Saturday Share: Amazing Product Fry Away

 Do you avoid frying food because you don't know what to do with the used cooking oil?

Then I have an amazing product for you—Fry Away! My daughter told me about this.

We were cooking Sunday dinner, and she wanted some fried okra. We fried enough to serve four but were left with at least a half cup of used cooking oil in the skillet.

You shouldn't put that down the drain. You can use old newspapers to soak it up and dispose of it in the garbage, but who has newspapers in today's world?

Daughter had the solution. She pulled out this small package of Fry Away, opened one of the small packets and poured some into the oil.

Voila! In less than ten minutes, the used oil had turned to a solid. We scooped it out and dropped it into the kitchen trash bin. No mess. No fuss.

Honestly, this stuff is amazing. She found it on Amazon, and I haven't seen it anywhere else. It's called a "Cooking Oil Solidifier Powder," and it's 100% plant-based. The package contains 2 units, and each unit will solidify up to 8 cups of oil.

The day we tried it, we used only a small amount of Fry Away. This is a fairly new product, but it already has over 2,000 reviews. 

It sells for $12.95 and is worth every penny.


What a perfect way to do away with used cooling oil. 

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