Sunday Thoughts: 7 Ways to Keep Hope Alive

Let's talk about Hope.

I have someone in my life who has lost hope in recovering from a series of medical crises.

I've realized that an atitude of optimism is crucial to maintaining Hope.

I also realize that one cannot make another keep Hope alive. That's a hard truth to accept when you're praying every day and night for that person to feel a surge of optimism—to feel a flutter of hope and begin to believe in a better tomorrow.

I think there are many in today's world who have lost Hope of health, security, financial stability, and so many other valuable aspects of life.

It's hard to hang onto Hope when life keeps flinging problems, disappointments, and tragedies at you.

So how do you hang on to Hope and let it grow inside you from a tiny flame to a raging bonfire? Here are a few ways that I thing work.

1. Stay healthy by eating a healthy diet and getting exercise and sunshine. That's a start. If you feel tired, sleepy, and semi-sick all the time, it's going to be hard to be hopeful.

2. Adopt a series of beliefs to help you create a state of mind in which you believe that life can get better. Build the belief that you can have a brighter tomorrow even if today looks gloomy.

3. Build belief by implanting positive thoughts in your subconscious. Examples of positive thoughts:
"I believe in a better tomorrow."
"I believe I'm emotionally strong and can weather tough situations."
"I believe my Life has purpose and meaning."

If you are religious, by all means pray and instill the positive thought: "I believe in a merciful God who guides my way."

Repeat the positive thought many times when you're falling asleep and when you awake in the morning. Say it silently to yourself. Write it down with pen and paper. Internalize it.

4. Avoid the bad news buffet that is known as "the news" because there's never anything good on it. I always say too much "reality" is a bad thing. There's nothing like all this political crap and financial news to send you spiraling into negativity and depression. Be hopeful.

5. Take time to meditate and be consciously aware of all the good things in your life.

6. Hang out with optimistic people. They'll make you feel better and reinforce the positive beliefs to which you're clinging.

7. Avoid negative people. They're like the black holes of the universe and will such every bit of life out of you.


Life is full of peaks and valleys. It's heartbreaking to see someone you love stuck in a deep valley. You can only change yourself so learn what not to do as well as what to do. Keep faith and hope in your heart and pray for those who have lost it.

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