3 Apps Make Life Easier

There are thousands of free apps available, but you probably don't have time to search for them.

Here are 3 Apps I find especially useful.

(1) PageRank Checker

If you want advertising clients for your website, you need a good Google PageRank.

Created by Larry Page of Google, PageRank rates the popularity of websites based on a proprietary algorithm incorporating the number of unique visitors, the use of SEO on the site, the frequency of updating the site, and other secret formulas.

If you want to check your own PageRank or the rank of a website you're considering using for promotion, use the free app, PRChecker.

(2) Create Your Own Globally Recognized Avatar, or Gravatar.

A globally recognized avatar, or Gravatar, is the tiny picture or thumbprint that appears in the address bar. You can create your own using a photograph or logo and have it show on your blog, website, or pop up any time you make a comment on a blog. Gravatar makes it easy.

(3) Get Human.

Need a company's customer service number? The app Get Human is just what you need. Just fill in the company name and search.

I save apps like the above in a Search Engine folder I call "Magic Tricks" because that's how I think of them.

Takeaway Truth

Drop by every Monday for a tech tip, app, or life hack to make your life and/or work easier.

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