down in the prime of her life. Even though she lingered for nearly a year, her passing was sudden and shocking.

Don't delay being happy. Don't plan on what you'll do when life is perfect because Life is never perfect.

Be happy now. Every day I'll honor my lost sister by consciously being aware that Life itself is a gift. I won't complain about getting older and all that nonsense because I'm alive when so many I love have already passed.


I plan to just be happy to be here.

Image Note: NEW Year by Simon from Pixabay, adapted for this post.

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