3 Free Alexa Skills for Flash Briefing

This year, I made a resolution to get more from my Alexa devices.

Do you have an Alexa device?

If you do, here are 3 Alexa Skills to add to your Flash Briefing to get you going in the morning.

You can manage these skills in your Flash Briefing set up.

All three of these skills are free so just click the embedded link to go to the skill's webpage. Then click enable, and the skill will automatically be added to all of your registered Alexa devices.

If you decide you don't like a skill, you can either come back to the webpage link and Disable, or remove it from your Flash Briefing set up.

(1) WHO

Worried about the Corona Virus outbreak when you must travel? Get daily updates with the free s World Health Organization app.

(2) Everyday Positivity

Start the day with a positive thought with this app added to your Flash Briefing.

(3) Get Your Stuff Together

This app brings you a daily tip on how to be more organized and efficient.

I haven't tried this skill yet, but I'm trying to get more motivated earlier in the day so I thought this might help.

Takeaway Truth

As I try new Alexa skills, I'll tell you about them and give a short review.

Have a great Sunday!

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