Romancing the Weekend: Holiday Romance Episode 1

From now until New Year's Day, this time is a gold mine for readers—especially those who love Holiday Romance.

Yes, that's the trope, or theme, you'll find in the books today.

In fact, Holiday Romance is so popular with readers, that I'll feature it every Thursday from now to the end of 2022.

Of course, I'm not the only one featuring Holiday Romance. You'll find movies celebrating this theme on network TV, cable, and all of the streaming services.


The popularity of this theme makes the Hallmark Channel one of the most frequently visited streaming services from November through January.

In case you think only women love these movies, I know a cop whose idea of relaxation is to watch one of the Hallmark Christmas movies. It takes him away from the tough job that is today's law enforcement. His wife asked me once if I knew of a town like any in the Hallmark movies. She wanted to book a Christmas vacation as a present for them both.

Here are some some wonderful Holiday Romance novels for your browsing pleasure. I hope you find some you love.




This Holiday Romance also has these themes: Enemies to Lovers, Workplace Romance, Grieving Hero, Steamy Contemporary.

Come to Bangers Tavern for an enemies-to-lovers tale of reconciliation, found family, holiday cocktails, and the steamiest Christmas miracle ever.

Bartender River Lundqvist has a damn good reason for hating Christmas. Bangers Tavern is the perfect place to lay low over the holidays—until Charlie walks in. His first encounter with the saucy server nine years ago was utter humiliation. Her reappearance stirs up powerful desires and hopes for a new start. But the timing is all wrong.

Back in Tacoma to care for her estranged dad over the holidays, freelance web designer Charlie Khoury braces herself for the suckiest Christmas ever. A temporary job at Bangers Tavern gives her a chance to escape Dad’s criticism and blow off some steam. But why does the hunky bartender seem to hate her?

A pretend girlfriend is just what River needs to keep his family off his back—until a kiss under the mistletoe flares hot enough to melt the North Pole. When greedy developers threaten Bangers Tavern, River and Charlie must team up to save it. Their sizzling chemistry feels like the real thing—but everyone knows rebound relationships don’t last.



This Holiday Romance also has these themes: Sweet Romance, Small Town Romance, and Single Parent Romance. Christmas in the Air is on sale for 99¢ from now until December 31, 2022.

What if you told your innermost secrets to a guy you assumed you’d never see again?

Toy business owner Penelope Reid, a single mom in her late 40's is raising a challenging 12-year-old son, meets an elusive, handsome stranger on a plane. She confesses her problems, fears, aspirations, and unrealized goals, believing the man is only half-listening. 

Two months later, she meets him again and learns Jacob Williams is the new pediatrician in town. He  knows too much about her. Will he use his knowledge to embarrass her? Or pursue her? As they get to know each other, she learnes of Jacob's poverty-stricken childhood, his mother’s disapproval, and his new job.

Touched and impressed by his goals to forego ambition and help people, she's also envious he's decided what he wants and is going after it. Things take a turn for the worse when romance develops under the disapproving eyes of her son and the community who thought they knew her.

Does she have room in her heart after a disastrous divorce for a new romance? Can her son show maturity and accept responsibility for the puppy he wants? Will things work out for this single mom and her son?


This Holiday Romance also has these themes: Paranormal Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, Saving Christmas, Detective Animal, Friendly Ghost.

She doesn’t see dead people, but her dog does. Can the spirits help her solve the mystery and save Christmas?

Marissa Hale is excited to visit her friend Grace’s new Inn. But the twinkly lights attached to the inheritance are frightful, and finding a dead body resembling one of Santa’s fabled elves in the poinsettias is not delightful. The death of Grace’s aunt was already suspicious, is someone trying to scare Grace into selling the Kringle Inn?

Grace’s bloodline is the magic mainline for keeping the yuletide spirit alive, and losing the Inn could mean the end of Christmas. The clues to both deaths may reside with the spirits of the Inn, but Marissa’s dog is the only one who can see them.

