Saturday Share: 4 Organic Cleaners With Lemons

Do you love the smell of fresh lemons? I do.

I also love that you can use lemons for inexpensive cleaning compounds that are safe and effective.

A big plus to these cleaners is that lemon juice can deter common insects like ants, spiders, etc. 

Organic Cleaners With Lemon

1. All-purpose Lemon Spray Cleaner

Squeeze a couple of lemons into a measuring cup. Pour through a strainer to remove seeds. Place strained juice in a clean spray bottle. Add an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Shake to mix.

2. Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Save your lemon rinds in a container in the freezer. Toss a few frozen citrus peels into your garbage and run with a small stream of water. It will freshen and deodorize the disposal.

3. Sink Cleaner

Take half a lemon and dip into household baking powder. Then use that to scrub the kitchen sink. Lemon juice removes lime and calcium buildup. You can use it on the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, or toilet bowls. When finished with the task, toss the lemon into the garbage disposal.

4. Cutting Board Deodorizer

Wash your cutting board first. Then rub half of a lemon over the surface to act as a simple bleach and deodorizer. Let the juice set on the board for about 10 minutes then rinse and dry.

Takeaway Truth

Why buy cleaners containing chemicals that may be bad for your health and the environment? Make your own from naturall ingredients.

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