Writing On iPhone

I've been traveling a lot and have taken along my AlphaSmart which is great for writing rough draft material. Since I was traveling by vehicle, I had no problem with it taking up too much room.

However, if I'd been traveling by plane, I wouldn't have wanted to haul it or my laptop along. Instead, I would have used my iPhone. True, if you're used to writing with a keyboard, it's hard to make the adjustment to the tiny iPhone, but a lot of people use the iPhone for writing, and I've been playing with it too.

I have a Notes app on my iPhone, but for something more suitable to actually writing articles or parts of a book, you need something with more juice. The WriteRoom app for iPhones seems suited for that task.


This software helps you ignore distractions and just write. You can download WriteRoom for Mac at a low price. The app WriteRoom app for iPhone or iPad is even lower priced at $4.99.Designed to be a full screen writing environment, you focus only on writing not on formatting and all the other issues.

Takeaway Truth

Changing technology and new devices mean new ways of keeping up with the work flow.

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