Review: Oceans Between Us by Helen Scott Taylor

I think it's safe to say that Oceans Between Us by Helen Scott Taylor is my favorite book yet from this author.

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Ms. Taylor takes a Cinderella premise and peoples it with a hero who will win your heart just as he won the heart of heroine Maria Gardener. Dino Rossellini has the world at his feet yet he loses something so precious to him that it makes him question the life he has chosen.

Bereft and sad, he arrives one stormy night at the quaint inn where Maria lives with her parents who are away on holiday. Maria is drawn to him. Touched by his obvious distress, she can't turn him away even though the inn is closed for the winter.

Through the days that follow, her kindness touches Dino. They grow close, but there can be no future for these two who are from different worlds. Scarred by a traumatic event in her past, Maria only feels safe in her small community. Dino is a man whose passion in life requires him to be a public figure. How can these two mismatched lovers fit their lives together?

As if those serious obstacles aren't challenge enough, there are people in each of their lives who are determined to keep them apart.

Takeaway Truth

You'll adore this romance with a charming hero who has such generosity of spirit and so much love to give the right woman. You'll cheer Maria on and hope she realizes that sometimes you just have to take a risk and follow your heart.

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