Analysis of STONE ANGEL Video

Welcome to Part 2 of a discussion of what makes a video successful.

Here you go if you missed Part 1.


1. Focus

 2. Visual representation

3. Text

4. Music

5. Length  and Attention Span


1. With the opening image, I wanted to hook the viewer to watch the rest of the video. The image I created from a photo of a beautiful woman at a massive antique door superimposed over a moonlit scene was representative of her era, and text that said, "She was the beloved wife of a Creole aristocrat." 

2. Next you see scenes that are combinations of evocative images and text. A grief-stricken woman and text: "He was murdered. She was betrayed."

Text slides on a stormy background appear: "During a storm her chains are removed." Hopefully that indicates to the viewer that she had been imprisoned for some reason.

"She is taken to the family cemetery." That should give a sense of foreboding because nothing good could happen in a cemetery during a storm."

Then a stunning statement: "To be killed."

Video of lightning, image of a woman holding a dagger, harrowing text, dark images, and a video with an opening door that suggests something out of the ordinary.

Add it all together and it represents what happens in Act 1.

3. Text is used in coordination with the visual images to emphasize the message.

4. Music is so important.  From the first, It sets the tone for the video. Know the message you want viewers to get and match the music to the message. I listened to dozens of audio clips before choosing Black Mass by Brian Bolger, a dark, brooding piece of music that was perfect.

5. Length is the hardest element to master. You can make it short if you really focus on what your book is about—not the entire book, but the essence of the book.


 Most of all, have fun making videos. Like any creative project, the rewards when completed are worth the work.

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