Snowing at Rancho Reeves

Saturday, Darling Hubby and I drove up to the rancho just to make sure the heating system was working properly.

Saturday was sunny and in the sixties.

The last time we'd been there, the heating system had to be worked on. The mother board had died. Poor thing!

Two days later, a new one was installed.

Since a winter storm was forecast for Texas, we decided to check to make sure the heat worked befor the storm arrived.

Fortunately, the heat worked fine.

Yesterday—Sunday—we slept late because the storm wasn't due to arrive until evening.

At 9:00am, it started snowing. We packed up quickly and headed to Houston amidst snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

Arrived home with only the rain persisting. A few hours later, some friends who live near our country house sent us this photo of our house.

Wow! Glad we left when we did. I got snowbound there a few years ago. Couldn't get up and down those hills.

Takeaway Truth

You really can have every kind of weather in Texas!

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