3 Fun Image Generators for Book Promotion

There are some wonderful graphic image design websites like BookBrush, which I highly recommend.

If you're on a really tight budget, there are some free graphic image generators you should check out.

You can create some fun graphic images for book promotion with these online image generators.

They're very easy to use, and you usually don't have to create an account. Since they're free—really free, not just a trial period—no credit card is needed.

You can create some quirky images that may have a place in your marketing. I've created an image to go along with each link.

Street Party Sign

Put your book's title and your author name on a movie marquee with a street party!

Easy to do with this image generator from Atom Smasher.

Just fill in the 4 lines and click the Make My Sign button.

Newspaper Clipping Generator

Make the front page news with this Newspaper Clipping Generator from Fodey.com.

Just fill in the boxes with the information you want to appear.

Click the Generate button. In less than a minute, you have a cute graphic image like the one I made.

Make as many as you want with different headlines and news stories.


Make a sticky note design with SuperStickies by WigFlip.

Just type up your note, select the color of sticky note you want, select a font if you want something other than the default.

Click the Create button. In a few seconds you have a sticky note facsimile you can download.

Takeaway Truth

I have dozens of these image generator webpages saved so I'll share others with you in future posts.


  1. Thank you, Joan. I really need these! You are so savvy about everything marketing. Thanks for sharing.