Need Website? Meet Janz Nordman & BestCloudTools

My guest today is web developer and designer, Janz Nordman, the man behind BestCloudTools.

About Janz Nordman

Janz describes himself as the  passionate man behind Best Cloud Tools.

He's a web developer and designer with a university degree and over a decade of professional experience collaborating with different IT international corporations.

A couple of years ago, he decided to move over to the freelance world for the same reason most of us do: to have a more rational distribution of his work and his private life.

According to Janz

I'm passionate about traveling, and as my latest hobby, I am addicted to windsurfing.

Since my teenage years, I have loved to read and watch thrillers. My favorite author still is Lee Child, with his Jack Reacher series. I find his character quite impressive—a straightforward and robust attitude mixed with deeply hidden sorrow.

What Is BestCloudTools?

I have experienced thousands of situations where people barely familiar with the IT world managed to overcome fundamental and not-so-basic IT-related challenges.

Therefore, I have set up Best Cloud Tools, an expert site for website builders, e-commerce builders, and a bunch of other cloud tools.

Website builders save time, money, and energy. They simplify the creation process and make IT site management more effortless.

No Programming Skills? No Problem!

I've designed a couple of comprehensive guides to help you set up your website even if you have no technical or programming skills. As a result, building a website or an online store doesn’t have to be a scary task. With the right tool, you can set up your site and have it running quickly and smoothly.

With my reviews and manuals, you can pick the suitable web host, choose the domain name, set up a website or online store with the right builder, write a blog, check all the essential website features, speed and secure your site with Cloudflare for traffic increase and enhance your Wordpress site performance with the right plugins.

What Can Janz Do For You?

Today, as a freelance web developer, I can dedicate my time and use my knowledge to help people make choices that will ultimately mean the best solutions.

Working along with me, I enjoy the help of the experienced team to keep this site up to date and running.

Contact me if you have questions or comments or concerns. Any feedback on how to improve this website and make it more useful for people is more than welcome.

Email Janz Nordman: janz.nordman @ (remove spaces of course.) or contact him on Facebook.

Takeaway Truth

Building a website or installing plugins and other technical matters can be frustrating and time-consuming, with a steep learning curve. It just makes sense to get qualified help.

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