13 Good Reasons to Read

I think the saddest words I hear is when someone says, "I don't like to read."

I'm polite. I hide my astonishment, and keep my mouth shut even though I want to ask, "Why on earth not?"

Mark Twain said, "A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read."

If you can read but don't, you need to start. Allow me to give you a baker's dozen of reasons to read.

13 Good Reasons to Read

1. Reading can help prevent Alzheimer's. It's true. Brain research shows reading helps keep your brain healthy.

2. Reading helps you learn new facts and increases your store of knowledge. I think of it this way: Learn something new every day and keep dementia away. 

3. Reading helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and relax you.

4. Reading increases your vocabulary. You'll sound smarter because you'll be smarter.

5. Reading enhances your analytical ability.

6. Reading enhances your conversation skills. When you read, you're more likely to have something to say to others.

7. Reading enhances your memory.

8. Reading fiction helps increase your emotional intelligence.

9. Reading nonfiction helps you learn about people, places, things, specific subject matter, and so much more.

10. Readers are more likely to get ahead in their careers and be successful.

11. Reading is the least expensive form of entertainment.

12. Studies show that women perceive men who read as sexier than other men. (Honest! I'm not making this up.)

13. Readers seem to be more on top of important issues and more likely to vote, to take care of their health, and to be seen by others as more cultured.

Takeaway Truth

I can't think of one good reason not to read.

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