Romancing the Weekend: Holiday Romance Episode 3

What a great weekend it's going to be. SlingWords is still spotlighting the Holiday Romance trope.

This week's selections will please you. 

Along with meeting the Holiday Romance trope, or theme, each book also lists other major tropes it fits.

That way you'll know what you're getting—books specific to your reading taste.

Readers, if there's a specific theme you'd like to see featured, leave a comment on this post, or on any of the Romancing the Weekend Thursday posts.

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This Holiday Romance also features these tropes: Reunion Romance and Small Town. You can find ON WITH THE SHOW at Amazon  and Barnes and Noble.

Every Thanksgiving, Franzi Mueller returns to her hometown, Freedom Valley, to help with a musical show put on at the veteran's hospital. After a decade of living in Houston, Franzi starts feeling nostalgic for the sense of community of her small Texas town. Too bad Mama has decided to play matchmaker and keeps pushing together Franzi and her ex-high school beau, Dietz Reinhardt.

Local hardware store owner Dietz can see that her big city clothing designer job has worn Franzi down, and he's doing what he can to ease her load. Circumstances throw them together at every turn, and every glance and each touch ignites the old sparks.

Can Franzi find what her creative spirit needs in Freedom Valley? Is time running out on this second chance for Dietz to win over her heart?


This Holiday Romance also features these tropes: Second Chance and Single Parents.

Sale Alert:  From Dec. 3 through Dec. 10, this book is on sale for only 99¢.
This Holiday Romance is a stand-alone Return to Welcome Novel and brings together two charming and romantic series!

Max Whyte (Love at Christmas series) moves to Welcome, Washington. (Return to Welcome series) to live closer to his daughters after their mother remarries. He wants to fix up an old home, settle into his new position at an IT firm, and try not to think about turning forty alone. Burned by a single mother in the past, he vows not to get tangled with another woman with children. 

When he saves the life of a small boy, he finds himself tangled in more ways than he could imagine.
When the boy’s mother turns out to be the perfect person to do his renovations, Max has trouble keeping his personal feelings out of their employer/employee relationship.

Kaylin Simpson has returned to Welcome to give her boys the kind of home she wanted as a child. She needs a fresh, stable start and wants to run her own business. Her three-year-old twins keep her hopping, but after she finishes the renovations for Max, she hopes to have her life well in hand.

Max is drawn to Kaylin and her adorable twin boys. Her wit and feisty spirit pull at his heartstrings until he realizes being a stepfather is never what he wanted.

Christmas in Welcome can be a time to heal and move forward and Max and Kaylin must set aside their old hurts to allow love to blossom.



This Holiday Romance Box Set of 11 stories fits many other Tropes so there is something for every reading taste—and it's a Kindle Unlimited selection too that is selling for only 99¢ for the holidays.

It's the Holiday Season and Christmas is all around!

At this time of year, the fortunate rejoice with family and friends, but there are some who will have to rely on fate for their Christmas blessings. Enjoy stories of how these people find romance. Immerse yourself in their happiness as they delight in their newfound joy on that special day. 

Celebrate the season with 11 talented NYT & USAT bestsellers as they spin this unforgettable collection of Christmas miracles.



This Holiday Romance is a Sweet Contemporary, and it's a Kindle Unlimited selection. Or buy it and keep it forever for only 99¢.

Merry Connor is struggling to feed her two children, pay heat bills and fix her secondhand car. Though she’s barely making it financially, life is good. That is, compared to two years ago when she lost everything—thanks to her lying, deceiving ex-husband.

She’s come a long way since then and doesn’t intend to look back. Even so, it’ll be a long time before she trusts anyone with her heart again.
Tony Lewis hasn’t had a merry Christmas since his wife and son perished in a car collision three years ago. The holidays are lonely without his family, but his heart begins to mend when he meets Merry Connor and her two rambunctious kids. He can’t stop thinking about her and yearns to get closer to her.

Will she turn him away once she learns of his connection to her ex-husband?


This Holiday Romance is also a Second Chance at Love story, and it's a Kindle Unlimited selection. Or, you can purchase it for 99¢ and keep it forever.

All Ellie wants for Christmas is to avoid it altogether.

Reeling from her broken romance with Spencer, Ellie plans to spend the holidays at the historic Roses Inn writing her novel.

Spencer has a plan of his own—to rekindle both her love for him and her fondness for the holidays.

To win back her stubborn heart, he might just need a little help from the inn’s resident ghost.


Available at most ebook sellers, this Holiday Short Romance also fits these tropes: Second Chances, Opposites Attract, Emotional Scars, One True Love, and a few others that strike the heart strings. 

A few hours to relax + 99¢ = a weekend of reading fun.Stuck on the Naughty List is available at most ebook sellers.

Cassie arrives home for the holidays. Before she has time to succumb to a severe case of the holiday blues, she’s arrested and taken to jail!

A year ago, Cassie left Ben, the man she loved, so he could have the life he’d been groomed for since birth. Still heartbroken over the break up with Ben—even though it was for his own good—she returns to Capitola, Texas, her small hometown, for Christmas—hoping the warmth of old friends will take away the pain of heartbreak.

Cassie needs the comfort of her grandmother's home where she grew up  to help her get through the lonely holidays. Instead, she’s arrested on a trumped-up charge and taken downtown to the police station to be charged, fingerprinted, photographed, and booked.

That's where she meets the town's new Chief of Police. Is he the perfect man to mend her broken heart?


I hope you'll add these Holiday Romances to your To Be Read stack so you'll have a way to escape the frantic pace of the holidays.

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