Wayne Dyer's Magic Beliefs

Here's another tidbit I found in my massive "Inspiring Thoughts" file.

This came from Wayne Dyer. I think I heard him on a PBS program when he was promoting one of his self-improvement books.

Although I can't remember which book he was promoting—I've read all of them I think—I do remember grabbing pen and paper and writing this down as he spoke.

Magic Beliefs

Actually, we all possess magic beliefs. The problem is that most of our magic beliefs are self-limiting thoughts or those hyper-critical voices in our heads that spout negatives in a continuous stream like those fountains in front of a Vegas hotel.

Your magic beliefs can either help you build a depressing life or a happy fulfilled life. Here are the ones Mr. Dyer stated.

1. There is an invisible knowable life force within me.

2. I control my thoughts; they originate with me.

3. There are no limits in my mind's world.

4. I overcome weakness by leaving it behind.

5. I believe impossible does not exist.

6. I must go beyond logic to create miracles.

Read any of Mr. Dyer's books. A good one to start with is Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. It's set up as essays based on wisdom and should be read, one essay a day. That's a nice way to start each day.

Takeaway Truth

Imagine how your life would be if you made these magic beliefs yours. 

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