Review: Life Force by Tony Robbins

I heard about this book several months ago when it was mentioned in a YouTube video.

Intrigued, I immediately bought the audio edition from Audible, thinking it would be good "brain food" while taking a car trip.

I have so many other books on audio that I forgot about this one until we were loading things for a trip this morning.

I downloaded the audio book and started playing it after we got out of the mad frenzy of Houston's traffic.

Of course, I haven't finished it, but I wanted to give my thoughts about it while they're fresh in my mind.

As many of you know, I'm very interested in maintaining good health and preventing any kind of physical and mental decline that aging brings.


Since I bought this book many months ago, it was more expensive than you'll find it now. Available through Amazon, you'll find Life Force as an ebook, hardcover, Audible edition playable on your cell phone, etc., and even in a CD edition.

If you don't read many books about staying healthy—or improving health—mentally and physically, this book's contents will amaze you. Even though I know a lot about what's going on in genetics and longevity research, I too am finding the book intriguing.

The fascinating research and advancements in longevity, treatment of autoimmune diseases, spinal cord injuries, cancers, and so many of the issues that plague mankind is utterly amazing.

Robbins tells about burn victims sprayed with stem cells whose skin regenerates and ends up looking unblemished. There are stories of leukemia patients healed, arthritis patients cured, and more miraculous stories.


My only quibble with all the miraculous cures and treatments Robbins says are on the horizon—with many already in FDA trials—is the reality about miracle drugs and treatments. They are available mostly to the wealthy, not to the ordinary person. In a world where health insurance companies won't even pay for an Albuterol inhaler or other common medical supplies, what are the chances they'll pay for massive stem cell treatments?

Not a snowball's chance in hell.

However, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe eventually these miraculous treatments and medicines will be affordable to all.


In any event, Life Force is a fascinating book I'll continue reading because I want to know what will be available within the next few years to treat the ills of the human race.

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