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The name of the theme exactly defines this kind of romance novel or short story. A single parent finds love—whether he or she is looking for it or not!

With single parenthood comes a bevy of conflict: the ex's relationship with the other parent, the child's relationship with the other parent, emotional baggage from the broken relationship, the fear of getting hurt again, the longing for love, and what the heck to do with the desire for the other person that just won't be ignored.

Nothing is easy for the single parent. Along with the personal emotional conflict of a broken relationship, there's the problems associated with a new love relationship.

Then there are the parental responsibilities, worries, and conflicts about school, possibly new neighborhoods, new friends, and so many other problems unique to single parents.

Enjoy this selection of Single Parent + Kids Romance!



A widowed school teacher and the airline pilot whose little girl is determined to bring her daddy and the lady from the ice cream shop together for a second chance at love.

Although her husband died a year ago, first grade school teacher Lisa Peck is keeping one tradition she shared with him: sundaes every Sunday at their special place, Seaside Scoops. It’s there that she meets a precocious five-year-old, Allie, and her handsome, dark-haired father, Hunter.

Airline pilot Hunter Adams has been a single dad since his wife died when Allie was a baby. He has his life perfectly arranged. Allie stays with her grandparents during the week while he flies, then he spends weekends with his daughter, including taking her for sweet treats at Seaside Scoops. But Allie has never before been drawn to someone as quickly as she’s drawn to Lisa. Is it just a little girl interested in a pretty woman, or is it fate pulling Lisa and Hunter together?

Lisa is cautious, but maybe it’s time to move on from the past and take a second chance on love. Everyone is encouraging Hunter to do the same, but will Lisa think he’s just trying to find a mother for his child? Maybe Allie is wiser than the adults in her life. Will their sundaes on Sunday lead to true love every day of the week?

For single mom and ex-jockey Alexis Marsden, years of hard work are finally paying off. She has a solid nine-to-five job, her independence, and an avocation she loves—exercising horses. But she still can’t give her ten-year-old son everything he needs, especially a father.

Dutiful. Loyal. Honorable. Workaholic banker Jackson Breckinridge has spent his life meeting his parents’ expectations and protecting his younger brother, the reckless kid who fathered a child then abandoned him.
Jack has a secret dream: to bring back the glory days of Breckinridge Station, the family's fabled horse farm. Does he dare to disappoint his family?

Now his younger brother has died. Jack is determined protect his family’s honor by offering a marriage of convenience to the boy’s mother, a woman he’s secretly loved since their school-days. Being both mom and dad to her son is hard, but is Alex willing to give up her hard-won independence for his sake? And what is Jack willing to do to win the heart of this spirited Kentucky woman?



Loving him means risking the only family she has left.

Bangers Tavern’s hunky bouncer Jojo Williams has been flirting with server Lana Lopez for three years, but she dismisses him as a trifling joker. Determined to penetrate her prickly defenses, he plunges into the hot mess that keeps her from dating. If he screws this up, his heart and hers won’t be the only ones broken.

Orphaned by a car wreck at twenty-two, Lana must keep her teen brothers on track and together in the home they grew up in. One more slip-up, and her interfering tías will separate the boys. The last thing Lana needs is a big goof like Jojo meddling with her fragile family.

But when the teens’ shenanigans land them in trouble, Jojo may be the only person who can save them from the wrath of the tías. Lana’s growing attraction to the gentle giant makes it harder and harder to shut him out, but loving him is a gamble that could cost her everything.

Come back to Bangers Tavern for a slow burn, sizzling hot, friends to lovers workplace romance full of laughs, steam, and the glorious chaos of 21st century family—the ones we’re born into, and the ones we gather to our hearts.


Erin MacKenna is a single mom and a third-grade teacher in the Abraham Lincoln primary school in Eden Prairie, Indiana. One crazy night of indiscretion resulted in the most wonderful gift she’d ever been given, her daughter Danielle. Not wanting to damage her daughter of a preacher's reputation, she tells everyone she was artificially inseminated.

Caleb Hughes Thompson, owner of Hughes Department Stores, the business-driven world is shattered when he receives a letter written by his recently deceased brother. Daniel thrived on high adventure and lived each day as if it were his last. His dying wish is to have Caleb locate his daughter, resulting from a one-night stand. He was to start his search in Eden Prairie, Indiana.

Caleb needs someone to help plan their in-store holiday promotion, Santa Traditions. A teacher in the primary school would qualify to help him. It would also be the perfect place to start searching for his niece.

Hey, Readers! DANIELLE'S CHRISTMAS WISH is on sale for $1.99 through December 2022, and the author has a Reader Bonus in this book: the Short Story: Danielle’s Snowy Wish.


She's the Ice Queen, at least that's what her employees call her, but perhaps it's an appropriate name because she feels frozen inside.

But she wasn't always that way. Once she was full of emotion and dreams even though she was unloved, lonely, and poor. She thought money would solve all of her problems so she gave up everything and reinvented herself as wealthy, successful Constance Quinn. 

Now older and wiser, she realizes the price she paid for wealth was too steep. She longs for all that she's denied herself. The only problem is there's no room for love or even for relationships in her rigidly controlled existence. Then she meets Alex Martinez, a single dad, who is everything she wants but can't have.

His patience and kindness, and his dog named Tiger, pull her out of her lonely existence and make her want everything she's missed in life—until her deepest, darkest secret is revealed.

SECOND CHANCE BRIDE is a Kindle Unlimited free read for subscribers.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I wrote several single mom romances, but realized it took me 20+ years to write one with a divorced single mom. I suppose I was too close to that one.

    1. I can understand that, Jan. Your booklist is amazing. I hope several readers will add you to their faves.