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To make a comment or ask a question, email me: Joan @ JoanReeves . com -- remember to remove the spaces in the email address.

In the Subject Box, please put SlingWords Reader so your email won't end up in the Trash Can.

To Guest Star on SlingWords

Would you like to guest star on SlingWords?

I host guests several days each week. An appearance will feature your book cover, blurb, bio, social links, and buy link.

Here are the promotional opportunities I offer.

* TAKE 5: interview format with 5 fun questions about you the author and your book

* GUEST POST: must be of interest to readers, not just a "buy my book" post.

* BOX SET SPOTLIGHT: 1 sentence blurb for each book, 1 sentence author bio, box cover art, and buy link.

THURSDAY3SOME -- spotlight on a book with 3 questions to answer about the book

* MY FAVORITE BOOK: what is it and why is it?
* IF ONLY I'D KNOWN: aimed at writers or wannabe writers. What do you know now that you wish you'd known when you first started writing for publication?

* SMALL TOWN SATURDAY -- for authors who use small town or rural settings. Short post about the setting you chose for a specific book & why.
* SATURDAY RECIPE SHARE -- share recipe that's been mentioned in your book or one that's time-saving for busy authors & readers

How To Get Scheduled

(1) Choose the promotion you'd like from the Opportunities listed above.

(2) Select 2 or 3 dates you prefer, keeping in mind certain days are for specific posts. Also keep in mind that your Content Due Date will usually be 10-14 days ahead of the Publish Date except during holidays when it may be farther out in order to give me time to properly format your post.

(3) I'll confirm a date with you based on your preference or offer you an alternative if your chosen date is already booked.

(4) After the date is selected, I'll send you specific guidelines for the promotion you choose.

(5) Guests are always scheduled first come; first served.

(6) If you want to book more than 1 PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY, please allow 8 weeks between appearances.

(7) With the exception of IF ONLY I'D KNOWN which publishes on a Friday, all posts should target readers primarily, not writers.

Please Note

Posts stay up to infinity. *g* They can always be found in Archives in the right sidebar.

The permalink I give you for your post will always be good so you can use it to direct readers to your post for future promotion at any time.

When I set up special promotions for the holidays, I invite those who appeared on and/or advertised with SlingWords first.

Paid Advertising

I do offer paid advertising at very low rates for those interested in ads in the sidebars. To learn about paid advertising, please visit: Advertising Policy Page for more information. If you don't see an ad that fits your needs, just email Joan.