French Edition Published: JANE (coeur à prendre) JONES

The first of my 3 books contracted by Bragelonne for World French Rights for Print and Ebook has been published. Isn't the cover adorable?

I don't know if foreign sales are of interest to you, but I'm blogging about this because it's part of my indie journey. Who knows what magic may happen for you in your indie publishing venture?

Jane (coeur à prendre) Jones

The English title is Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones. The French translation of that title is Jane (coeur à prendre) Jones which, translated back into English is JANE (Take Heart) JONES.

The Poche, or paperback, version was published May 18. The ebook version will publish June 13.

My French isn't that good, but as best as I can translate into English, the print version which has been out almost a month has settled in at Bestsellers from Amazon: 811 in Books and #51 in Books; Literature sentimental (that's Romance Literature).

The Kindle version is on pre-order and is already at Bestsellers Amazon: #328 in Kindle Store and #48 in Kindle Store; Kindle Ebooks; Literature sentimental.

Mariés à tout prix

I see that the next book is already listed although the cover isn't posted yet. I've translated the entry that appears in books under my name: Married At All Costs Reeves/Joan Paperback July 13, 2012 Buy new: 6.60 EUR 6.27. Coming soon order it today! This item will be released July 13, 2012. Married At All Costs is my novel Still The One, and the hardcover edition is being published first.

Takeaway Truth

Magic happens when you least expect it.


  1. Congratulations, Joan! BTW, I couldn't see your cover.

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. Hmmm. Don't know why the cover image is not viewable for you. Do you have a graphics blocker?

  3. Most deserved, Joan. I love, love the cover!