Alexa Skill: Get Me Up

Last week I gave you 3 Free Alexa Skills to add to your Alexa device's Flash Briefing. All 3 are designed to get you going in the morning.

Here's my review of those three.

The Pros

I liked the information from the WHO on the Corona virus, the positive thought for the day, and the organization tip.

The Cons

I'd forgotten how annoying the overly-loud intro music intro is for the Flash Briefing which is why I stopped using that each day.

It comes on loud enough to wake anyone sleeping. Darling Hubby didn't appreciate it at all!

I intended to check settings and see if that intro music could be changed.

Moving On: Get Me Up

Today I enabled Get Me Up, a free Alexa skill that continues the theme of "Get going in the morning."

Yes, in case you're wondering, I've been having a bit of difficulty in rising early. I blame it on the winter weather.

Using Get Me Up

Go to the Get Me Up webpage and enable the skill before trying to say "Get Me Up" to your Alexa device.

This skill is what you need if you're a little lazy or you're procrastinating and need to be productive.

Tell Alexa, "Get me up." She will try to help you be productive.

If you say, "No" or "I don't feel like it," she will keep trying to help you get up.

If you say, "Okay" or one of the Alexa stop words, the skill will stop.

Takeaway Truth

I'll let you know if this skill successfully got me up earlier so I was at my desk by sunrise.

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