In case you're wondering why I STILL don't have my latest book published, here are my excuses:

1. My husband came home from an extended business trip to New York and wanted to take a vacation. Of course, he wanted me to go with him.

2. Uh, hmmm, well, umm.

I guess that's it. Only one excuse, but he's a demanding one. *g*

Earl Wilson said: "A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."

That about describes why we bugged out. Almost 3 weeks of being lazy, hanging out, and finding all kinds of fascinating programs on TV to watch when we're not at the golf course or the lake. Ah! Doing nothing (if you don't count my sneaking away to blog and email occasionally). Ah, that's the life. If I were rich, I'd be the laziest chick on this planet.

Takeaway Truth

Sometimes real life intrudes in a pleasant way.


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  1. Go. Have fun. Recharge.

    You can tell us stories when you get back. :)