Review: A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison

A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison features appealing characters, emotional truths, and an element of magic. All these elements combine to make this contemporary romance a compelling read.

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If you've ever been divorced or known the heartache of a breakup, then you know exactly what Elizabeth, aka Lizzie, the heroine of this book, is feeling. Can you blame her for casting a spell on her ex when she discovers that she has inherited the familial gypsy power?

The problem is that all of Lizzie's spells have unexpected results. Of course, that's usually the case with wishes. Lizzie learns the hard way that she really should be careful what she wishes for.

Amusing and filled with wonderful characters, not to mention a hunky cop in uniform as hero, this book is endearing.

Takeaway Truth

Toss in a dollop of steamy sex, and you have a book that will delight you and make you look for more by this author. Might I suggest the second book in her Gypsy Magic series -- A Stroke of Magic?

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