Women's Attitudes About Romance

Harlequin, one of the world's leading publishers of books for women, recently issued their Romance Report. I just got around to analyzing the data. This report covered not only what women want to read but also what they think about dating, love, sex, romance, and men.

The survey showed that 91%of contemporary women believe dating rules have become more flexible, but 59% of the women still think a man should do the asking when it comes to setting up a date.

All in all, women's traditional beliefs about romance, dating, and relationships remain unchanged. Since women overall consider themselves more powerful, more independent, this incongruity is interesting. In keeping with the fast-growing digital world, women revealed that they feel a need to mange their image on a digital level as much as in real life.

Survey Says

The Harlequin survey polled women in the U.S., aged 18 to 40. Some stunning statistics were revealed.
  • 43% of those who responded admitted to "sexting"
  • 65% said they would sext only while in a serious relationship
  • 36% said they would send a risque message after a few dates
  • 27% said they had sent nude photos via email or text message
  • 56% said they felt pressured to be married or in a serious relationship.
What Women Want
  • 82% of women said a sense of humor was still a turn-on
  • 57% said a killer smile was also still a turn-on
  • 59% said the man should ask for the date
  • 54% said the man shoould open the door for a woman
  • 51% said the man should pay for the first date
  • 56% said remembering the small details mattered greatly
  • 23% found an accent a huge turn-on
  • a majority also said that thoughtfulness and appreciation was more important than grand gestures and gifts
Changing Times
  • 93% used Facebook
  • 61% termed themselves heavy FB users and they deem their love life as very important whereas more casual FB users don't
  • 89% of women use FB to read about other peoples' lives
  • more than half, use FB to find out about a man before a first date
  • 25% of women use FB to make contact with prospective men
  • 89% of women think their best days as far as their love life are ahead of them
  • 84% believe that love is out there and that they will eventually find it despite their age
  • 52% aged 25 to 35 have never participated in online dating
Turn Offs
  • 32% said needy
  • 31% said too dependent on BlackBerry or iPhone
  • 29% said having too many FB pics of ex-girlfriend
  • 24% said grammatically challenged
  • 20% said married to work and/or still lives with parents
Women's Romance Resources

Women cited these five resources as where they go for romance advice:
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • The Notebook
  • Dr. Phil
  • Oprah
  • Millionaire Matchmaker
The biggest surprise I found was where women go for romance advice. No wonder so many women have a tough time with relationships.

Takeaway Truth

If you want romance advice, maybe ask everyone you know with successful relationships how they do it. Or read a really good romance novel and take notes. Better yet, women, get the guy in your life to read a romance novel with you. Then he'll know what a woman wants.

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