Does Marissa stand a ghost of a chance of solving this mystery to save Christmas?

Magic, Mimosas & Mistletoe is the high-spirited third book in the Charmed Cocktail Cozy mystery series, and is a Kindle Unlimited selection. 

Kindle Countdown Sale Alert — From 12/09/2022, 8:00am EST thru 12/15/2022, 11:00am EST, Magic, Mimosas & Mistletoe will be only 99¢.



This holiday romance also has these themes: Reunion Romance and Secret Baby.

Caterer Lorelei Warner juggles her fledging Southern California business and raising young twins with the help of her mother and sister. Handling a three-day wedding event stretches her limits…and then her old beau walks in and threatens the delicate balance.

Stained glass restorer Wynn Tatum hopes to cross paths with the woman he left behind to pursue his dreams. What he doesn’t expect is that seeing Lorelei again sparks the feelings from six years ago. Now that he’s held her in his arms again, and learned he’s the father to five-year-old twins, he will do anything to stay in touch. How can his family be whole if he and Lorelei live on two different continents?



This Holiday Romance also has the theme of Fake Date/Fake Romance.

Her family surprises her when they arrive to meet her new fiancé. Too bad he knows nothing about their supposed relationship.

Hawaii is touted as the most romantic place on earth, and Meredith’s job as Event Planner at the posh Four Seasons Kona-Kohala Resort backs that claim with the number of weddings that take place at the resort each year. She only wishes her family was not so anxious to hear about her own, non-existent wedding plans.

Meredith has dodged Christmas back home and her interfering family’s good intentions for years, inventing a fake boyfriend who works with her at the Resort. Her faux-fiancée is loosely based on Asher, the lethally good-looking and charming Outdoor Activities Director, whose number one activity appears to be dating any and all attractive women, on and off the resort. He’s not the type to interest her a bit in real life. But this is make-believe. Until her family surprises her with a Christmas visit and he steps into his role with far too much enthusiasm.

Asher knows he has a reputation as a player, which comes in handy to rebuff the guests’ overtures, but makes it hard to be taken seriously. He enjoys his easy friendship with Meredith and the better he gets to know her, the more intriguing he finds her. Is Meredith really that impossible-to-get, or is it all an act?

Then her family shows up believing he’s her fiancée; the perfect opportunity to break down Meredith’s defenses once and for all. But with the family expecting a wedding date soon, Meredith tells him he has to dump her in front of everyone. What if he doesn’t want to?


This Holiday Romance also has these Romance themes: Later in Life Romance and Second Chance Romance.

Take one Christmas grouch...Add one vivacious widow, and you get a second chance at love.

Kirk Fontaine can't bear to talk to anyone, let alone enjoy Christmas. Away from home, in a small harbor city in Canada, broken-hearted Kirk is lost and alone until one small dog refuses to give up on him.

Vibrant widow Miranda Bailey is ready to move into the next phase of her life, except this Christmas is shaping up to be the worst since her husband's death. But instead of hiding, she takes charge, and drags Kirk into her Christmas miracle.

Not-So-Blue Christmas is a Kindle Unlimited selection.

FROM HOLIDAY TO HOLIDAY: A Moment in Time Quartet


This Holiday Romance also has these Romance Themes: Second Chance at Love, Love at First Sight, Friends to Lovers, and Fear of Commitment to Love.

From Holiday to Holiday features friends and family with entwined lives who find love when they least expect it.

Designed for readers who love Romance but don't have the time to read a full-length novel, A Moment in Time series gives you  satisfying stories that can be read in those odd bits and pieces of time in your busy day and evening. 

From Holiday to Holiday is a collection of the first 4 stories in the series and begins with an emotional Christmas story and ends with a St. Patrick's Day celebration. This bundled set is available at most ebook sellers.


Get in the holiday spirit with this selection of Romance Novels with a Holiday/Christmas theme. Life is going to get rather frantic from this point on so grab some relaxation reading. Romance—the Optimistic Genre! Look for Holiday Romance Episode 2 on December 1.

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