Alexa Skill: How Many Days

Last week, I blogged about the Alexa Skill, Get Me Up, which I'd added to my Alexa devices.

Review: Get Me Up

4 Stars posted on the skill's webpage.

I was surprised but this did get me up and get me moving.

My suggestion would be for her voice to get louder every time she tells me to get up. *LOL* I'll be using it every day for a while.

In fact, if I could tailor the skill to tell me: "Go to your office and write 1,000 words then report back to me!" it would be even better.

Yes, I've got so much Life crap going on that I give in to my tiredness which in great part is a lack of emotional energy as much as physical energy. So I need prompting.

If you tried Get Me Up, what did you think of it?

This Week's Alexa Skill: How Many Days

Category: Productivity.

This skill is a countdown to a specific date. Developed by Racyli, this is a new Alexa Skill so there are no reviews. I'll post a review here on SlingWords next Sunday and also on the skill's webpage.

Free to enable. Open the skill as usual, by saying: "Alexa, open how many days." or "Alexa, start how many days."

You'll set the target date, and Alexa will automatically tell you how many days remain until your upcoming event.

(This skill was created using a Skill Blueprint. Your requests to this skill are not shared with the skill developer.)

Takeaway Truth

Free is good if the free item is effective. Check back next week to see what I thought about How Many Days.

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