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Like many others, I'm delighted to say goodbye to 2020.

While it had its bright spots, there were so many blighted moments that the year will go down in history as a real downer.

One of our sons and his wife and children had CoVid so did one of my brothers and his family, a cousin and his wife, and a nephew and his wife.

Thankfully, they all survived, but still feel the effects of the battle.

I wish you not just a happy New Year, but an amazing 2021 filled with the best of God's blessings. May you have Joy, Good Health, Happiness, Optimism, and Prosperity.

Start the New Year With a Free Romance

If you don't read romance, you should start. Romance is the genre where optimism and hope triumph over negativity and despair. Here's a short romantic story of unrequited love that gets, well, requited I guess one could say.

Last Chance New Year is free at the booksellers listed below until midnight CST, January 4.

When? New Year's Eve.

Where? The company party.

Who? A woman seriously crushing on a co-worker, and the man who's oblivious of her desire for him. Or is he?

What? A sizzling hot romance short story.

Cheyenne Smith, better known as C. D. Smith to her co-workers, decides New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to give in to insanity and throw herself at Luke Harper, the man she loves, and hope that he catches her.

Will Luke be her safety net?

Book 2, A Moment in Time Short Story Romance Series is FREE, Jan. 1 until Jan. 4, midnight CST. Make sure the price shows as free because some retailers are slow to reprice. Find it at these booksellers:


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Let's wallow in optimism and read good romance, the genre of hope and optimism.

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