French Copies Arrived!

When I opened the box of my author copies of Jane (coeur à prendre) Jones, the French translation of Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones, I grabbed my cell phone, stacked the books up, and snapped a pic -- which clearly shows I'm no threat to professional photographers. Translating the French title, the book becomes Jane (Take Heart) Jones.

Sorry, if I'm running off at the keyboard with excitement, but this is really a trip for me. Sure, I've sold foreign translation rights before, but this is different. Perhaps it's because it was one of my earliest indie author-published ebooks.

My second book with Bragelonne is the French translation of Still The One, to be published in print in July under the title Mariés à tout prix. That's Married At All Costs for those of use who are, sadly, mono-lingual. I'll write more about it next month and show the book cover too.

Bragelonne has done such a wonderful job with the French edition, and everyone at the French publisher has been supportive and friendly. I can't praise them enough.

Takeaway Truth

A foreign rights sale introduces your writing to an entirely new world of readers. In this rapidly-shrinking world, that's a very good thing.

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