Second Chance Reads: January 2021

Today is the last day of the first month of 2021. 

The year is still new, maybe not as bright and shiny given the chaotic events already experienced, but new enough you shouldn't get discouraged.

Today's a chance to read  some blogs you may have missed because January is usually such a busy month.

Great information is on the internet, but it comes in a flood, not a trickle. It's easy to miss content that may  inform, instruct, and entertain you.


Here's a list of great blog posts from across the blog world that you may have missed in January. I've tried to categorize them for your convenience. Hope you find something you need.


Quotes You Can't Live Without

Things Men Want Women to Know

10 Historic Homes You Can Tour Virtually

Looking for Humor? Try This List of Humor Blogs


Pandemic Orchard

How to Grow Sprouts in a Jar — All you need are sprouting seeds, a wide-mouth mason jar, water, and some cheesecloth. In about a week, you'll have a jar full of nutritious, organically grown sprouts which are delicious in salads and stir frys. Or, you can get a sprouting jar with a stainless steel strainer lid (no plastic) from Amazon.

Amazon also has many varieties of sprouting seeds. Most people begin with Mung Bean sprouting seeds.

8 Vegetables You Can Grow at Home

Video: How to Plant Container Blueberries for Small Space Gardening (I've done this! Can't wait for the blueberry crop.)


How to Stay in Shape Without Leaving the House

4 Activities to Improve Brain Health

Which CoVid Vaccine Should You Get

7 Ways to Eat More Vegetables


Common Remedies for Common Problems

Departments of France

This Week's Word: Do You Know Geography

10 Surprising Facts About Corona Virus

Farmer's Almanac Winter Forecast for 2021


How to Make New Friends

4 Secrets to Positive Change

Wayne Dyer's Magic Beliefs

Why You Should Have Money Affirmations


How Authors Sell More Books

Why Authors Should Not Lose Hope

The Blank Page

5 Rules for Writing Online


This first link doesn't go to a blog post, but to the Learning Press website. I'm giving it because in the last year when kids are staying home for distance learning, I've heard far too many of them in the neighborhood say they don't like to read. 

Some even say they hate it. Moms who are suddenly teaching monitors in the home classroom say their kids struggle with reading. I found All About Reading section on the Learning Press website and thought I'd pass the link along.

I know in this age of XBox and Playstation that kids would rather take the exciting, full color action adventures in a video game, but a kid who has poor reading skills just won't be successful in the real world.

NY Public Library List of Best Blogs for Readers 

8 Myths About Romance Novels

Happily Ever After vs. Happy For Now

Takeaway Truth

That's a wrap for my 2nd Chance Reading. See you at the end of February for another 2nd Chance Reading.

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